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Karma is the system of Reddit’s voting. The guide (Reddit Karma) with the most karma is the ones you view on the front page. However, Reddit records how much karma each of its users has earned, too. We’ll also elaborate on how Reddit karma works and how did you get it.

What Do You Know About Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma

For every Reddit article or comment are downvotes or upvotes buttons. After tapping one of these, you are providing either +ve or -ve karma to the post. However, positive (+ve) karma increases many points a post has, but negative (-ve) karma reduces that number.

Reddit also uses karma as a way of displaying the best possible content to users. Alternatively, upvoted comments and posts with lots of points end up at the page top. As it leads to many people viewing and upvoting them. Downvoted comments end up under the thread. If a post is downvoted enough, it becomes hidden, and you have to tap to expand it.

Certainly, comments and posts have a small cross symbol (†) located next to their karma count. This shows the post is controversial. It means that it has the same amount of downvotes or upvotes.

You can also view each Redditor’s total karma on their profile. This karma is split between the post karma. However, it is the total points of all threads. Also, the comment karma is the total comment point they submitted to existing threads.

What Does Karma Do?

Karma doesn’t have its own value. Due to this, Redditors certainly joke that all they’re getting are “imaginary internet points.” Also, a user who has many karmas and a large post history is an indication that they’re active on the site.

Also, you can’t exchange your karma for anything. But some subreddits need you to have the least amount of karma to comment and post. It’s true for marketplace subreddits having to transact or meeting with people outside of the site. Having too much karma across various posts makes you appear more trustworthy.

When Should I Downvote or Upvote a Post?

Downvote or Upvote a Post

The common rule of Reddit is that you must upvote the things you want. Whether that’s a funny joke, a highlight from your favorite football player or a question appear that leads to many interesting stories. Upvoting a post helps many people to view it as well.

Some people agree that votes can’t be as easy as upvoting posts you agree with and downvoting posts you disagree with.

Some subreddits guides as to what constitutes a “good post” and a “bad post.” Many communities post old content, same jokes, and bad content like one-sentence text posts are heavily frowned upon. However, downvoting bad posts bring good content to the forefront.

How Do I Get Reddit Karma?

Reddit karma

While you might be tempted to simply post many things in the hope that one of them gets widely upvoted, you simply slow down. The practice of spamming random content or reposts to get karma is known as “karma farming”. Also, it is generally frowned upon on Reddit. In some subreddits, you probably banned for posting within a certain time period.

The best method to get karma is simply by posting naturally. Just find out subreddits you enjoy reading and become an active member. Also, you contribute to the discussion after sharing related posts, joining discussions, or making ridiculous jokes. The Reddit users love great wit, so a successful attempt at being clever will yield upvotes.

What’s More?

However, posts are normally time-sensitive. Also, there is a big advantage to being early. You can also explore the “rising” or “new” tabs in subreddits so that you can be the first users to comment. If you move into a breaking piece of news, you can then be the first one to post it on the related subreddit can get you lots of karma. In subreddits for sports leagues, several accounts try to be the first to post necessary trades and signings when they exceed thousands of karma points.

Another amazing trick to get karma is just by posting real content (OC): original, high-quality posts that begin an important discussion or show off your creativity. For instance, if you’re in a community focused on computer hardware, posting a complete PC-building guide will likely lead to much +ve feedback and potentially some awards.

For a bonus, karma just comes hand in hand with the awards of Reddit. Also, they are paid signs that have tangible advantages. Highly upvoted posts normally get many awards. So, karma itself can’t purchase you anything, awards often reach once you earn huge amounts of karma.


Here’s all about “Reddit Karma”. Do you know anything about Reddit Karma? If you want to share any other method or tips regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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