A Complete Review On Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps

Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps

Are you looking for the best cartoon avatar maker apps? If yes, then you are in the right place. The word ‘Avatar’ has different meanings in different manners. If we talk about the Hindu religion, avatar refers to the descent of divinity from heaven to Earth. Not just this but also it explains God’s incarnation.

In UNIX, the avatar explains the role of a special user who has the right to edit or access all files and directories under the root directory. In virtual reality games or chat forums, it is the visual ‘handle’ or shows the appearance of a user.

Cartoon avatars are very popular nowadays, especially on social networking websites. So, in this article, you’ll some best apps that let you create the best avatar of yourself.

The good thing is you don’t need any sort of photoshop skills to use these tools. Simply choose your best avatar maker and then examine your imagination or creativity in different ways.

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Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps:

Here in this section, I’ll show you a list of apps that helps you out to create your own avatar. So, let’s move down and see the avatar apps that many of us are using these days. You can also execute these apps on any platform whether it is an iOS or Android device. Below is the list where I have mentioned these apps. After using one of them you can easily create your own interesting character or avatar within a few minutes. Come let’s take a look:

Face Avatar Maker Creator

Face Avatar Maker Creator

Face Avatar Maker Creator is the most popular and the best fun app that you can use on your mobile device. With the help of it, you can easily create a real cartoon avatar profile picture of yourself or your loved ones. If you want to create a cartoon avatar, then it offers you over 10,000+ cartoon character options. Also, the app offers lots of customization options to modify the appearance of your new avatar.

Download: Face Avatar Maker Creator


MojiPop is a keyboard app with lots of stunning emojis or stickers. It lets you take a selfie of yourself to create a custom avatar. Not just this, but also you can use the created sticker or avatar for text messaging as well.

Download: MojiPop

My Avatar – Filmize

Well, My Avatar – Filmize is another app that is quite different from all others mentioned in the article. The app allows you to create your own 3D realistic animated avatar in just one click. Once you create a 3D avatar, you can just create videos with animations and then share them on other social networking platforms.

Download: My Avatar – Filmize



Bitmoji is another amazing and top-rated avatar maker app for your smartphone. Tons of users use the app, and it lets users create expressive cartoon avatars. The best thing is that Bitmoji makes avatars based on emotions. For example, you can also create a laughing variant of yourself, a crying one, etc.

Download: Bitmoji

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker is another popular, free, and the best avatar maker app mention on the list that you can use to create cartoon avatars that seems like you. Besides other apps, Cartoon Avatar Photo Make offers lots of avatar editing features such as face style, mouth style, hair colors, sunglasses,  etc. In short, while creating a custom cartoon avatar you can customize everything.

Download: Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker


Did you like to create a dolly-like or cartoon-like avatar? If yes, then here is the best app for doing this. Initially, it is very easy to use. If it is your first app in this section, you want to select this one. There are no difficult choices and tough algorithms.

Dollify is wrapped with lots of items. It includes hairstyles, Glasses, and lots of other features that you can use. Another amazing thing is that the app is totally free and it doesn’t contain any ads at all. Well, there are in-app purchases that will let you get access to extra functions. The app is very effective or reliable.

Download: Dollify

Mirror Avatar Maker

Mirror Avatar Maker

Mirror Avatar Maker is another coolest or stunning face maker app that you can use on your mobile device. With the help of it, you can easily create your personalized avatars on your android device. If you like to create an avatar, you either want to tap a selfie or upload your picture. After this, you can add or customize over 1500+ elements to your picture.

Download: Mirror Avatar Maker


SuperMii is infamous, but no doubt it is one of the best avatar maker app available out there. The app allows you to create custom avatars whose every aspect can be edited. The Android Avatar app can follow the concept of Japanese anime and tries to provide an anime feel to the avatars.

Download: SuperMii

Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

Cartoon Maker is one of the top-rated or proffered Avatar maker app available on the Google Play Store. Millions of users can use the app. Also, it provides users with lots of elements to create a custom avatar. Using Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator, you can also create a cartoon avatar after combining different face parts. Want more cartoon avatar maker apps? Then dive down below!

Download: Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator



Besides all other avatar maker apps for Android, this one offers you robust photo editing tools to create personalized avatars. Avatoon provides a facial recognition feature that detects your face automatically and then creates a customized avatar for you. Not just this but also it provides you a huge range of avatar customization options such as modifying clothes, hairstyle, nose shape, etc.

Download: Avatoon


If you are looking for an Android app to create funny emoticons or cartoons from your images, then MomentCam might be the best option for you. Using MomentCam, you can easily create Emoticons from a photo using your Facebook or Albums photos. Once you create it MomentCam also lets you personalize the background.

Download: MomentCam


If you are still searching for the best, effective, or simple app, then ZEPETO comes first. It is a fun game and an amazing avatar creator app at the same time. There are tons of features that you can use for your avatar. Select the items to create the best image. If you think you can’t do it yourself, then invite your friends to help you. All you need to do is to create a group and then make a collective avatar.

Another efficient of working together is by combining a crew that is already there. After becoming a member, you can initiate creating the best avatar together.

ZEPETO offers some in-app purchases. For instance, you can purchase gems or coins. If you select to purchase it, the ads will disappear. Also, if you don’t, the ads can’t distract you, as they don’t appear frequently.

The only drawback of the app is its size. Its size is 165.2 MB.

Download: ZEPETO

Dreamoji Avatar Creator

Dreamoji Avatar Creator

This app offers a huge range of tools you can use for creating a cartoon avatar. Initially, you need to select a template. It can be a male or a female. Then move through a number of settings, like eye color or skin. Then select the accessories or right clothes.

You can also add background themes, try various colors, and then use stickers. As it’ll make your avatar unique or trendy.

There is one drawback– many functions available for free is quite limited. If you like to try all Dreamoji functions, you’ll then buy full access. As it’ll cost you 33.99$ and the access will remain forever.

Download: Dreamoji Avatar Creator


This is another amazing cartoon avatar creator apps. Initially, it’ll provide you a huge range of functions. All you need is to select the best photo you have in your phone gallery and then use it as a template.

Then move through a huge range of options. All you need is to select your avatar skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, and use glasses and hats for making the best one.

Also, you can create an avatar with the help of the tools you have. There are lots of stickers and many themes. Just give them a try to make your image unique.

However, the app is 3D-based so you can also do fun with your loved ones. You can play it with your loved friends by sending 3D avatars. Well, the app also compatible with AR so you can also create AR videos in this app. You can make AR videos after putting your avatar in the real-time world.

Download: BOO


I hope you understand the best cartoon avatar maker apps that you can use right now. If you know any other apps, let us know below. If you like this guide then share it with your friends.

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