Amazon Is Planning A Very Special Feature For Its AirPods Competitors

Amazon is not exactly a veteran of the consumer hardware space. But after the unbridled success of the smart speakers of the e-commerce giant in recent years. It should come as no surprise that a product launch event occurs at the end of this week getting enough attention.

However, unlike the announcement of a new generation of iPhone or Samsung’s flagship phone. We have not had any losses or internal reports that accurately detail what Amazon has in the store. The company is also far from predictable, presenting everything from an updated Echo Show to a wall clock with Alexa technology. And smart microwaves in a similar event this time last year.

A very interesting product that could see the light of day on September 25 is a pair of wireless headphones with integrated Alexa integration and, surprise, surprise, fitness tracking capabilities. We’ve known Amazon’s preparations for AirPods’ rivals for almost a year. But this last feature is something new that CNBC has learned from a “person directly involved in the project”.

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Amazon to gain an advantage in the retail price sector

This unidentified source states that an integrated accelerometer would be a key selling point for the alleged code-named “Puget” headphones. So it is likely that they stand out every day from AirPods’ competitors with the ability to monitor a user’s distance, calories burned and career rhythm without connection to a smartphone. It’s not a completely new idea. Since Samsung has tried something similar with Gear IconX. But has abandoned the concept of wireless headphones relatively quickly.

Where it is expected that Amazon will gain an advantage in the retail price sector. Since the “Puget” headphones could cost up to $100 or even less. It remains to be seen how versatile and affordable Alexa will demonstrate in outdoor environments. Where Google Assistant and Siri currently reign supreme.

When it comes to Alexa’s “central domestic market”, a premium rival to the Echo brand for the likes of Apple HomePod. And Google Home Max is almost certainly around the corner, with a more voluminous design. And better sound quality than all its products relatives in addition to the inclusion of a woofer. We know nothing of the real characteristics and characteristics of this … Amazon Echo Max (?), which is one more reason to closely monitor the company’s 25 September event.

(Via: CNBC)

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