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Not least due to different YouTubers publishing babble reviews, feign AirPods enjoy the best popularity. However, These BlackPods Pro cost original Apple headphones, but how close to they come to the real thing? Come let’s find out:

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Everything is Feigned:

There are many models of the so-called ‘BlackPods’ available online these days. However, these feign Apple headphones were promoted- a dangerous hype, as it turned out. However, some shops that sell the assumed all-rounders are set up by fraudsters. Certainly, you’ll receive nothing for the up to $100 that a pair of these headphones typically cost. Probably you’ll get goods – but they are nothing like the advertising products.

In some shops, always you can pay by PayPal and are secured by buyer security. Doubtful providers demand payment by credit card. The last year my experience is worst after a review of feigning AirPods by the famous YouTuber, I fell for it. Only I got my half order delivered and the headphones I got for €60 were not even worth 6% of the sales price.

So I was all the more glad that the online shop provided us with a pair of BlackPods Pro. However, some reviews on the internet knock you off your chair. The BlackPods Pro is also able to do quite a lot of what Apple’s expensive, original AirPods Pro can do. Like:

  • A smart charging case with wireless charging.
  • Noise-canceling.
  • Transparency mode.
  • Airing for pressure compensation.
  • Siri Supported.
  • Amazing audio experience thanks to the H1 chip.
  • Long-life battery.

Come let’s take a closer look at the features and will tell you what is fake and what works smoothly.

A smart charging case with wireless charging

When unboxing the BlackPods that were sent to us. I was surprised at how high quality the charging case seems and feels. They crackle smoothly and feels velvety on the fingertips and the rounded edges invite the touch. Similar to the real Apple headphones, the lid is attached with a magnetic closure, that offers a very good resistance while opening and closing. The BlackPods Pro charging case is also smart due to iPhone 11 Pro recognizes the headphones as AirPods Pro within seconds after opening the pack.

When you put the BlackPods Pro on a charging pad, the green light enables. Unfortunately, I can’t find out if the BlackPods Pro are really charging, due to every time when I open and close them. However, a distinct battery level is shown on the iPhone screen. The values are randomly merged up for the right headphone, the left headphone, and the charging case.

So let it be clear: the charging case is very smart, yes. It can easily connect the BlackPods Pro to an iPhone once you open it. Also, the battery indicator in the widgets overview, which displays the charge status of an Apple Watch or my Sony headphones, for instance, displays feign values for the BlackPods Pro.


I can’t expect the BlackPods Pro to have enabled noise cancellation, but others do. The online shop can’t use the term “ANC” either but uses Apple’s visualizations and display drawn sound waves in the required area on its website. In fact, the BlackPods Pro offers natural noise cancellation. This is caused by the in-ear tips and the -ve pressure when worn in the ear canal. I find this poor. In my suggestion, the word ‘noise suppression’ is often misused by advertising feigners anyway – it recommends a technological approach when you are just putting silicone in your ears here.

Transparency mode

Fortunately, Apple’s transparency mode is not available here either. The transparency mode is built to allow sounds to enter the ear canal in the real AirPods Pro. After hitting the pressure sensor under the AirPods Pro, all environmental sounds can be heard. They also act to copy the costly original at this point. In the control center, we found the BlackPods Pro located next to the slider for the brightness. After hitting the symbol, a continuative menu appears. In this menu, I can operate it manually without a sensor on the headphones, with choices for the noise-canceling and the transparency mode. The shame headphones can also be controlled, but nothing happens using the BlackPods Pro.

This certainly reminds me of my childhood, when I had a miniature model of real technological role versions and could play with them. Lots of toys with buttons act to do something, but nothing happened when they were hit. It was quite disappointing today as it was then.

Airing for pressure compensation

You’ll check similar to the original AirPods Pro, there’s a vent resides in BlackPods Pro for the inventive pressure equalization. However, what strikes the black grid on the Apple model, is actually just a sticker on them. The sticker is the best symbol of shame. However, after you stick the headphones in your ear canals, the corners of the sticker cut into the skin uncomfortably.

Siri supported

Special thanks to the original sensors under the fake AirPods Pro. However, Siri actually pings up and waits a while for instructions. Initially, I thought it worked well. However, Siri generates reminders, calendar entries, and share text. But whenever you are a few meters away from the iPhone, the whole thing can’t work anymore. After the course of the trial, I exposed the other sticker fraud: the microphones on the outside can’t exist at all. Also, the “sensors” only share a signal to the iPhone to enable Siri. The BlackPods Pro does nothing. Ergo, you can’t make a phone call with them. Unbelievably impudent.

Amazing audio thanks to the H1 chip

This point left me also more astonish. The shop actually promotes on the website quite brazenly through the H1 chip from Apple. As it is in the recent AirPods Pro version. That’s the fact that also promotes with stolen images tops the boldness.

What you take is not an H1 chip, but the third-class scrap metal technology. The loudspeaker, battery, and circuit board have no interaction with Apple’s headphones.

However, the music that comes out of these things is just fine. I make a comparison to the sound quality you get in standard airplane headphones. But they have a good connection with cables. But these fake BlackPods Pros I tested were groaning in my ears every five minutes because of the connection issues. Also, the iPhone was only 20 cm away while testing.

Long-Life battery

This is the only feature I can be reasonably cheerful about. But the fake BlackPods Pro doesn’t really push the battery. They haven’t high-quality audio, offer the terrific Bluetooth connection, have no microphones, and no high-end audio chip. So how’s the battery lasts a long time? All things are totally rubbish…

Don’t purchase these rubbish BlackPods Pro

The cost of BlackPods Pro is around $69.95 at the moment, cheap or less from the original price of $99.95.  I can’t suggest you purchase these headphones.  Fake or rubbish AirPods have become a scam and only due to the promotion of technology reviewers and the criminals have a good time. After having these BlackPods Pro, you probably throw your money out the window. Unfortunately, our review system can’t allow me to award the zero stars they deserve.


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