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Anonymous Chat Apps When You Want To Talk To Strangers

Best Anonymous Chat Apps: If you are getting bored with talking to your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Searching to spice things up a little? Sometimes talking to strangers can be beneficial to your mind. It seems like it weird but living in the Digital Age has its perks. One of which is the ability to chat with random strangers anonymously using your smartphone. Here are 10 best anonymous chat apps for Android and iOS with you that you enjoy.

Before we start, chances are most of these anonymous sites might save your chats, even though they say otherwise. But make sure don’t say or do anything in the anonymous chat app that will make you regret later. With that being said, let’s begin.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps


omegle anonymous-chat-apps

Omegle is one of the oldest and the most popular sites where you can talk to strangers in one-on-one chat sessions. It’s available on iOS as well. Sorry Android users. Because of the web version, you need to create an account in the app, by entering your username, email address, etc. Although, none of that is verified, so you are free to use any random information you like. Once you login in, the app randomly paired for one-on-one chat sessions. Unfortunately, many features such as – filter by gender or video chats, are locked behind the paywall.

Install Omegle (iOS)


wakie anonymous-chat-apps

Wakie is just like an alarm app that offers calls from strangers to wake you up. It is more than just that and offers so much more. Using this app, you can request strangers to wake you up with a call. You can also ask for opinions, suggestions, request for a company, and listen to other people. All of these requests are posted on a live feed board and people can click to join. The app is not completely anonymous and you can select to show your original profile. However, if you want to hide that you can do that in settings and hide your picture, name, and other personal details. Wakie no doubt works well and has an active community of awesome people.

Install Wakie (Android | iOS)

connected2me anonymous-chat-apps is another amazing anonymously chatting app that is heavily inspired by Instagram. After opening the app, it shows you a bunch of profiles near you with whom you can chat directly. And on the top, it has stories from its users, just like you see on Instagram.

You don’t need to create a user account to send or receive messages like Instagram, however, you’ll need one to create stories. Its unique ‘Shuffle’ feature gives you random users who’re online and available for chat.

It is available for both Android and iOS.



What kind of video chat app do you like the most? Everybody has their own tastes, but Camsurf has proven to be a great choice for random video chats. What’s so special about this particular site? To start with, it’s free, and you don’t even have to spend time making an account – just a few clicks will get you started on your first chat. You can also switch from video to text chat anytime you want, which makes it easy to adapt your random chatting to a public venue. Yes, this means that Camsurf has an app! Currently, they only offer an Android version, but the iPhone app is in the works.

With an international user base, Camsurf includes location and language filters for anyone who wants to narrow the scope of their random chats. And no matter where you are, you can depend on lightning-fast load times for both video and text chats.

Install CamSurf (Android | iOS)

Install (Android | iOS)


whisper anonymous-chat-apps

Whisper is one of the more popular anonymous chat apps for Android users. It has a huge user base with a huge community. If you are searching for meaningful discussions instead of sexual and adult-related chats, Whisper is for you. Many users claim to have meaningful conversations that had some kind of positive impact on their minds and behavior.

Install Whisper (Android | iOS)

Meet Me

meetme anonymous-chat-apps

MeetMe is just like a dating site, but destiny had other plans for the team. Today, MeetMe is one of the largest anonymous chat apps with a user base of more than 100 million. Except for meeting amazing new strangers, there are features such as counting profile views you have received, the number of admirers you have, and the gifts you have received.

The amazing thing in this app is it features some arcade and casino based games that you can enjoy with your new-found friends. Although it has a dating touch to it, it is an amazing app to meet new people and make new friends.

Install Meet Me (Android | iOS)


randochat anonymous-chat-apps

RandoChat is another popular anonymous chat apps for Android devices. It will allow you to meet and chat with new people, truly the anonymous way. You don’t have to create a new ID or register with an email ID. Just download and install the app, launch it, and start chatting right away. It’ll delete all your messages after they are sent to the person you are chatting with. The amazing thing is that it’ll not store your IP address and location to keep you safe. RandoChat doesn’t allow sexual content to promote a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Install RandoChat (Android)


chatoften anonymous-chat-apps

ChatOften is an iOS exclusive app having a unique feature that includes asking questions, shared secrets, etc. The app discourages the users to reveal your personal information which is good if you are looking for privacy. The company also claims there are no bots in the system, which is a sometimes occurrence in this genre.

Install Frim (iOS)


chatous anonymous-chat-apps

If you are searching to chat with random people on specific topics that you are interested in then, Chatous can help you. Frequently, it happens that your friends are not interested in discussing things that you are interested in, leaving you wanting for more.

It works like Twitter where you can find topics using hashtags. After choosing the hashtag, you will enter a chat room and be able to chat with people who are also interested in the same topic that you chose. It happens anonymously and you can exit the chatroom whenever you want. It’ll allow you to share audio, images, and video also share YouTube videos right inside the app.

Install Chatous (Android | iOS)


holla anonymous-chat-apps

Holla is a video chat app. Using this app you will start video chatting with strangers. Holla is very popular with a user base of more than 10 million. It has adopted a Tinder-like interface where you can swipe strangers to talk with.

Holla claims that all its users are real. You can swipe left until you find someone you want to video chat with and that’s it. It is simple to use and free.

Install Holla (Android | iOS)


rave anonymous-chat-apps

The final app Rave lets you watch Netflix and YouTube with your remote friend. Once you install Rave, you need to create a free account and login to your Netflix. Next, you’ll see various public chat rooms of people watching popular Netflix and YouTube videos. Simply join that room and start texting or talking while you watch. It gives you the opportunity to create your own chat room for the movie you like and other people can join you. The app chatting feature includes basic text chat with symbols and emoticons.


Hopefully! You enjoy our article. Let us know what you think, your experience, and if you know of any other good app in the comment section below.

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