Review: Best Add-Ons For NASCAR On Kodi

Are you looking for the best add-ons for NASCAR on Kodi? NASCAR racing is an amazing and most-watched sport on US TV, second only to the National Football League. However, lots of Kodi users are wondering for methods to watch NASCAR racing within your favorite media player. Also, we searched the Kodi scene wondering for the best add-ons one can watch NASCAR races and other content.

Today, we’ll discuss what is NASCAR, where it’s at today, where it’s coming from, and who broadcasts it. Then, we’ll then explain you to the 5 best add-ons we’ve found to watch the content of NASCAR. We’ll display you how to install them, what about its cost, and what other amazing features or content they also have.

Use VPN To Stream Content:


Before we move into details about dealing with a repository going down, we should accept the security issue. After the crackdown clearly explain, copyright holders and their lawyers are getting more serious about the security or use of Kodi add-ons. After using add-ons for streaming or installing then you must be careful. It means anyone can track or monitor your activity, downloads, also reveal your identity. For this purpose Kodi users prefer VPN.

A virtual private network (or VPN) translates your data. It can then passes it to a private proxy server, where it is decoded and then sent back to its original destination labeled with a new IP address. Using a private connection and masked IP, no one tells about your identity.

Staying safe on the Wi-Fi is like many people are getting concerned about. While ISPs tracking and selling user information, governments notice citizens and hackers searching for any weakness they can exploit. This is also an issue when it comes to streaming videos using Kodi. The software set off red flags on all industry thanks to its many third-party add-ons that source pirated content. ISPs react by monitoring Kodi user traffic and also strangling download speeds.

The best VPN can helps to keep you safe on all the above threats. VPNs also encrypt chunks of data before they leave your device. However, making it impossible for anyone to take your identity or view what you’re installing. This base level of security is amazingly powerful for a lot of tasks. It includes breaking through censorship firewalls, accessing geo-restricted content, and making your portable devices safe on public Wi-Fi.

IPVanish VPN For Kodi

IPVanish knows very well what features Kodi users want most. Speed is the first priority. Also, the service delivers fast downloads to a wide network of more than 850 servers in various countries. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to log into a low-latency server for amazing speeds. Security is also key, that IPVanish addresses by locking down all data with 256-bit AES encryption. Also, it keeps your identity secure using DNS leak security and an automatic kill switch. IPVanish can make you safe and secure!

IPVanish’s includes the best features:

  • It is easy-to-use apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Zero-logging policy on all traffic for privacy.
  • Provides full access to all of Kodi’s add-ons.
  • Infinite downloads and no restrictions on speed.

IPVanish also offers a 7-day cash-back guarantee. It means you have a week to analyze it risk-free.

All You Need To Know -> NASCAR Racing


NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It is an American family-owned business governing many stock car auto racing events.

Stock Car Racing Origins

The Stock Car term comes from the fact that only cars are available to the public for the race. Also, they can only be modified via parts available to the general public. All it begins in the 1930s during the prohibition era.

Eventually, drivers begin to race against each other. What begins as friendly challenges between moonshiners eventually progressed to organize or manage events in the early 1930s. The major issue stock car racing faced was the absence of a unified set of rules between tracks. When he (Bill France Sr.) realized that this was becoming an issue, he set out to become an organization with the intent to address that.


NASCAR is now high-performance racing machines that can bear a cosmetic similarity to any car one could purchase at a dealership. Together with improvements in car performance, many safety-oriented improvements were also made throughout the years.

Today, there are many different series or classes of races, each with different cars and specifications. Also, there even a series of pickup truck races. Each year, NASCAR sanctions over 1500 races at over 100 tracks in Canada and the US.

NASCAR On Cable TV & Broadcast

Today, the main NASCAR broadcasters races are FOX or NBC with about half of the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup races airing on every network. Their specialized sports channels NBCSN and Fox Sports often offer extra content like qualifying runs or practice.

