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2020 Best NES Emulators for Android Device

Did you ever hear about NES Emulator? Well, NES Emulator is a system that helps you to play old days games in your Android device. The word NES actually stands for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a kind of iconic gaming console. In this article, we are about to tell you 2020 Best NES Emulators for Android Device. Let’s begin!

The main task of this console is to make you eligible to play those classic games. However, if you are nostalgic, want to have the experience of playing those exotic games, you can install an NES application from PlayStore. Here, I have added some useful NES Emulator apps for Android that you can find for free to use and enjoy those classic games.

The Nintendo Entertainment System, stylized as NES, is one of the most iconic game consoles of the 1990s. It had a lot of popular games with a simple controller and plenty of family-friendly content. The system is obviously no longer active, but many remember the great games there. NES emulation is fairly stable and most of the options on this list are rock solid. Most of them work extremely well, have high game compatibilities, customizable controls, and very few bugs. However, we will let you choose the one that works best for you. Here are the best NES emulators for Android! You can double up on the nostalgia and also grab one of these NES style Bluetooth controllers if you want to. They are surprisingly cheap along with good reviews.

How to Use NES Emulators | NES Emulators for Android

In order to legally play NES games in an emulator, you must use original NES cartridges to dump the game files yourselves. This means acquiring NES cartridges you already own, which can be difficult if you are looking for a specific game. It is possible to purchase games on eBay, however, and your local indie used games store will typically have something available for you to browse through. If you can’t find the game through legal means, then emulation can unfortunately quickly turn into piracy.

That said, there are online guides on dumping your NES cartridges in order to play games the right, legal way, and all you have to do is check out the guide on NeoGAF here. It costs around $20 to buy the necessary hardware, and can quickly allow you to port your NES games into digital versions. That you can take on the go on your phone.

There are many NES emulators for Android. You can get them from third party websites and there are a few others on the Play Store. However, many of them are riffs on these emulators and many more are just ad bait. We do not recommend. You can use any other emulators than the ones on the list. Have fun!

John Ness

John NESS is the newest version of John SNES and John NES emulators applications for Android devices. It offers manual game integration and easy to operate app interface. The ROMs and game files are to be fetched by the users. It operates flawlessly with newer hardware, and it is also compatible with Android 6.0+ or later. It features pure NES and SNES engine.


  • This emulator offers top-notch in-game audio and visual rendering.
  • It provides fully customizable keys, profiles, and layouts.
  • Most of the Android supported gamepads through Bluetooth/MOGA work perfectly.
  • It supports On-screen keypad and advanced game search options for both internal and SD card storage.
  • Users can take gaming screenshots like carving a cake and also supports cheat codes.

When you first load John NESS for the first time, the app scans your system hardware. That allows the main display in the app to display your full list of games. Any dumped ROMs will automatically be loaded into this list, populating the app with information and making it easy to start playing automatically. Selecting your game is as easy as tapping on it with your finger. Although you can also choose to browse games through specific folders. John NES’s app design is not gorgeous by any means no emulator really is. But it is functional and fairly easy to browse through. The only other icon truly important on this list is the menu icon, that allows you to access the settings and some advanced features. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this emulator.


When it comes to performance, we have no major complaints. Everything feels smooth and pleasurable to play, and the audio sounds as crisp and clear as you would expect. There’s no perceptible input lag as far as we could tell when playing through the game, and even the on-screen controls feel excellent to use. The standard layout is about as comfortable as you will find in an emulator, with the A and B buttons are layered. The D-pad is in an accessible section of the display and the app automatically goes into fullscreen mode while still displaying the time in the lower-left hand corner. In the upper-left-hand corner, you can find the option to quick-save the game, and there’s even an option to load your saves directly into Dropbox a hand tool. When looking to transfer your saves between different devices.

However, in the settings menu, you will find the usual list of settings one should expect from an emulator. Additional some extra bonus settings that are really interesting. Unlike most emulators, John NES has the option to change your preferred power mode.

