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CCleaner is the Windows cleanup app. Users of the most famous utility CCleaner, want to clean and optimize the Windows OS family, criticized the experts of Piriform. The reason is that in the new model of CCleaner (5.45), an unknown “Active Monitoring” program was monitored. Besides the earlier model, 5.45 just can’t have exact privacy settings to remove this impersonal data collection.

According to the newest data, more than 2.27 million PC users from all around the world faced the issue of malicious Trojan through CCleaner.

Today, almost every Windows OS user heard about CCleaner. Lots of users suggest it, both online and just in conversations. Some users report that CCleaner does some amazing miracles with PC.

CCleaner Pros and Cons

  • Real-time issue monitoring. CCleaner Pro automatically executes in the background when the PC begins and monitors the computer without the involvement of the user.
  • Scheduled cleanups or scans. It is enough to set up or use items and how certainly you like to remove once, and all this will automatically be done.
  • Updates the program automatically in the background.
  • The disk cleaner will erase traces of removed files that can be used to backup them.
  • All in one. No other software installation is needed to maintain the PC fully. CCleaner Professional includes all the required functions.
  • The low weight of the program after installing and the absence of demand for PC resources. Good for use also on weak and traditional PCs as it takes almost no disk or storage space.
  • handy software uninstaller that is not different from the older system Install and backup Programs. It can’t automatically check the remaining folders, registry entries, or files. It’s done manually using cleaning tools.
  • There is also no batch deletion, so you want to remove only one program at a time.
  • Hostile registry cleanup tool. In the operation, there is a risk of damaging some confidential files, which can lead to an unpleasant result.
  • Important features of the utility are available already in Windows as standard programs: disk cleaning, reinstallation, defragmentation, boot manager, the interface for PC recovery.
  • Good mainly for undemanding users.
  • Primitive disk analysis. CCleaner can’t provide the ability to quickly remove or transfer files and folders, just to view how much space it takes.
  • System Recovery can’t enable you to create recovery points using CCleaner; only existing ones created by PC tools can be used. It makes this functionality completely useless.
  • “Active Monitoring” utility. As it was mentioned, this feature collects personal data for third parties.
  • Malware. It wasn’t a daily disadvantage, but it is a serious issue that many users faced in recent updates.

Is CCleaner is Safe or Not Safe To Use?


If we talk about CCleaner then it is safe to use. The program comes with different tools that enable the removal of unwanted files, junk or temporary files, and temporary data or privacy-related content. It could be cache or cookies files, for example.

There important feature of CCleaner that should NOT be used by inexperienced users i.e The registry cleaner. While a PC registry can aslo contain damaged or broken items.

A registry cleaner is completely a separate tool from the ‘standard’ clean which safe to execute – besides you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, while using Windows 10, you must guide clear of the registry cleaning tool. Because of the regular updates to the Windows 10 OS, you can easily find broken registry items, but they might still require in future updates, so eliminating them could cause more problems down the road.

Out of the several disk cleaning tools, CCleaner is one of the protective – just make sure to only install the program from the original website, besides from third-party sources.

Features Of CCleaner

CCleaner has two main features. First, it scans and erases unwanted files, make storage space on the user’s PC. Second, it removes confidential information, like your browser history and lists of currently opened files in different programs. In fact, CCleaner is no doubt a Disk Cleanup system application that frees up disk space by removing unwanted files, like old temporary program files, Internet Explorer browser files, Windows bugs reporting logs, etc. You can also execute this utility at any time and make space on your disk.

Browser History & Cookies

Cookies are like browser data that saves site authorization, service settings, shopping cart items, search queries, and much more. This data is part of the web browser history and by default, is a part of the cleanup preset. The procedure of cookie cleanup has various assignments.

Each browser configured separately, and a list of prohibited or cookies can be created. It enables you to make a list of domains common to all browsers. Also, it includes cache, history of frequently visited web pages, downloads, and, cookies of all browsers installed on the PC.

Head over to CCleaner, move to the program settings. Then open the vertical tab “Cookies.” In the middle of the window, there is a domain list for which cookies are saved in all browsers. When you select a domain below, you will then view particular browsers. Certainly, it is possible not to resort to difficult cleaning of these browsers by the CCleaner program but to delete cookies only on individual sites. While doing this, choose the desired domain from the list and tap the choices on its “Delete” context menu. You can then use domain searches for your ease.

Registry Cleaner

The registry cleaner is an extension of unwanted and older files. So, it monitors and removes garbage entries in the Windows registry. Also, it includes unused files, deinstallators, ActiveX controls, shared file paths, help files, fonts, shortcut messages, and much more. Before cleaning, the utility proposes you to restore the removed registry branches in .reg file format. If there are any issues after cleanup, you just want to double-tap the stored file and agree to include data to the registry. However, the removed branches will be recreated.

Registry cleaning is one of the main functionality of CCleaner. The records that can be removed are monitored, then the removal itself takes place. Nothing is manually erased from the registry. CCleaner checks its integrity and offers to erase keys and branches or as a result of serious modification to the OS settings.

Turn Off Unwanted Startup Programs

CCleaner has an effective Startup module, which is essential for Windows maintenance. Its task is to turn off the unwanted startup programs on your PC. CCleaner also checks individual components and erase unwanted programs if required.

The Startup Manager turns off executing third-party programs when Windows begin or OS task scheduler tasks. The best tool to help those who have Mail Agent, Skype, Amigo browser, and some other apps that can’t run in auto-launch simultaneous in Windows.

Cleaning Dumb Files

Cleaning temporary and dumb files can unintentionally be recognized as the major function of the CCleaner program. Because of a large number of settings available for this choice, the user can easily set the desired scan choices for each compatible application and system file search.

Dumb files cleaning enables you to remove a whole group of various Windows files, standard OS programs, and third-party app. You can also erase temporary Windows files from this list, but if you don’t need to contact Technical Support for an issue with a program, you can remove memory dumps, Windows log files, and Windows Error Reports.

Free & Paid Packages

CCleaner is the famous “optimizer” of the system in the world. However, other famous solutions, CCleaner exist in two models. Like free and paid, but besides other programs, the free model of CCleaner is full-featured and not time-limited use.

CCleaner also finds, cleans up junk files, scans, and optimizes most famous professional programs, office applications, browsers, archivists, multimedia players, antivirus programs, and other software.


Here’s all about “Review On CCleaner”. If you are facing any issue then let us know. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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