NASCAR On Kodi -> NASCAR Racing Add-ons

Revved Up

Revved Up

The add-on Revved Up for Kodi is probably the only one to specialize in NASCAR racing. Also, it streams content from the official NASCAR YouTube page. Also, it includes recaps of all Xfinity Series races and Monster Energy Cup. But also it has full race replays of the two series, moving back to the 2016 season. Race replays are also available for days of airing on broadcast TV.

The major thing missing in this add-on is live NASCAR events. On YouTube, NASCAR streamed some of its races in the past but NASCAR never announced a clear policy on the subject. We also believe that whenever NASCAR streams live events, they will be available there.

Steps To Install Revved Up

Step 1:

Head over to the Kodi home screen, then tap the Settings icon (the little gear located at the top left of the screen) then tap File manager.

Step 2:

Double-tap Add Source, then tap <None> and on the screen that opens type in the path exactly as follows: then tap OK.

Step 3:

Move back to the Add source screen, tap the box at the bottom of the “Enter a name for this media source“, and then input noobsandnerds then tap OK to save the source.

Step 4:

Return back to the Kodi home screen, then tap Add-ons located at the left of the screen. Then, tap the Add-on browser icon.

Step 5:

Tap Install from zip file then tap the noobsandnerds source you’ve just added.

Step 6:

Then, tap to launch the repo installation and wait until the confirmation that the add-on is turned on located at the top right of your screen.

Step 7:

Tap Install from repository then tap on noobsandnerds Repository and then again Video add-ons.

Step 8:

Now locate and tap the Revved Up add-on then, on the next screen, simply tap the Install button under right.

Step 9:

All add-on and its dependencies will install, as confirmed by a text located at the top right of your screen.



The USTVnow add-on is one worth that you are looking at for TV content. As it takes the benefit of the fact that many American TV Channels stream their online content for free. As it includes channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS. The addon also offers both on-demand and live streams content across all types of different genres. It is not going to be displaying much in the way of premier content, but there are lots to enjoy nonetheless. And if you can pay a subscription fee, then there is also a premium service which makes even more US TV available.

Unfortunately, USTVNow can’t offer NBCSN, NBC, or Fox Sports. You can’t watch practice and qualifying runs. Also, USTVNow now includes NBC but it was recently erased and it’s impossible to know if it will ever return. Also, USTVNow channels are only available in standard definition with free service and the best image quality can certainly leave to be desired. However, premium upgrading for $19 a month for the coming three months, $29 a month after that will receive you HD quality and 24 channels but still no NBCSN, NBC, or Fox Sports.

Steps To Install USTVNow

The add-on USTVNow is an “official” Kodi add-on so it’s quite easy to install. Just follow these simple instructions.

Step 1:

Head over to the Kodi home screen, then tap Add-ons located at the left of the screen. then, tap the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).

Step 2:

Tap Install from repository then chooses Kodi Add-n repository then again select Video add-ons.

Step 3:

Now locate and tap the USTVNow add-on then, on the other screen, tap the Install button located under right.

Step 4:

When you first use the add-on, you’ll need to enter your USTVNow username and password. Note that your account MUST use a password and NOT use Facebook or Google login for this add-on to work. Keep that in mind when creating your USTVNow account.

Other Amazing Features Of USTVNow

If you depend on your subscription level, USTVNow aslo includes either 6 or 24 various channels amongst the most popular.

PS Vue


PlayStation Vue of PS Vue is Sony’s that offers in Internet-based TV. Also, it replaces a satellite subscription or cable and it a paying service. You can also note that it is only available in the US. Their $39.99 Access plan offers 40 channels like NBC, NBCSN, Fox, and Fox Sports 1 so you can also watch any broadcasted NASCAR Content. It includes every Xfinity, Monster Energy, and Camping World Truck Series race, practice, plus qualifying, and display like NASCAR RaceDay.

For a bonus, PSVue also enables you to add any NASCAR series to your “favorite shows” list and have it automatically recorded and saved in the cloud for later viewing.

