Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool To Help Decide When To Get Tested

Can you hear about the Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool to test Coronavirus patients? The important tools are to test the COVID-19. Tests can’t be conducted on the general population, and some tests that are done, the improve the COVID-19 to be controlled. Hopefully, it’s not that easy. This latest virus and test kits for it can be developed. In a few months when the virus spreads, there is a significant improvement in how good a test is, and production can be ramped up. However, there are some testing kits that are available today than there were a month ago. The world is very short. Also, the tests are only be conducted when there is a high chance of someone being contaminated.

It asks the question of when to test for COVID-19. Apple also launched an online tool that helps you to check whether or not you should get tested. If you’re tense you’re showing symptoms, simply try the tool out.

About the Tool

Apple’s COVID-19 tool is an online tool which means a lot to anyone, on any type of device, can use it. The recommendation provides you a course of action on whether or not you should get tested, or if you should self-isolate, on other things. They are compatible with what the CDC in the USA suggests. If you live in a country where mass tests are being conducted. Or else everyone is encouraged to get tested, you simply follow your local instructions over this tool’s recommendation. Simply test it when a test is available.

Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool

Head over to the tool in any web browser. However, it is optimized for Android browsers. Tap the ‘Start Screening’ button.

The tool asks you a lot of questions. These questions are quite similar types of questions that you will be asked if you want to call the COVID-19 helpline in your location.

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