A Complete Review On Winamp Skin Quinto Black CT


What do you know about Quinto Black CT? There are some apps applications that are launched in the time when Windows OS begins gaining fame and is still executing successfully. Winamp is one of the amazing media players that is not just the traditional but the best that we have today. It is not doubted an all-in-one media player that can play everything you want to listen to. Rather than a smooth and stylish user interface. Also, it has the ability to play all sorts of media files such as audio/ video, a graphic equalizer. However, Winamp has lots of amazing things to offer to its users.

If we talk about its functionality then it provides a very clean and intuitive audio experience. Also, it provides an amazing dashboard and a small learning curve for new users. But the default is always something frustrating. So you want to make some additional efforts to extract the best feel out of something.

Winamp is the most versatile and feature-rich media player. Not just this but also it has lots of plugins and skins available and is good enough for everyday use. If you are still using Winamp, then you should know about the beautiful skin i.e Quinto Black CT.

Winamp Skins for Windows 10

Winamp Skin Quinto Black CT

Quinto Black Winamp Skin

This is an advanced Winamp skin with 2094 downloads by Windows 10. Also, the users of other models as well. The size of QB is 314.17kB. As it is an advanced skin, it has .wal file inside the actual ZIP file that wants to be double-tapped to be copied and enabled altogether into the main temporary folder in C drive.

Quinto Black CT

Here comes ‘Quinto Black CT’.  The Quinto Black CT skin is designed by PeterK., who is known for his high-quality skins for Winamp. However, the Winamp app is not getting updates for many years, it still has lots of users. Lots of them are making new skins. Quinto Black CT is one such skin. It is an advanced skin (*.wal) that utilizes all the amazing features of the Winamp’s skin engine.

Quinto Black CT is compatible with Winamp 5.666 build 3516. The skin reflects gray visuals over a dull black background. Some of the buttons are on the interface while the majority are inside it. The skin also offers higher usability and easy operation. Also, you can make changes to the whole display format of the skin.


Here’s all about “Winamp Skin Quinto Black CT”. So QB CT is the best Winamp Skins for Windows 10. Downloading and Installation are quite simple or easy. These skins work to communicate awesomeness to something already established. Of course, the Winamp media player. If you want to know more about it then feel free and let us know in the comment section below!

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