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Are you looking for the best Glotorrents alternatives? Well, the popularity or trend of torrent sites is gradually decreasing day by day. These days, searching for an active torrent site is very challenging in itself.

Some of the most popular torrent sites such as Torrentz, KickAss, Extratorrents, GloTorrents, etc. have already been close down by the authority. Well, we have shared many guides on torrents, and today we will share some best GloTorrents alternatives.

For those who don’t know, GloTorrents are one of the best torrent sites, but the website has shut down to survive the mass torrent ban. However, you can also access GloTorrents mirror sites. Come let’s take a look at them:

Best GloTorrents Alternatives

So, in this guide, we have made a list of the best GloTorrent alternatives. Using these sites, you can then download or install your favorite torrent content.


TorrentHounds-Glotorrents alternatives

Well, if you are looking for a torrent website that has a brilliant interface and offers tons of content, then TorrentHounds probably be the best choice for you. It is known for its huge database of torrent content. From ISO files to Movies, you will find everything on this website.

Glotorrents Alternatives Download: TorrentHounds


However, SeedPeer is an amazing ad-free or best torrent site on the list, which you can visit today. The website is known for its best quality torrent content or user interface. On this website, you can explore and download Movies, Games, TV Shows, Freeware files, etc.

Download: SeedPeer

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

It is an amazing leading or oldest torrent websites nowadays. We all know about Pirate Bay as it needs no introduction as everyone who downloads or install torrent knows about it. The website gained lots of popularity after the death of other famous torrent sites such as KickAss, Torrentz, etc. However, if you like to access The Pirate Bay, you want to use VPN or proxy services.

The Pirate Bay basically offers search options for audio files, applications, games, and videos as well. The site also offers a thorough review of each and every torrent available based on how many people are transferring the content on the torrent at a time actually. Another thing is that it also gives the magnet links for the torrent files. So, it is another best working torrent that you can visit right now.

Download: Pirate Bay


Well, 1337X is another amazing GloTorrents alternative on the list that you can frequently visit. If we compare it to every other site, 1337X offers a neat or clean interface. When we talk about content, 1337x doesn’t disappoint. On this website, you can also search or find everything such as ISO Files, Movies, TV Shows, Softwares, etc.

Download: 1337x

Torrent Project

Torrent Project-Glotorrents alternatives

Well, it is not popular, but it is still the best torrent site to visit. The website also claims to host only verified torrents. However, it means the torrent files are successfully uploaded on Torrent Project were free or genuine from viruses. Rather than that, it was the user-interface that makes the website stand out from the crowd.

Glotorrents Alternatives Download: Torrent Project


Well, if you head over to GloTorrents to download and install TV Shows or Movies, then EZTV serves as the best GloTorrents option for you. This is a video torrent site and it is known for Movies and TV Shows. The site interface seems outdated, but it offers you easy content filtering options.

Download: EZTV



Are you looking for the best torrent site to download or install Softwares, ISO files, and Games? If yes, then you want to visit IsoHunt right now. The site concentrates on ISO files or software, but it also has Games, Movies, etc. So, IsoHunt is another amazing GloTorrents alternatives that you must consider.

Download: ISOHunt


Well, YTS is quite similar to the EZTV that had been mentioned above. Similar to EZTV, YTS is also known for TV Shows or Movies. You will then find lots of popular movies, Web Series, TV Shows, etc. on YTS. The site offers a user interface. In fact, it was the user-interface that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Glotorrents Alternatives Download: YTS


TorLock-Glotorrents alternatives

Well, this is a website that allows you to download or browse Movies, Anime videos, TV Series, eBooks, Softwares, etc. TorLock offers a neat or clean interface that makes the site easy to search or navigate. However, if you like to access TorLock, you must use a VPN or Proxy server.

Download: TorLock


Well, Demonoid is another oldest torrent site out there. The website has over 8 million torrent content. This one is best from the user interface to the content. However, because of legal problems, the website goes offline pretty often.

Download: Demonoid

Torrent Venture

Torrent Venture is one of the last and most efficient torrent websites online to consult with. The online website also claims to host some effectively verified torrents. It recommends the torrent records data uploaded on Torrent Venture had been unfastened or authentic from malware or viruses. Excluding that, it makes the website online stand proud of the group.

Glotorrents Alternatives Download: Torrent Venture

Why Do You Need a VPN for Torrenting?

Some sites of torrent explicitly warn you to use a VPN before downloading or installing anything and there is also a good reason for that. However, some trustable torrent sites and clients come along with inherent dangers. It’s quite easy for cybercriminals or hackers to steal your IP address, examine your connection, and upload infected torrents. VPNs use IP masking or encryption to hide your browsing location, activity, and personal data from cybercriminals or hackers as well.

Depending on where you live, torrenting might be illegal. If you don’t take precautions, the results of downloading torrents can be really severe.

If you are lucky enough to live in a country where torrenting is allowed, then you might still face some problems. Namely, your ISP might intentionally throttle your bandwidth when it monitors heavy traffic. Also, it can slow your WiFi connection down to a snail’s pace, which makes it quite frustrating just to download or install torrents.

In case torrenting is blocked in your country, then use a VPN that can bypass those blocks when securing or safeguard your anonymity. I actually suggest NordVPN for its brilliant security, fast connections, and also infinite P2P traffic on lots of servers.


So, these were some of the best GloTorrents alternatives that you can visit. I hope this guide helps you out of this! Share it with others also let us know below!

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