Just like the USTVNow add-on, the add-on PS Vue is a Kodi front-end to the PS Vue service. any channel that is added in your PS Vue subscription will also available within the add-on.

Installing PS Vue

Follow the steps to install PS Vue:

Step 1:

Head over to the Kodi home screen, then tap Add-ons located at the left of the screen. Next, tap the Add-on browser icon.

Step 2:

Tap Install from repository then tap Kodi Add-n repository and then again click on Video add-ons.

Step 3:

Now locate and tap the PS Vue add-on then, from the other screen, tap the Install button under right.

Step 4:

When you first initiate the add-on, just input enter your PS Vue password or username.

Other Features Of PS Vue

The service provides lots of specialized channels like HGTV or Discovery and also TBS, AMC, USA, or SyFy, to name a few. You can also opt for the complete package that has over 90 channels for $74.99 a month.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra

The service NBC Sports Live Extra is completely free but there’s a catch. You need to subscribe to a satellite provider or US cable and your channel lineup also includes the NBC. It is the official streaming service of NBC.

The Kodi add-on of a similar name can be used to watch some NASCAR content in the second half-season. Also, it includes the championship race or NASCAR playoffs.

Steps To Install NBC Sports Live Extra

Here’s another “official add-on” this one is very easy to install as the others.

Step 1:

Head over to the Kodi home screen, then tap on Add-ons located at the left of the screen. Then, tap the Add-on browser icon.

Step 2:

Also, tap on the Install from repository then choose the Kodi Add-n repository and then again Video add-ons.

Step 3:

Now locate and tap the NBC Sports Live Extra add-on then, on the other screen, tap the Install button under right.

It works without any login until you need to play the real content. When you, you’ll be reminded that you want to enable it. Just follow the on-screen steps or pop-ups. The process needs you to login to your satellite provider or cable.

Other Amazing Features

The add-on provides four sections, Live & Upcoming, FeaturedReplays, and Highlights. Every section is the best mixture of every sport carried by NBC. In fact, you’ll find different sports content there.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go

In 2013, Fox Sports Go launched and it can also be considered to be the brilliant streaming tool for watching live sports coverage online. However, currently, it works only within the US, so if you love sports but you live abroad, the service is unavailable.

Fox Sports Go (FSGO) is a streaming service that enables you to watch any televised sporting event without sitting in front of the TV. As it was launch in 2013, Fox Sports Go covered lots of significant events in sports.

It offers unrestricted access to an array of sports content. It includes important highlights or exclusive interviews. Many sports fans across America can use this tool. Also, it provides streaming from some necessary cable channels. It inlcudes Fox Sports 1 or 2 and Fox College Sports. You can then access NHL, NBA, and MLB games from regional networks. It means that you can’t miss an important match again.

Steps To Install Fox Sports Go

The process is quite similar to the earlier two add-ons. Just the name of the required add-on in the last step is quite different.

Step 1:

Head over the Kodi home screen, then tap on the Add-ons located at the left of the screen. Then, tap on the Add-on browser icon (the open box at the top left).

Step 2:

Tap Install from repository then tap Kodi Add-n repository and then click Video add-ons.

Step 3:

Now locate and tap the Fox Sports Go add-on then, on the other screen, tap the Install button under right.

Amazing Features Of Fox Sports Go

Similar to NBC service, it provides other sports that Fox carries, either on its main channel or any of its Fox Sports channels. If you’re a sports lover, you’ll love it.


Here’s all about ‘Add-Ons For NASCAR On Kodi’. There might be many other add-ons that will enable you to watch NASCAR content on Kodi. However, the five we’ve mentioned above have one common thing: they are all 100% legitimate. Also, all the sources equally authorized to distribute NASCAR content. We’ve provided you some best solutions, an in-expensive one and a costly one. That are all amazing solutions and will enable you to watch–and record–many NASCAR events and other programs

How was your experience and is this article helpful? DO you have other queries of add-ons to watch NASCAR on Kodi? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

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