A Complete Review On Software_Reporter_Tool.exe


If you noticed a strange application or process with the name “Software_Reporter_Tool.exe” executing in Task Manager that causes high CPU usage/disk usage and you are looking at what is it doing in your PC, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll explain to you what is meant by the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe app? How did you install it in your PC system? Is it safe or harmful? Why it is in your PC? What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing this process to run in the background? and how to turn off or remove it from your PC?

Come let’s discuss each and everything one by one:

What is meant by the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe app?

Lots of users have noticed that this Software_Reporter_Tool.exe executable running in their PC systems. Some of the time more than 3 instances of this executable run in PCs.

The executable name is Software_Reporter_Tool.exe and the original name or description display the “Software Reporter Tool“.

Lots of people complained that this process causes high CPU usage in their PCs. Certainly, it takes 60% of CPU resources.

So the question is:

How did you install Software_Reporter_Tool.exe on your PC?

Whenever you right-tap on the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe entry in Task Manager and choose the “Open file location” option, it’ll open the following folder in your PC:

C:\Users\Your_User_Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter\Version_Number\

The model number folder was “35.180.200” in our PCs. A t the bottom of this folder you’ll view the executable Software_Reporter_Tool.exe.

You can also access the above folder in your PC directly after using the following path in the Run dialog box:

%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter

As the name of the folder suggests, the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe executable is related to the Google Chrome web browser. However, after you install the Google Chrome browser in your PC, it’ll automatically install or copies the Software_Reporter_Tool.exe executable in the aforementioned folder.

Is Software_Reporter_Tool.exe Safe or Harmful?

As Google Chrome browser installed the executable so it is absolutely safe. Many times we all think that it’s a virus or something else but they are absolutely wrong. It’s a part of the Google Chrome web browser. No security software detects anything harmful in Software Reporting Tool.

Why it is in your PC?

Both Software Reporter Tool (SRT) or Software_Reporter_Tool.exe is used by the Google Chrome web browser. So we can say that it is a part of Google Chrome’s “Clean up Computer” functionality which was earlier available as a standalone app called Chrome Cleanup Tool also known as Software Removal Tool.

Difference b/w Chrome Cleanup Tool, Software Reporter Tool, & Software Removal Tool:

Basically all these tools are identical. There is not much difference between all these (Software Reporter Tool, Chrome Cleanup Tool, and Software Removal Tool) tools. Google Chrome executes the Software Reporter Tool to scan your PC for malicious software and if it’s found any harmful app then Chrome prompts the user to run Chrome Cleanup Tool (aka Software Removal Tool) to delete it.

Basically Google Chrome comes with a very essential feature that lets users find and erase malicious software programs from their PCs systems. You just want to scan your system with this feature. Also, it’ll automatically detect and erase harmful software from your computer.

Google Chrome uses the Software Reporter Tool executable to scan your PC for malicious software. That is why you view it running in the background. Also, it checks the programs which might cause issues to Google Chrome functionality.

Keep in mind that Software Reporter Tool is not an anti-malware or antivirus program. It simply scans and eliminates apps and extensions which might cause issues to Google Chrome and might prevent Chrome from working properly like unknown homepage, tab crashes, or search engines, etc.

Software Reporter Tool executable executes once a week and scans your PC. It might take a few minutes in completing the full scan.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing this process to run in the background?

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing Software_Reporter_Tool.exe running in your PC:

Advantages of Software_Reporter_Tool.exe:

  • It can eliminate harmful software and viruses from your PC.
  • It can erase additional useless add-ons or extensions from Google Chrome which were automatically installed by third-party software without your knowledge.

Disadvantages of Software_Reporter_Tool.exe:

  • Certainly, it consumes too much RAM also it causes high CPU usages and disk usage problems. It might slow down your PC.
  • Certainly, it crashes and you get a “Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool has stopped working” error message in Windows PC.
  • Also, it might detect and erase some apps and extensions/add-ons from Google Chrome which it finds harmful but the extensions or apps are actually safe and essential and were installed intentionally by you.
  • It also scans your Windows drive and might report its findings to Google which might not please privacy concerned people.

Did You Allow The Process to Run in Your PC?

Well, it depends. Generally, you can’t any issue with this tool and you can allow this tool to run in your PC as it secures users from malware harmful software.

But if it causes high CPU usage in your PC or you don’t want the tool to report its finding to Google, you might block it from running in your PC.

How to Turn Off or Erase Software_Reporter_Tool.exe from Your PC?

There are lots of solutions to turn off or block the Software Reporter Tool which will need a separate topic to discuss. So we have to create an exclusive guide to secure/restrict this tool from executing in your PC system.


Here’s all about “Software_Reporter_Tool.exe”. Is this article helpful? If you want to share any other things regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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