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Among Us Keys and Keyboard Controls Full List

among us keys

In what can be called a year of shock, a two-year-old game actually has become one of the most famous titles of 2020. Yes, we’re talking about the multiplayer cross-platform game – Among Us which is continuing to peak the charts with more than 110,000 players engaged every hour. In this article, we are going to talk about Among Us Keys and Keyboard Controls Full List. Let’s begin!

However, Android and iOS users are blessed with touch controls, if you guys are playing the Among Us on your PC. Then you have to know the keyboard controls that you guys can use in order to navigate and perform different actions within the game. We’ve also compiled a list of actions and controls that you can put in order to use to play Among Us on your PC.

Among Us Keybinds

The following is actually a table of keyboard controls that you can use in order to perform different actions inside Among Us:

Primary Key Secondary Key Key Action
W+A+S+D Arrow Keys Character movement
E Space
Left mouse click
Using an object
Q Perform Kill
R Report a body
ESC Escape a focused task
TAB Toggle Map View
ALT + Enter Toggle Fullscreen
E Space Sabotage (as an Imposter)
ALT + CAPS ALT + TAB Toggle Mute on Discord (Custom key bind)


Among Us Keys and Keyboard Controls Full List

Here’s a list of actions that you can also perform whenever playing Among Us:

Moving your character: The basic action that you perform on any game is navigating your character around the map as well. You guys can move your character across rooms and hallways via the WASD keys on your keyboard. If you guys are not familiar with this gamer-centric set of keys, then you can rest assured and also use the Arrow keys on your keyboard as well for movement purposes.

Interact with and Use something: In order to interact with an object or perform an action along with a focused object. You can use the ‘E’ key on your keyboard as well as the Left mouse click and also if you have also connected a mouse to play the game. Some users have also mentioned that you guys can use the Space key to do the same functionality on Among Us.

Escape a task: After you are done interacting with an object, you can then come out of focus out of the task through pressing the ESC key on your keyboard. Only after you escape a task, and can you interact with another or also move to some other point on the map as well.

Toggle Map View:

At any time during the meeting, you guys can also see the map on your screen through clicking on the TAB key. If you want to turn off the map, then you press the same TAB key again.

Switch between Fullscreen: You can also switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time through pressing these two keys all at once – ALT and Enter.

Report a body: You can tap on the R key on your keyboard in order to report a dead body within the game.

Perform a kill: To kill an imposter on Among Us, you will have to press the Q key on your keyboard.

Sabotage (Imposter Only):

If you’re an imposter, then you have the ability in order to create a temporary problem in a specific room via pressing the E key or Space key. Sabotage will avoid the Emergency Button from getting pressed and generally only one sabotage can be executed at a given time actually.

Toggle Mute on Discord (Custom key bind): Because most of the time you play Among Us is also spent talking to your team on Discord. Then you will need to toggle mute and unmute mostly so that the others only listen to you whenever you guys want them to. Discord also lets you create a custom key bind to Toggle Mute through going to Discord > User Settings > Keybinds > Add a Keybind, and then create a keybind for “Toggle Mute” with any of these combinations of keys: ALT + TAB or ALT + CAPS as well.

Where is the Emergency button

Well, at any time during a game on Among Us, you guys can host an Emergency meeting through using the ‘Use’ ability after cooldown or via reporting a body. When that happens, all the players in the game are teleported to the Cafeteria as well as the Office and won’t be able to move. This meeting will let you talk to others and vote on deciding who is actually the imposter.

It’s important to note that the Emergency button is basically an interactive button present inside a map and not a special button on your keyboard. There are actually two ways to call up an Emergency meeting. Through the Emergency button in Cafeteria or Office or via the Report button whenever spotted a dead body.

If you guys are suspicious of an imposter or have detail in order to share with your crewmates. Then you can summon an Emergency Meeting at any time during the game through going to the Cafeteria or Office where you spawn at the beginning. In this room, head to the center table where there’s an Emergency Button present and then use the ‘E’ key on your keyboard. Or the Left mouse click adjacent to the table to commence an Emergency meeting as well.


If you have spotted a dead body in any other part of the map, then you can call up an Emergency Meeting when the game is in progress through using the ‘Report’ ability while standing next to the dead body as well. You can do that via tapping the R key on your keyboard.

Well, when an Emergency meeting is summoned, you will have sufficient time in your hands in order to discuss with your crew members who might be the potential imposter and kick them out before it’s too late actually.

Can you play Among Us using a controller?

Among Us doesn’t natively support controllers if you guys install it through Steam. But, controller support is also available if you don’t mind running the game on PC along with BlueStacks.

If played along with Bluestacks emulator, you can then use the following controllers (although not limited to these) in order to play Among Us on your PC:

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers
  • Microsoft Xbox One controllers
  • Redgear controllers
  • Logitech gamepads
  • PDP controllers
  • and many more compatible devices as well

To set up a gamepad to play Among Us, you have to checkout BlueStacks support page.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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