4 Features Online Counselors Use to Help Their Clients’ Mental Health

Online CounselorsAlthough in-person therapy sessions are preferred over online therapy sessions, the latter is a great way for people to introduce themselves to the idea of therapy. Certain social stigmas regarding therapy are unfortunate; its price tag even can be even more limiting. Luckily, attitudes toward mental health care are rapidly growing more positive and accepting, and more health insurance companies are recognizing its importance.

For many people, a more flexible, affordable, and discreet (if this is important to you) mode of therapy can be online sessions. Online therapy sessions have a few unique tools.

Some of these features may work with the latest features introduced in Android 10 along with other updates from Apple’s line of phones. If you have a phone, you may also benefit from some features that online counselors use for their clients’ mental health. You can also consult MyTherapist’s blogs about therapist resources if you want to learn more about whether therapy is the right option for you.

Online therapy toolbox

Some online therapy websites may have a service called an online therapy toolbox. Essentially, the service includes different ways to help your mental health in productive ways.

Some of these services include worksheets that can help your therapist understand you better as a person. Scheduled live sessions help therapists coordinate consistent meetings to discuss your mental health. One more feature is a journal activity, in which your therapist provides you an online journal where you can write down your feelings and share them.

The online therapy toolbox can even include various apps that help with relaxation. These apps include yoga, meditation, daily exercising, and more that could improve your mental and physical health.


Thanks to the modern convenience of technology, online therapists can contact you in various ways. You can text your therapist every day of the week, depending on their hours. For instance, if you have a question late in the day, you can shoot them a text through the online therapy website, and they should get back to you promptly.

Apart from texting, therapists may record videos for you to watch at your leisure. They could create a script including various activities that you can perform for the sake of your mental health.

Lastly, your online counselor may want to reach out to you via teleconferencing as well. You can use your tablet, phone, or computer to set up a video call. In this way, your therapist will be able to see you and note any of your physical behaviors during your conversation.

Network of professionals

When you choose a website for online therapy, you may have access to a large network of professionals at your service.

Some websites have may a large pool of trained listeners.

Although they are not trained professionals, these individuals can help you by just listening to anything you have to say. Their help can be invaluable when you just need someone to hear you out.

Depending on the size of the website, you may have access to hundreds of licensed professional therapists. Many therapists specialize in a specific field, such as marriage counseling, and online therapy gives you access to those who may not be close enough to see in person. Choose a therapist who best fits your needs.

If you find out that your chosen therapist is not meeting your demands, you can always message the website and find another therapist.


Some online doctors and therapists are available 24/7 concerning various mental health issues. Websites that support this feature may be on the expensive side; however, for those who find this necessary and feasible, this feature can be invaluable.

Even online therapists with more standard hours are likely to be more available to you than a professional who needs to be physically in an office in your area. Short notice visits or quick opportunities to fit you in may be more common with online therapists, and they may accommodate your schedule more easily.


Online therapy websites include so many features that are only possible because of the Internet. When choosing how you want to attend therapy, you can measure the benefits of an in-person session with the convenience of online therapy.


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