Google Reveal Automatic Car Crash Detection Feature


Google seems to have rolled out an update to the Pixel phones built-in Emergency Information app. The update version rebranding apps to “Personal Safety.”

The XDA-Developers noticed the update on a Pixel 2 XL device. The publication easily accessed the Play Store listing for the renamed app. They also managed to grab some screenshots of the new car crash detection feature.

The Apps Play Store description reads:

Personal Safety is an app for Pixel phones that helps you to stay safe and connected to your emergency contacts and first responders.” They also note that if you’ve been in a car crash and your phone detects, it will automatically dial 911.

In the case of a car crash, your phone will vibrate, play loud sounds, asking if you need help. But Unfortunately, If you do not respond, it will automatically dial emergency services. Alternatively, you can click the “911 Emergency” button. You may also mark yourself safe by pressing the “I’m OK” button.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available in the United States. We are not sure that if it’ll come to all Pixel phones or if it will be limited to the upcoming Pixel 4 devices.

Another feature spotted in the Changelog of the app. This feature lets users quickly share their emergency status with contacts. Users will be able to create a custom message. They also send it to multiple contacts.

Google is well known about Pixel-exclusive features, such as Night Sight, unlimited original-quality photo backups, and more. Maybe the company has one more exclusive feature in the works though.

How XDA-Developers found references to car crash detection functionality?

XDA-Developers also found references to car crash detection functionality in the Android Q Beta 3 Safety Hub app. When the device detects car crash the function will automatically launch an alert activity

XDA also found a string in the app. It suggests the feature is exclusive to Pixels. So lots of people using third-party Android phones might miss out on this functionality.

Here the question is! how could the Safety Hub app detect any crash?

It’s possible as the feature will harness GPS data to determine whether you’re in a car. A microphone listen to the sound of the crash itself. The accelerometer to detect a violent or sudden stop. With the help of Google, these capabilities would likely be tied together.


The outlet summarizes that the car crash detection mode could alert emergency services or designated contacts. So, many people killed as a result of road crashes according to the World Health Organization. It’ll make a big difference.

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