A Complete Review On Google Picasa Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Google Picasa alternatives? Google Picasa is one of the most popular or best photo management tools. However, Google terminates the service and then replaced it with Google Photos. Google Photos serves the best purpose, but it also comes nowhere close to Google Picasa in terms of features.

After using Windows OS for a while, then you probably know that there’s a shortage of image management software on the platform. In that situation, looking for the best replacement for Google Picasa can be a powerful task.

List Of Google Picasa Alternatives

If you want to make things quite easy, we have made a list of the best Google Picasa Alternatives that you can use today. However, the tools help you with photo editing or photo management. So, come let’s check the best Google Picasa alternatives.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Well, Google Photos serves as the best replacement for Google Picasa. So, it could be considered as the best choice for the Google Picasa tool. What makes Google Photos more essential is that it integrates with other services of Google like Google Drive to sync photos. Rather than that, it also offers some photo editing features.

Download: Google Photos


This is another amazing photo editing tool on the list that brings image management or editing features. However, the software doesn’t need any cloud storage features such as Picasa, it stands out from the crowd because of it’s easy to use of image editing tools. Not only image editing but also it provides users essential features such as screen splitting photos, capture, etc.

Download: Photoscape



If you are looking for an advanced photo viewer tool for Windows 10 PC, then you should provide XnView a try. If you compare to any other Google Picasa Alternatives, XnView offers the best photo management features. XnView user-interface replicates the look or feel of Google Picasa. Rather than that, the photo viewer tool for Windows also compatible with more than 500 various image file formats.

XnView supports Unix systems only. It is now even available for Windows. It is not just an image viewer but a photo organizer and editor too. XnView is a powerful software and supports multiple languages.

XnView not only supports 500+ image formats but also a few video and audio formats. It also supports scripting to rename a batch of files in a single stretch. The basic editing tools crop, resize, rotate, and a bunch of amazing effects. You can edit Raster images with this software.


Well, Flickr is another amazing cloud-based image sharing website where you can easily share images for free. Well, generally Flickr is known as an image sharing website. Also, it specializes in photo management or storage. From the free account, Flickr lets users save 1,000 photos. Rather than that, Flickr also offers some image editing tools from Aviary also it is another best Picasa alternatives in the list.

Download: Flickr


Dropbox-Picasa alternatives

Dropbox is another amazing or most popular cloud storage service that you can use to save almost all file types, like videos, images, docs, etc. The cloud storage service is also known for its simplicity or ease of user interface. If we talk about the feature of photo management, Dropbox lets users set up or use folders to manage photos.

Download: Dropbox

FastStone Image Viewer

If you are looking for the best and most popular free image viewer software for your Windows PC, then you want to choose  FastStone Image Viewer. The software is one of the best and proffered image viewer application that is available out there. The good thing about the image viewer is that it compatible with a huge range of image file formats. So, it’s another Google Picasa choice that you can use today.

It supports multi-monitor configuration which would come in handy if you work with a large number of images. It also supports converting and renaming files in batch. You can view and open a batch of files which is relatively faster. It has a portable variant as well which can be run through a flash drive.

Download: FastStone Image Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

If you are searching for a lightweight or simple Photo Viewer tool for Windows 10 PC, then you must try Apowersoft Photo Viewer a try. The tool is known for its simplicity or ease of use user interface. Rather than that, it also offers many photo editing tools to improve contrast, brightness, etc.

Download: Apowersoft Photo Viewer


IrfanView is one of the most popular third-party image viewing applications and another best Picasa alternatives. It is even our pick for the best photo management tool for Windows 10. Its developer name is Irfan Sklijan that’s why he named it IrfanView. It is free to use. The software is pretty light and supports a large graphics file format base.

IrfanView is optimized to perform better and has a footprint of only 2MB. Apart from the image viewing, it also has a few extra tools. For instance, it supports OCR to “read” text on an image and export it to an editable format. Apart from that, you can also color correct pictures, insert text/ watermark to your pictures and add a few different filters.

Download: IrfanView

Photoshop Elements

Well, Photoshop Elements is another stripped-down model of Adobe Photoshop, but it packs all important features. With the help of Photoshop Elements, you can’t just manage your images, but also edit them as well. Rater than that, some other amazing features of Photoshop Elements contains easy uploading for calendars, sharing, scrapbook pages, etc.

Download: Photoshop Elements

Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos-Picasa alternatives

Similar to Google Photos, Microsoft Photos also provides the native photo management application of the Windows 10 OS. However, Microsoft Photos is not commonly used, it wraps all necessary organizational functionality or photo editing. The interesting thing about Microsoft Photos is that it offers a video editor that you can use to create videos out of your photo collection.

Download: Microsoft Photos


The best thing about HoneyView is that it supports a massive range of image file formats and it is no doubt the best photo viewer application for Windows. If we talk about the features of photo editing, HoneyView offers users the basic photo editing tools to improve brightness, colors, etc. So, HoneyView is another best choice for Google Picasa.

It’s most popular and almost similar to Windows Photos Viewer in functionality and features. However, it supports image formats like PNG, GIF, etc. HoneyView allows you to rotate images and perform basic resizing with it. Editing can be done by attaching a link to either Paint or Photoshop. You can bookmark images with this software for future references.

Download: HoneyView



Nomacs is the first open-source image viewer tool and another best Picasa alternatives for Windows 10 PC on the list. It’s a simple photo viewing tool that compatible with all common image formats. It includes the PSD or RAW images. Also, it offers some basic photo editing features such as brightness control, color adjustment tool, etc.

Download: Nomacs

Imagine Picture Viewer

It is another best and proffered Picasa alternatives given on the list which is quite identical to HoneyView software mentioned above. With Imagine Picture Viewer, you can view your pictures. Rather than that, Imagine Picture Viewer also provides some basic editing features.

Download: Imagine Picture Viewer


quicklook-Picasa alternatives

Well, if you are looking for an easy image viewer for your Windows 10 PC, then you should try QuickLook. With the help of QuickLook, you can easily view your pictures, manage them, and sort out its replica. However, it is an open-source tool and it wraps some basic photo editing features as well.

Download: QuickLook


Freshview is a software that is designed to help you keep your images as organized as possible. Not only images, but Freshview also compatible with video or audio formats as well. So, Freshview is another best Picasa alternatives that you can use on your Windows PC.

Download: Freshview


So, these were some of the best Google Picasa Alternatives that you must consider. If you know any other tools regarding Picasa, let us know below. I hope you enjoy it!

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