You can also control the aspect ratio of your games, which, by default, are set to the original 256×240 resolution (or around 16:15 aspect ratio). But both 4:3 and 16:9 are available in the settings menu for anyone looking to change up how their games look on their tablet.


One of the most popular and high-quality NES Emulators app for Android is Nostalgia NES. When you want to play the old days classic game in a new and latest Android device, no other app will help you like this one. This app is made with a modern and user-friendly interface that will always ready to make you eligible to play your favorite games. But you should also know that this emulator app doesn’t contain any games. But you can use it to be eligible for those games.


  • Auto Saving game progress and some of them can be saved through email.
  • In total, there are 8 manual slots for gaming progress.
  • Customizable virtual controller for a better experience.
  • WiFi controller mode is available.
  • You can use the pro version of this app to enjoy something more exclusive.

Like most emulators, Nostalgia.NES will automatically search your internal storage or SD card to find the ROM packages on your device. Once that’s complete, then you will see a loaded list of your content on the home screen of the app. Complete with a full list sorted by name, most played, last played, and last inserted into the emulator. You can also search through your full library of games. That makes it easy to find exactly the right package ROM you are looking for. The graphics in Nostalgia.NES are interesting and unique, to say the least.

The font is incredibly-stylized, utilizing an 80s look highlighted in a Tron-like blue shade. That is reminiscent of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which often used black and blue to create a holo-like appearance. The app does not load box art, but it does use an NES cartridge to determine each game on the list.

Like John NES, there’s an emulation quality toggle, though it is meant more to control the performance on your device than the battery consumption. A couple of other miscellaneous notes: Nostalgia.NES also allows you to control the app over WiFi. So you can hook up your device to your TV to play on the big screen, and also allows emulation of the Zapper Gun accessory.

Retro8 | NES Emulators for Android

Retro8 is one of the newest NES Emulators for Android on the list. It is from the same developers of SuperRetro16, one of the best and most successful SNES emulators. This one looks great on paper. It boasts thousands of cheat codes, support for Bluetooth controllers, in-game guide integration, a turbo mode, and also has Zapper gun support. There is also cloud syncing for several devices. The game guide integration is new to us, we have not seen that feature before. However, this is still quite new and there are some bugs, especially with wireless controllers and some ROMs. We know for sure that this is going to get better over the next year so you gotta keep an eye on it.

Retro8 is one of the newer emulators to join this list, but that does not stop it from being an excellent alternative to both John NES and Nostalgia.NES. It’s a great alternative to both platforms, and at just $1.99, it is a great middle-ground between the $3.99 John NES and also the free-with-ads Nostalgia. The app is one of the better-looking emulators we have seen on Android and in terms of pure graphic design. It actually looks and feels quite similar to the NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles produced by Nintendo. Just like John NES, Retro8 scans your system to find your dumped ROM files on either your storage or SD card. Then imports the game list into your device automatically.


You guys want to try a classic NES Emulator or Famicom console? You can try NES.emu. It is one of the most used advanced Famicom emulators that is made based on FCEUX 2.2.3-svn. While developing this app, the developers test it on almost all the latest phones, and every time it shows a satisfying result. However, you can play any of your favorite ROM-based video games using this useful Emulator.


  • It has a stable backup memory and saving support.
  • Support any ROM-based games of different formats.
  • Famicom disk system emulation is available.
  • Let you enjoy playing games using additional Bluetooth, controller, and keyboard support.
  • You can also use lots of customizable and predefined cheat files.

Controls are solid on this one, though the graphics are a bit outdated as well. Everything runs as smoothly as you would expect from a popular NES emulator on Android. The emulator is one of the highest-rated on this list, and it’s easy to see why. It just works, and it works well.

NES.emu is one of several well-known emulators from developer Robert Broglia. In addition to his NES emulator covered here, he’s also developed SNES9x. It often considered one of the best SNES emulators on the market today, as well as GBA.emu, GBC.emu, and even his Atari 2600 emulator, 2600.emu. He is well known for making quality software that runs well on nearly any device


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this NES Emulators for Android article and find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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