Best Hidden Messages App for Android Device


Well, text messages are the most commonly used way of communication and we also use to share our thoughts, our meet-up plans, and many other types of activities. Most of the time these messages also contain the private conversation which we do not want to share with anyone else. Therefore, having an additional layer of security on Text Messages is really important in order to protect it from prying eyes. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about the Best Hidden Messages App for Android Device. Let’s begin!

Messaging apps such as Hike, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc are specially meant to exchange messages. However, these apps can’t replace the SMS inbox. Most of the sensitive information for example authentication codes, one-time passwords, etc. lands on our SMS inbox as well.

We mostly don’t care much about our SMS inbox, however, our SMS inbox contains most of the sensitive information. There are many types of information on SMS inbox that we do not like to share with anyone or have anyone take a peek at actually. So, for that, we need to use apps that can hide messages on Android as well .

Best Hidden Messages App for Android Device

Privacy is actually the most concern for most folks nowadays. If you want to keep your information private from your coworker or a boyfriend or girlfriend, then there is also an app that hides text messages for Android that helps you. The problem is, some of the apps are just plain awful actually.

Well, there are some of the best app locker or text message hider apps available on the Google Play Store. That can hide SMS on your Android smartphone as well. So, here we are going to share the best Android apps in order to hide messages.



  • Shows you each and every call reminder in case if you missed.
  • Cloud backup.
  • Password recovery lets you retrieve the password.
  • Cross-device synchronization for data transferring.
  • Lets you create multiple vaults.
  • Protects wallet details as well.

Hidden Messages App

Vault is one of the most famous vault apps available on Google Play. It not only helps you to protect your text message. However, it can also protect your pictures, videos, and many other apps as well. The app basically comes with many advanced features. For example multiple vaults, fake vaults, stealth mode, break-in alerts, and much more. You guys can also keep a backup of your data on the cloud that can be useful for cross-device synchronization.

You can also get the app for free but it comes along with ads and in-app purchases. Users just need to import the contacts whose SMS they need to hide in the vault actually. Not just that, but Vault also hides the notification of the private contacts as well.

Message Locker | hidden messages app for android

Message Locker is another popular app in order to hide text messages. This is kind of an app lock as well. It also demands a PIN code in order to access the selected apps. It is absolutely free to download. The most exciting feature about this app is that a user can schedule WhatsApp messages along with these apps as well.

hidden messages app for android

But, it has an attractive user interface. A user can also add selected apps through clicking the + icon. It will showcase third party applications as well. A user will choose the apps and then those selected apps will get locked. Next time, they will need a PIN code to access that app. Message Locker can password protect the third party and also system apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Etc. Apart from that, it was an intuitive and simple interface that basically makes the app stand out from the crowd as well.

SMS Lock | hidden messages app for android

Message Lock is actually another vault-app that is designed in order to protect your messaging apps. The app does not come with any fancy features, it is just a simple vault-app that protects your personal messages actually. Moreover, the UI of the app is also really simple which makes it really easy to use. If you guys are looking for a simple app in order to protect your messages then Message Lock is a great option for you. You can use it for free however, it does come with Ads actually.


GO SMS Pro is actually one of the most famous messaging apps available in the Play Store. Along with its best features, this app actually crosses 100 million downloads in the play store. It has hundreds of personalized themes and lovely stickers as well. This is the best message hider app for you. You have to create a PIN-based lock for your private box. After you create your private box, you can then add your contacts and all messages along with these contacts will appear here separated from all other messages as well. Also, you guys can hide the app icon from the screen so that no one can access this app.


It has also upgraded to the 7.0 version. This time, the customization settings are really bigger and better. The look of its interface is completely new and different actually.

Private Message Box | hidden messages app for android

Well, Private Message Box is basically for those who have been searching for a unique way in order to hide private conversations on Android. It basically saves SMS and CALL logs of chosen contacts behind the PIN lock as well. You guys just need to set the contacts on Private Message Box and the app will then automatically hide every SMS from the chosen contacts as well. Apart from that, it also has a password protection feature in order to hide the main box with no app icon.

hidden messages app for android

It also comes with the auto-backup feature, image/audio/location sharing, privacy guard, and much more. You guys can also use this app for free however, it comes along with ads and in-app purchases.

Calculator Pro+

It’s actually one of the unique Android security apps that you guys can use right now. It’s basically a full-fledged calculator app that has a hidden vault as well. The vault can be used in order to hide SMS/MMS/Call Logs of secret contacts. The SMS vault will then only open when the set password is entered on the calculator panel.

Well, overall, the UI of the app is also really simple and you guys can use it without any issue. Calculator+ is free to use however, it comes with Ads and optional in-app purchases as well.

Messenger and Chat Lock Pro | hidden messages app for android

Messenger and Chat Lock Pro is actually a premium app that can help you to hide text messages without any issue. It permits you to protect your apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and all other apps with the PIN. The app also features the auto-lock and intruder detection feature that basically comes in very handy in protecting your text messages. However, the UI of the app is also really very simple and easy to use. You can get this app for approximately $1.5.

Privacy Messenger

privacy messenger

Privacy Messenger is actually a secure messenger app which is a replacement to the stock messenger app actually. All the communication on this platform will be totally encrypted which will make sure that only you get access to the messages. You also get the choice in order to customize the notifications for private messages. Moreover, the app also comes along with free animated GIFS, Emoticons, SMS Blockers, and many advanced features as well. Privacy Messenger is free to use however, it comes with Ads and in-app purchases.

SMS Plus | hidden messages app for android

It is a relatively new Android SMS app that is available on the Google Play Store that can be used to hide messages on Android actually. The great thing about it offers users two different passwords in order to avoid snoopers. Not only that, however, SMS Plus also carries a feature in which it shows ‘no message’ to almost everyone who types in the wrong password actually.

Picoo Messenger


Picoo Messenger is actually a secure and light-weight solution in order to replace your default messaging app. It comes with a material design which gives a more elegant look to the app. However, it also not resource-hungry which means it will offer the best performance without needing tons of resources. You guys can also hide messages from the private contact through using the separate vault app. Picoo Messenger is also absolutely free to use, along with no strings attached.


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