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Best Android Apps for Hybrid Workplaces

Hybrid WorkplacesTruth be said, working from home has been a massive advantage for most of us. We are not commuting to work every day, working in our pajamas, and being able to snack all day. Those are the little perks we have been getting as we work from home, but the major advantage is reducing the chances of contracting Coronavirus and possibly spreading it too. Working from home is good, but it is not as easy as it seems because this is something new to us, and we are all trying to find that balance. Most employers are now trying to find a balance through the introduction of hybrid working.

The hybrid workplace has allowed many employees to fit work around their lives and has created more productivity and reduced stress for some people. For instance, a mother working from home can now make meals and run the laundry machine or the dishwasher in between work, thus reducing the time spent on the different tasks. However, working remotely may be a disadvantage if you need access to files and documents at the office, and the only way to get them is to go there. This is where technology and apps come into play.

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So now, we will look at some of the best Android apps for hybrid workplaces.

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Hybrid work place apps - conferance


Perfect for project planning and tracking, this app allows for more productive days in hybrid workplaces as it connects the employees with their managers. Trello stores documents, write-ups and works as a command center for all tasks, tools, and updates. It also shows due dates for projects and allows communication from all sides to meet goals. With an app like this, if you are remote working, you won’t need to go to the office because it is an all-in-one app. It aims to tackle all tasks by allowing a company to communicate, manage all projects and at the end of it all, when used well, it will enable any company to be profitable. It is an app suitable for teams of different sizes, and it gets the job done.


Most companies depend on communication for work to get done. Long threads of emails can get very taxing and waste time because you may not get responses immediately, which may take all day. With an app like Bluescape, you can maximize productivity through meetings. These meetings are created for you to be able to work as if you are together. When you are in a meeting via Bluescape, you are all able to access documents, files, or any visuals you may need. Bluescape bridges the gap with others when working remotely and makes sure no one is left out. It is a virtual hub genius!

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Dropbox Business

A favorite app for many when storing information and essential documents is Dropbox Business. When people use a hybrid workflow, data can easily get lost, and a robust system is needed to store everything safely. Firms of all sizes can use this software. An organized workflow system brings about more productivity, and that is why this app thrives so much. It is just perfect for hybrid workplaces.


We are all still trying to get the hang of working from different locations, and what better way than using apps to increase productivity for hybrid workplaces. These apps play huge roles, from data sharing, storage, and easy access to files. Several apps are on the market, but Trello, Bluescape, and Dropbox Business are our recommended choices for Android because they work seamlessly.

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