Best amazingly cool Android apps and games should use

The ANDRIOD Play Store has more than 3 million Android apps with new ones being included day by day. Google’s calculations frequently help you discover probably the best applications effectively. Nonetheless, you may pass up a couple of applications that are huge for you. Through google search, you may find the most well-known applications rather than the real best applications for you.

Android apps

To enable you to out in the journey of finding the best applications accessible on the Play Store, we’ve curated a rundown of the most utilize Android apps and games that you should attempt now on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. So how about we look at these cool applications and games:

Best Andriod Apps And Games

1. Netflix

On the off chance that you adore Internet or TV, at that point we’re confident that you’ve likely known about Netflix at this point. The Netflix application is presently accessible in a few nations and with semi-moderate membership plans, you can appreciate probably the best arrangement, documentaries, and motion pictures.

The Netflix application for Android offers all that you could anticipate from a diversion application and even has the alternative for you to download an episode(s) or film to watch disconnected. On the off chance that you’re searching r a diversion application, at that point look no further than Netflix.

Download: Netflix

2. Keep Notes

Recently known as Google Keep is a stunning note-taking application. Google, as of late renamed the claim calling it ‘Keep Notes.’ True to form, the app is flawlessly planned and is genuinely easy to use since you can rapidly scribble down notes and arrange the notes with names, include or change the foundation shade of each letter.

All notes would be adjusted consequently to your Google account subsequently on the off chance that you change your gadget or need to get to your records from your PC/Mac, at that point you can do it effectively by visiting the Google Keep site.

Download: Keep Notes

3. Gboard

In case you’re utilizing something besides the Gboard console application on your Android cell phone, at that point you’re certainly passing up a great opportunity. The Gboard console is an excellent console that does every one of the nuts and bolts right.


The auto-right is consistent to the indicate, then swipe to type highlight is extraordinary as well, the console additionally can look for, share GIFs and stickers as well. It additionally accompanies topic support with a rundown of subjects to look over, including the new slope topics.

There are only no deficiencies to single out with the Gboard console application, and we’d prescribe the form for you to begin running with your thumbs on.

Download: Gboard

4.Fluid Navigation Gesture

With the presentation of the iPhone X, we saw a few Android OEMs start actualizing motion based route choices for their gadgets. Indeed, even Google itself has included the alternative for the signal route in Android 9 Pie. Tragically, none of the OEM motion route alternatives is in the same class as you may anticipate that it should be.


The Fluid Navigation Gestures application gives the ideal signal route understanding on any cell phone. The application performs precisely as the name proposes ‘Liquid.’ Best of all, utilize the app on an Android cell phone with an AMOLED show, it appears as if you’re twisting the bezel of your gadget when swiping up to use the motions.

You could likewise pay to open a couple of additionally redoing choices. Be that as it may, it works fine and dandy without paying extra.

Download: Fluid Navigation Gestures

5. Backdrops

On the off chance that user looking for the best backdrop application, at that point Backdrops is the one for you. The app offers probably the most exceptional and well-structured backdrops you could ever discover. It likewise provides shocking contexts at a genuinely sensible cost thinking about the nature of the backdrops.


The application is additionally refreshed day by day with excellent new backdrops that are planned by experts as opposed to everyday pictures of scenes or urban areas.

Download: Backdrops

6. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile overwhelmed the world assembling countless players inside a brief time of its discharge. The game before long wound up a standout amongst other portable games and a fan most loved in numerous nations. The fight royale game offers nearly a similar encounter as what the PC and comfort renditions of the game with a couple of changes.


On the off chance that you are a portable gamer or need to appreciate a speedy extreme gunfight, at that point PUBG Mobile should be an expansion to your weapons store of games.

Download: PUBG Mobile

7. Turbo VPN

Nowadays, online protection is even more essential, given the number of hacks and tricks happening all around the globe. Utilizing a VPN keeps prying eyes from taking your information or even from shutting you out of specific sites.


