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MS Paint is basically an iconic Windows app that simply refuses to die actually. Well, in the age of Photoshop and Canva, MS Paint also continues to win hearts for its simplicity and ease of use actually. You won’t actually believe it however, I still use it to resize images. Why? Since I am done via the time Photoshop is ready to work. That’s why most TW readers came to us asking for a suitable MS Paint such as app for Android phones. In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Alternatives of Microsoft Paint for Android. Let’s begin!

We basically went through some options and found these six apps that do justice to the OG. We are now looking to emulate features like easy to use, some basic drawing, stretching, resizing, copying parts of images, and pasting them, as well. Also, Microsoft never released an MS Paint app for Android, so anyone that claims differently is lying via the teeth. Just don’t fall for malware apps. That said, let’s begin.

Best Alternatives of Microsoft Paint for Android

Paint 3D

Microsoft has now introduced a new picture editing tool along with Windows 10. At present, it is provided along with previous Paint programs actually. But, in future updates Paint will also be deleted from Windows 10 operating systems. Therefore, if you guys are using Windows 10, then you can easily find both programs on your PC.

Well, the ‘official’ replacement for Paint, Paint 3D will also come as standard on all Windows 10 PCs bought after the Fall Creator’s Update lands as well. Your existing PCs will download it automatically as part of the update if it’s not already installed on your PC.

Along with overhauled looks (ie toolbars that do not really look like they are from the 1990s), new brushes, and tools. There’s actually a lot more power here than you’d get along with good ol’ MS Paint. And it will handle 3D models as well as 2D images.

Download 3D Paint absolutely for free from the Microsoft Store.


Whiteboard is actually a really simple app that offers the most basic tools just the same as MS Paint. Such as MS Paint, you get a pen tool along with different sizes, a shape tool with some basic shapes, a text input tool, and a color wheel as well. That’s all you guys get with this app and if you just want to scribble as a way to keep your fingers busy, Whiteboard is definitely for you.

microsoft paint for android

As it is a basic level app, it does not have fancy features such as layers, different brushes, etc. But, the apps that are listed below do offer those features. Whiteboard is absolutely free app on the Play Store.

Download Whiteboard (free, ads)

Paintastic | Microsoft paint for android

Paintastic basically comes along with a number of paintbrushes in different shapes and styles to select from. There are quite a few effects in order to explore such as blur, outline, emboss, and even neon. You don’t like the brush? You can also change its shape, size, thickness, and much more. Keep in mind that the undo option can only go 5 paces back.

microsoft paint for android

There are also a number of shapes to select from which makes it pretty easy to place pre-defined objects into your paintings and sketches as well. You can also easily choose the colors along with gradients. Other tools also include a selection tool in order to move and play around with images and objects, filters, and effects as well.

Paintastic is ad-supported and also comes with an in-app purchase that will delete all ads and unlock all shapes for $5.99.

Download Paintastic (free of cost, ads)

Paint for Android

Paint for Android is actually pretty closer to the original MS Paint on Windows in terms of layout. But however, does not have as many features as the previous one.

Only basic shapes such as circles and squares among others are there. There is also a paintbrush and an eraser in order to delete your mess. You can instantly add text if you want. The fill-in color option will also remind you of the former. Paint for Android is ad-supported however, otherwise, completely free.

Also, don’t forget to save your work before tapping the back button. The app will not ask you to save the image before exiting actually. The ads can be a little irritating but there is a workaround. Simply turn off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet before launching the app. That should take care of it as well.

Download Paint for Android (free, ads)

Pinta | Microsoft paint for android

If you guys have been paying attention, then you will notice Pinta looks instantly familiar. Why? As it’s based on the previously discussed Paint.NET. Also, the app is not really as feature-laden as its inspiration. That makes it a better alternative for folks who want the Microsoft Paint familiarity without all of the extra pro-level features they will never use.

But, just because it is not equal to Paint.NET, just do not write it off. Pinta supports layers, gives unlimited history, has 35 effects, and also includes easy-to-use drawing tools.

Perhaps most interestingly, it also takes a different approach to the workspace in front of you as well. You can also pop out any window in order to make it float. And also even use a combination of docked windows and floating windows in order to suit your needs.

Download: Pinta (Free)


Photoscape is also another of the best alternatives to Paint. The app is mainly focused on photo editing actually. If you guys use Microsoft Paint in order to edit photos you have taken, it’s actually the perfect replacement.

Many of the tools it basically offers are photo-orientated and are absent on Paint. Such as you can easily combine multiple pictures into one image or watch your photos in a slideshow. You guys can also convert images from the RAW format into JPEGs or splice your photos into multiple pieces as well.

As you guys would expect, it also has a comprehensive basic editor as well. You guys can use it to resize your image, and adjust the brightness and color, change the white balance, correct the backlight, add text, draw pictures, add filters, remove red-eye, and much more.

Lastly, Photoscape has also a cool tool that lets you print lined, graph, music, and calendar paper thorugh your images.

Download: Photoscape (Free)

MediBang Paint | Microsoft paint for android

One of the issues along with MS Paint was that it was limited to a single platform. In the world of cloud storage, that’s just like committing a cybercrime. MediBang Paint is also available on both Android and iOS as well as for Windows and macOS. Along with an active community of artists who like to share informative tutorials on how you can create art, especially manga art it seems. MediBang has also seemed to hit all of the right chords or brushes! There are more than 90 you can choose from.

microsoft paint for android

Focused on comic book fans and artists, MediBang basically comes with an easy to use interface along with a number of tools at your disposal. What I like the most is the ability to create your own shortcut menu of tools and brushes that you use frequently. Cool. There is actually no dearth of readymade scenes. Such as a cityscape, comic book fonts, and other addons for painting your masterpiece. Another cool feature is the ability in order to work with layers.

MediBang follows the tried and tested freemium model along with an ad-supported version and an in-app purchase of $7.99. That deletes ads and unlocks more tools and brushes as well.

Download MediBang Paint (free, ads)


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Microsoft paint for android” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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