A Complete Review On Confused Memes


Having the perfect meme that suits every moment is an art, especially for reactions. But the confused memes are one of the most popular and amazing types of reaction memes online. These enable you to express confusion or highlight confusing situations in a funny way.

Come let’s take a look at the best-confused memes on the web today. Remember in mind and you’ll always have the best reaction ready to go.

Explain Confusion Memes

Confused Memes

Confusion memes compose a huge spectrum of content. But they are based on laughing at misunderstandings and mistakes. A confused meme is the best way to point out that a statement is not suitable, paradoxical, or simply plain meaningless.

We’ll also cover reaction images on this list. These types of confused memes are certainly used as a reaction to a statement that can’t make any sense.

Like many other memes, they feature someone looking confused about something. They might include text, but don’t always do so. You’ll also view them in Twitter replies or other social media comments.

However, these memes are not the kind of confusion memes. General image macros, which are pictures with overlaid text, can also qualify as confusion memes. Here are some of these, too.

Many memes are the latest, but some are classics. And when the time goes on, we might view some more confusing memes surface.

Confused Memes:

Confused Nick Young

Confused Nick Young

We begin with the most popular confusion memes. Confused Nick Young is a reaction image that features an NBA player of the same name. Also, it came from a show known as Thru The Lens, that covered a day in the life of the basketball player.

However, the meme is for Nick with a confused expression on his face and question marks around it, which was captured directly from the show. You can also use the original image directly, or modify it to add text or edit Nick.

It’s an amazing way to express confusion, moving to its status the most popular memes of 2015.

Confused Travolta

Confused Travolta

If you’re interested in video memes then Confused Travolta is one for you. You can check its video meme on the internet. This meme features a cutout of John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega from the movie Pulp Fiction.

The image is from the movie instantly changed into a meme. It places the clip of Travolta in different situations with captions where the confusion is appropriate. It’s a fun one with some editing chops.

Confused Memes -> Math Lady

Math Lady

This meme features a Brazilian actress named Renata Sorrah. The actress looks confused in this meme with a scene captured from the telenovela Senhora do Destino. Her character is famous for viewers, moving to clips from the show moving into memes.

The modern model of this meme features 4 screenshots from the real GIF of Sorrah looking confused. Each of these shots features that the lady is trying to do some kind of mental calculation due to confusion.

It’s a fun way to express that you’re angry crunching numbers in your head.

Confused Memes -> Wat


“Wat” is an intentional misspelling of “what.” Also, it is used to express confusion at a story or image. You can also use “wat” to pair with an image.

Another popular image macro featuring “wat” is a surprised old woman. This is the best way to use it, but you can add “wat” to anything that obtains your confusion.

Confused Girl

Confused Girl

This meme can’t feature anyone famous. But it’s just a simple image of a girl with a doubtful look on her face. However, it pairs well with captions that lead to the look appearing on your face.

Also, there was once a story that circulates online and the subject of this image tried to use Instagram due to photo spread so much. However, this turned out to be a joke.

The meme offers a great face for your most confusing moments.

Confused Mr. Krabs


Another confused meme features the character of Mr. Krabs from the popular cartoon show SpongeBob Squarepants. It’s a picture of Mr. Krabs that is surrounded by an angry mob.

The meme is paired with captions on unlimited speed after listen the police alert and becoming confused.

Confused Memes -> Secondary

The above memes are the best confusion memes, as they’re all directly related to the theme of confusion. As we explain in our memes introduction, there are lots of one-off image macros that deal with confusion. However, here are some memes in this list that anyone can make an image of confusion.

Hopefully, you also enjoy this section. While the below memes aren’t necessarily about confusion, they’re quite identical similar and can be used as confusion memes in lots of scenarios.

Serious Face Meme

Are You Serious Face

This meme is used in old-school rage comics, which is a blast from the past. In this meme, here is a man named David Silverman, who made a perplexed face during an interview with Bill O’Reilly.

The meme is used to react weirdly. So while this meme isn’t about confusion, but it makes an appropriately confused man meme.

Not Sure If Meme

Not Sure If

This meme is the best memes ever. It’s a clip of the character Fry from the show Futurama, displayed with squinted eyes.

However, the meme begins with the phrase “Not sure if” and explains two possible explanations for a situation. This meme makes a good way to express your feelings over which answer you think is perfectly right.


Here’s a complete collection of the best-confused memes. Whether you enjoy laughing at different scenarios or versions of these memes or wish something to use for online reactions, they provide lots of fun.

What are your favorite memes? Do you have anything to share with us? Let us know your valuable feedback in the comment section below!

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