Turbo VPN is the best free VPN accessible on the Google Play Store. Be that as it may, there are a couple of promotions you may need to observe sometimes. Be that as it may, it’s completely justified, despite all the trouble since the application is free.

Download: Turbo VPN

8. Audible

The vast majority of user don’t have the opportunity to sit and peruse books because of our frenzied calendars and working hours. Fortunately, with the Audible application, you can tune in to any text from the vast accumulation of writing whenever. Buying into the administration would give you a chance to buy any book from the collection once every month.


Nonetheless, if you need another book, at that point, you would need to pay to buy the book. Tuning in to one book a month is much better than not perusing or tuning in to any text whatsoever, so its prescribe to look at the Audible application without a doubt.

Download: Audible

9. Story Maker

On the off chance that we end up posting stuff on Instagram Stories frequently, at that point, the Story Maker application would be your closest companion from now. The app empowers you to make shocking designs for your photos before presenting them on your accounts.

Utilizing the application would help make your Instagram Stories unquestionably more engaging than basically presenting the unedited picture on the picture-sharing stage.

Download: Story Maker

10. Files by Google

This application from Google was some time ago known as Files Go and is a splendid application to have on your Android gadget to deal with your documents just as free up space on the device via consequently evacuating any garbage records.

You can likewise share records disconnected utilizing the application. Furthermore, since the document sharing uses the portable hotspot, it is route quicker than using Bluetooth to move files.

Download: Files by Google


Presently, who doesn’t love GIFs? Regardless of whether you call it ‘Gif’ or ‘Jif’ we would all be able to concur that these fresh enlivened pictures are amusing to send to companions over a discussion on your cell phone. GIPHY is one of the most significant GIF web crawlers on the planet and allows you to look and discover for practically any GIF you need.

The application is too natural and easy to utilize.

Download: GIPHY

12. Microsoft Launcher

You may think about how is there an application from Microsoft on the best applications list for Android given that Google are contenders. The short answer is that Microsoft has a lot of users on the two iOS and Android. Furthermore, Microsoft Launcher is an incredible home-screen substitution choice.

On the off chance that you don’t mean on going through hours attempting to alter everything about your launcher, at that point the Microsoft Launcher ought to be your go-to launcher. Microsoft has been pushing out a few updates to the launcher application, and the launcher is presently perhaps the best launcher accessible on the Play Store.

Download: Microsoft Launcher

13. Lightroom CC Android apps

Adobe isn’t an amateur to photograph altering and structuring programming. Henceforth, the Lightroom CC application for Android is an unquestionable requirement have in case you’re into photograph altering. The app offers various apparatuses and highlights to enable you to alter any picture.


You can likewise alter RAW records straight on your Android gadget utilizing the application which is excessively helpful for expert picture takers.

Download: Lightroom CC

14. Google Podcasts Android apps

It appears as though Google truly realizes how to make probably the best applications. The Google Podcasts application does precisely what it’s expected to do, which is to give a chance to tune in to your most loved digital recordings for nothing. The application is free of messiness, irritating menus, and other gimmicky highlights.

You can necessarily look for your most loved web recordings. Or look at the mainstream digital broadcasts in their separate classifications. This astonishing application additionally gives you a choice to buy into a web recording to ensure you don’t pass up the most recent digital broadcasts from the maker.

Download: Google Podcasts

15. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

As referenced above, we as a whole are up to speed with work or ponders and don’t offer ourselves the reprieve we merit. The Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds app is the best reflection. Loosening up a sound app on the Play Store while likewise being free generally.

The included sounds are of the best and help you tune out the world. Offer your mind a reprieve from all the pressure and stresses of life.

Download: Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Social media and messaging applications

The web-based life applications are excluded in this rundown exclusively on the grounds. That you’ve presumably effectively utilized the applications or are right now using them. By the by, these applications are probably the most downloaded applications accessible on the Google Play Store. Which means they certainly merit looking at if you aren’t acquainted with the requests.

Download: WhatsApp

Download: Facebook


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