A Complete Review On The Best Google Hangouts App For Mac

Do you know more about Google Hangouts App For Mac? Google Hangouts is the most popular quick messaging apps on the market. Individuals and Businesses use it for different chat purposes. Also, it is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. In addition, it’s available on any browser that supports using Google Chrome extensions.

Well, though, Google Hangouts don’t have a desktop app for Mac devices. Also, you could use the browser version, but if you like Google Hangouts for desktop, then you are out of luck. Make sure there are client and app choices that may suit your needs.


If a chat app choice to Google Hangouts can’t cut it for you. Then you still like to use a Google Hangouts app on your Mac, here are some fixes that may fit the bill.


YakYak helps you to use Google Hangouts on your desktop. However, it’s a client for the app in question that allows you to access it outside the browser. Also, the app is open-source and free. It brings lots of customization, like native desktop notifications and language translation.

However, YakYak also works on Linux and Windows platforms. However, a dedicated Google Hangouts app for Windows exists, many Windows users use YakYak rather than due to it offers amazing customization tools.


It sounds like a paid version of Google Hangouts, but it isn’t. Unfortunately, it is a paid app and an official Google Hangouts client. But the best thing is it’s not too expensive. Well, it is a pretty good-looking app. Hangouts Plus is no doubt the best Google Hangouts clients for Mac.


Flamingo is both a Google Hangouts and Facebook client in one. However, It works like a charm with OS X and looks like a native app.

You can also use this app using several Gmail addresses at the same time. Also, it is an amazing feature for experts who have to ignore accounts frequently. The app closely follows your conversations, which makes finding earlier ones a piece of cake.

Flamingo also vanish into the tray when it is not used. Also, it’s not cluttering your desktop at any point. So, it’s isn’t a free app but well worth the money.


The app is the best choice if you’re wondering for simplicity, as it enables you to run Google Hangouts on your Mac. It’s quite simple. You can also text and use the drag-and-drop command to share images.

BetterApp, however, doesn’t come with any extra features. If you can’t view the Windows desktop version of Google Hangouts, then you’ll know what to expect from BetterApp. Unfortunately, it’s also a paid version of the app, so always remember it in mind, as well.


The app is another client for Google Hangouts that provides the basic Google Hangouts functionalities. Come let’s check the functionalities. You’ll get:

  • free video calls
  • photo sharing
  • stickers
  • emojis
  • much more…

Also, it is a paid app and it costs $4.99, so this might discourage some potential users from getting it.


It is an app that connects various messaging services. A long time ago when Google Talk and works with many other enable old messaging services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go any further than simple text messages.

So, if you want a full-blown Google Hangouts experience, you might be too happy with this one. However, the app can also tick your emails as read in Gmail, but this amazing feature doesn’t work too well.


There are some brilliant Google Hangouts alternatives out there, like TelegramMessenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and ezTalks. All apps have Mac desktop app versions. Well, no one helps you to use Google Hangouts. So, simply select between Google Hangouts on your Mac and these choices.


Well, using Google Hangouts in the browser is the best way to use the messaging service. So, some may find it irritating that you can’t close Google Chrome after using the app.

If you are want to use Google Hangouts on your Mac desktop, purchase the Flamingo app, and enjoy all the advantages that it brings to the table. Also, go for one of the free apps.


Have you tried any of the above-mentioned apps on this list? Which one do you want and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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