A Complete Review On Photobucket Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Photobucket alternatives? The enterprise has not given any prior notice before updating its new subscription plans. The worst thing is that Photobucket forced its users to pay $399, also it replace the embedded images with ads. This thing forced many users to find the best free Photobucket alternatives.

Fortunately, there are many Photobucket options available out there that are completely free and don’t ask users to register. So, in this article, we are going to share a complete list of the best Photobucket alternatives that you can use today.

List Of Photobucket Alternatives

Before we share a complete list, allow me to tell you that these websites are completely free and they provide hotlinks without any charges or subscription.



Well, if you are looking for an image hosting site that enables you to hotlink without leaving any traces, then Imgur might be the best choice for you. What’s interesting about Imgur is that it enables users to upload images. Not only upload but also you can share the images with anybody without providing away your real identity. There are no limitations on image upload, and you can embed the uploaded images on your blog, product page, etc.

Download: Imgur


If you are running a blog that receives moderate hits, then you can try Flickr. Actually, Flickr is really strict about the usage, and it doesn’t enable users to share pictures that receive lots of hits. Apart from that, Flickr provides users 1000GB of free storage which can be used to upload images. Want more Photobucket alternatives? Dive down!

Download: Flickr



Well, if you are looking for a straightforward or reliable Photobucket alternative to upload images, then you must give Postimage a try. Guess what? Postimage is quite identical to Photobucket, but it’s totally free. Users don’t want to register with Postimage to upload pictures. After uploading the pictures, users will get the hotlinks to embed the images to the threads, blog, etc.

Download: Postimage

Photobucket Alternatives – 500px

Well, 500px is another best website such as Photobucket that you can consider. The best thing about 500px is that it enables users to upload infinite images, but there’s a catch! Users were able to upload 7 images in a week. That means, if you want to upload 10 pictures, you want to wait for 8 days. Rather than that, 500px enables users to hotlink your pictures to forums, blogs, etc.

Download: 500px


ImageShack-Photobucket Alternatives

ImageShack is one of the top-rated and the best in the list of Photobucket alternatives that you can visit right now. However, ImageShack is not a free image sharing website, the plans are cheap. The base plan of ImageShack begins at just $3.99 where you will get infinite space, direct linking, hotlinks, watermarking, etc.

ImageShack is a picture hosting website given on the list which could be an ideal option to PhotoBucket. It has both premium plans or free, but the free plan is limited to some features only. There’s a choice to opt for a free 30-day trial to look at the premium features. The website generates shareable links to every image that has been uploaded.

Download: ImageShack


The path is one of the best-sharing sites or image hosting in the list of Photobucket alternatives that you can use today. It’s not like a photo-sharing website as you can share movies, music, notes, texts, check-ins, etc also. The images uploaded to Path can be directly shared with Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Download: Path

We Heart It

We Heart It

It’s another amazing website where you can explore or share photos. The best thing about We Heart It is that it lets you organize or manage pictures in the collection. It means the images that were found on the We Heart It can be arranged in groups based on common interest. Rather than that, We Heart it also compatible GIFs and Videos.

Download: We Heart It

Photobucket Alternatives – Instagram

Instagram is no doubt the best image sharing website that you can use today. However, you can use the platform right now used by lots of users. After uploading a picture, Instagram provides you tons of editing tools to edit images such as brightness, adjusting temperature, etc. Rather than that, it also allows users to adjustable filters to provide your images with a unique touch.

Download: Instagram

Google Photos

Google Photos-Photobucket Alternatives

If you are looking for a free Photobucket alternative, then Google Photos probably be the best choice for you. It’s a home for all your videos or photos. Google Photos comes pre-built on mobile devices and it automatically saves your clicked images on Google’s server. So, Google Photos is another best Photobucket choice that you can use today.

Download: Google Photos


SmugMug is an amazing website for saving pictures of your photos. You get infinite photo storage for a reasonable price. The service not only enables you to upload images but also videos. All uploads are stored in full-resolution, and you can then access them from anywhere, whenever you have a Wifi connection. Lots of photo hosting companies have gone bankrupt.



imgbox is one of the amazing image hosting websites that can replace Photobucket. It’s fully free and can’t place any limitation on the numbers of size or files of the image. Also, you don’t need to register on the website to upload pictures. All you need to do is to open the website and upload the picture and there you have it. You’ll then get the hotlinks quickly and can use it on your blogs, forum, basically anywhere you like. But remember, imgbox doesn’t let any kind of captioning or editing. Just upload a picture and share it instantly, which I presume everyone is searching for. All in all, imgbox is an amazing website to share or host images and it can be the best Photobucket alternative for free.

Photobucket Alternatives – Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting is a free website that allows you to upload images without any limitation. You can further embed the pictures on the forum or blogs using the hotlinks. Free Image Hosting also provides direct links if you want to share photos instantly and without any user registration. However, the free service is the best, there is a limitation on the image size. You can’t upload a file larger than 3 MB. Rather than, you can also upload GIFs so that is amazing. Free Image Hosting shows ad banners to provide free image hosting so there is that. Anyway, if you are searching for a simple Photobucket alternative, Free Image Hosting is the best one.

Download: Free Image Hosting


UltraIMG-Photobucket Alternatives

UltraIMG is another amazing replacement service for Photobucket also it offers lots of amazing features. It enables you to upload different types of pictures and you can get the hotlinks almost quickly. The best part is that you don’t need to register on the website to upload a picture and the service is totally free. However, once you successfully register, you will then get access to many amazing features like albums & a well-organized gallery. There are also some perks of having a registered account. You can also find views counter for pictures and can share them with social media websites with deep integration. Another amazing feature of UltraIMG is that you can easily customize the links of uploaded images and that’s too good. All in all, if you are searching for a free option to Photobucket, UltraIMG is one of the best image hosting website.

Download: UltraImg (Free)

Photobucket Alternatives – VGY.ME

If you are searching for a free image hosting website that allows you to upload images, and share them with anyone worldwide, then you must try VGY.ME. The service allows you to upload pictures and create shareable links. Rather than being free, both the download or upload speeds are good, and you can’t experience any throttling here. The good thing about VGY.ME is that it automatically encrypts all your data. So, no-one can easily access your images without your permission. Rather than photos, VGY.ME also compatible with videos (MP4 and WEBM). The only thing you should know is the limit of file size that is 20 MB. As we know that it’s a free service without hidden costs, I can understand this restriction. For a free Photobucket experience, you must try VGY.ME.

Download: VGY.ME: (Free)


So these were the best Photobucket alternatives. Well, Photobucket was an amazing platform for hosting photos, the recent modification in terms of pricing has led lots of users to look for alternatives. That’s why we have provided the Photobucket alternatives which are paid as well as free and provide hotlinks without any limitation. Also, lots of websites don’t need user registration so you can quickly host photos without moving through the hoops. If you know any other sites, let us know below!

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