A Complete Review On Pedometer & Step Counter Apps for Android


What do you know about Pedometer or Step Counter apps for android? Step counting is something that everybody’s walking or talking about these days. As GPS tracking and mobile movement sensors have better over time. Also, there are apps that help you keep a record of your daily steppage stats. Here are our favorite pedometer apps, come let’s take a look:

Pedometer & Step Counter Apps for Android:

Pedometer or Step Counter Apps for Android

Google Fit (Step Counter Apps for Android)

Officially Google’s pedometer app can sync up with many other apps on this list. But also there’s a good chance that you’ll find everything you want right here.

Google Fit records your steps and analyze your heart rate within a least Material Design interface. Every time you just take a walk or run you can access real-time stats to get lots of granular perspective on how you’re doing. Also, you can set daily targets that adapt to your progress.

Also, it comes with basic fitness coaching tricks. However, other third-party apps are more powerful in this specific area. Also, you might sync Google Fit up with them!

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is an expert as Android apps go. Also, it compelled over a million users to absorb themselves in its fitness-inducing story.

Connect your headphones, and follow the steps as you tap around doing different missions in a post-apocalyptic world occupied by the shambling dead. It’s the best motivator for those who quite a bit of account using their fitness regimen.

Runtastic Steps

With the best compatibility across different step-tracking devices or Google Fit. Runtastic is one of the more flexible pedometer choices out there. It provides you feeds monthly, daily, and annual data on your calorie-burning. Also, it enables you to set daily goals to make sure that you’re hitting those targets every day.

The free model is best for the above data-tracking. But you must pay for a premium membership. Also, you’ll get a slew of the latest features such as walking routes, food diaries, nutrition plans, and more. All the other Runtastic extras you probably select to purchase neatly contained within the main Runtastic app. Also, it enables you to keep all the software in one place.

Argus (Step Counter Apps for Android)

Argus is also another most amazing ‘Wellness’ apps around. It records your activity, sure, but also wraps in a sleep cycle monitor, calorie counter, exercise guide, also barcode scanner to help you to record your nutritional intake.


The pedometer is an ad-supported or free app that can’t force any in-app purchases on you. What you see is what you get. It has the usual mixture of step counters, walking times, calories burned, and speed tracking. Also, it shows your long-term walking information in an efficient graph. It also uses your weight or gender to provide you a good idea of the lots of calories you burned and the amount you should burn.

A pedometer has a small number of various themes for some personalization. However, you can also adjust the sensitivity, so you’re not cheating after counting steps when you’re driving or cycling.


ViewRanger is a must-have app for explorers or hikers. Also, it is filled with lots of trails and walks around the world, all rated by the app’s millions of users. It serves as the best navigation guide, too, using Augmented Reality to allow you to point your mobile at the scenery and take pointers about what’s what and where to go next.

This app also works with Android Wear. Also, it uses your mobile GPS to track your walking stats, allowing you to view how much distance you’ve covered and maybe share it with your friends. Also, it’s the best choice for those who aren’t quite or consume with counting every single step and like to focus more on enjoying the best outdoors.

Fitbit (Step Counter Apps for Android)

The good news is you can use the Fitbit without the titular “bit?” That’s true, thanks to the wizardry going on inside your mobile, you can also use the Fitbit app solely uisng your mobile using the so-called “MobileTrack” feature.

Fitbit has probably the amazing interface of all the apps. Also, it offers a big amount of features to encourage walking. You can, for instance, take part in different weekly challenges curated by the experts and log workouts and food. Also, move on “Adventures” where you attempt to move the same amount of steps it takes to outfit popular hikes like those around Yosemite Park.

Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker

In this app, you can set your goals in it or use goals created by the experts or developers to help keep yourself walking or motivated.

You can also view your personal trends in the way of weight, calories, or steps, so you can easily view whether over time you’re improving or allowing yourself to go.

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer is one of the famous pedometer apps around. It is also known for its widget that sits on your home screen providing you a constant view of the steps you’ve taken. However, you can view steps, distance, calories, minutes, and more in a manner that suits you best. Also, it begins by tracking after you take 10 steps. So, there is a chance your trips to the kitchen or bathroom using your desk won’t count. You’ve been warned.

Noom Walk

Noom Walk has an interface that’s limited and clean. The app also claims to use a minimum of 2% of your battery. Also, it consumes as much juice over 22 hours as keeping your display screen on for 20 minutes or just 3 minutes of GPS usage. But the amazing fact is that you can high five your friends when they hit their goals. It’s completely free to use, which is also a plus.

That’s all about it!


Here’s all about ‘Pedometer & Step Counter Apps for Android’. A pedometer doesn’t need you to change your life. Also, it makes a habit of visiting the gym. It also motivates you to be more active by just pushing you to take some steps than you did yesterday.

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