A Complete Review On mDNSResponder


What do you know about mDNSResponder? Are you trying to set up a Mac firewall, or just checking what’s running using Activity Monitor, when you check something annoying is running i.e mDNSResponder. What is mDNSResponder? Well, it is a core part of macOS.

What Do You Know About mDNSResponder?


mDNSResponder is an important or core part of the Bonjour protocol. Bonjour is Apple’s 0-configuration networking service. It means that how Apple devices find each other on a network. Our process, mDNSResponder, daily scans your local network looking for other Bonjour devices.

Why did it look for other devices? If you want to make networking simple. The example of working is iTunes’ library sharing. Head over to the iTunes and you can view and browse other iTunes libraries on your local network. Bonjour is the main reason this works. Also, the protocol enables two PCs on the same network to quickly find each other. It means the list of shared iTunes libraries is always up-to-date.

Bonjour turns on more than just iTunes’ sharing. Also, it helps to populate the list of “Shared” devices in Finder. Bonjour also populates the images sharing in Photos. The list of Airplay-compatible devices, and instantly finding printers. Because a similar process executes on Windows, Bonjour can also be used to instantly plug to Windows PCs executing software such as iTunes.

Well, Third-party software can also use Bonjour: for instance, you can also stream audio from iTunes to Kodi, also if you’re executing Kodi on Windows, if you have Bonjour installed. An easy program known as Bonjour Browser enables you to instantly browse all of the Bonjour-enabled devices on your network.

After using the Mac firewall, you’re going to view popups about mDNSResponder. However, blocking this process after accessing the network prevents Bonjour from working. It makes it difficult to use your local network. In some situations, turning off Bonjour might prevent you from connecting to the Internet simultaneously, so it might be best to just enable mDNSResponder to access your network.

For the most part, you can’t notice mDNSResponder uses a lot of CPU or memory. If you do, just restart your Mac should fix the problem in some situations.

Wait, Didn’t Apple Delete this?

You might think that Apple erased mDNSResponder from macOS years ago, also you’re sort of correct. According to a report, Apple ditched mDNSResponder for Yosemite just to discover that many things break without it. Apple brought back mDNSResponder a year ago for El Capitan, which resolved 300 various macOS bugs in one swift motion. Also, it suspects that mDNSResponder can’t disappear from macOS again any time soon.


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