Apple Has Won: Google Officially Quits Tablet Market After Pixel Slate Failure

Google has affirmed that it is escaping the tablet game. A representative declared as a lot to Business Insider. He was saying that while the Pixel Slate will keep on upheld. Two littler and unannounced items are to be rejected.

The move implies that Google will presently concentrate its endeavors on Chrome OS note pad PCs.

It’s not apparent what the released equipment was. However, it was said to be littler than the 12.3-inch Slate. They were likewise expected to deliver s during this calendar year. Google’s spokesperson said

“For Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focusing on Chrome OS laptops and will continue to support Pixel Slate” 

The individuals who were chipping away at the unannounced items were recounted Google’s choice to can them this past Wednesday. The vast majority of the 20-man group is relied upon to move over to the Pixel book group, as indicated by the report.

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Google SVP of Devices & Services took to Twitter to confirm the move.

“Hey, it’s true…Google’s HARDWARE team will be solely focused on building laptops moving forward, but make no mistake, Android & Chrome OS teams are 100% committed for the long-run on working with our partners on tablets for all segments of the market (consumer, enterprise,)”

google slate


Google has honestly thought that it was hard to contend in the tablet showcase. Regularly because of the absence of tablet applications accessible for Android and Chrome OS. Instead, Apple’s iPad is the enormous champ in a market of Apple’s tablets at the top of the line and plenty of poor choices at the low end. Microsoft’s Surface is additionally prevalent as a journal substitution, as well.


So we can say that google slate will be the last tablet by google. Google tablets did not make it to the tablets markets. Though it had a lot of features. However, most consumers prefer tablet by apple. So for those users who want new google tablets its a no for them. This is because Google has decided to finish its tablet production.

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