Best Alternatives To Watch Movies


Do you want Alternatives to watch movies? is an amazing and popular app to listen to music or watch movies together with your long-distance friend. It does not just support a few platforms such as Netflix or YouTube but also it is available for both mobile or Desktop. However, it does have its fair share of issues. needs registration which removes the anonymity. It’s also resourced hungry and the mobile apps buffers so much that it is almost of no use. Streaming video on the Rabbit mobile app or a sub-par desktop is the last option you like to do. So, here is some best alternatives.

Best Alternatives To Watch Movies



Do you want to watch a movie with someone on skype? Well, it’s quite simple, just begin a conference call, then play the movie on your PC, and share your screen. That’s all. You can also stream both video or audio through the screen share. Skype also allows you video chat with the group, text the funny moments, and instantly capture a snap while the screen is being shared. As Skype is very popular, you have an app for every OS.

Skype is the best choice to watch offline videos simultaneously with your remote friend. But the problems begin whenever you stream with online services like Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube. Another issue you might face is the playback controls remains with the person starting the screen share. If you are an online warrior, it’s good to have a dedicated app to watch videos with your loved ones.

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Services: Offline and Online Videos

Download Skype Alternatives – Watch2Gether


While Skype looks to sort out the issue, it can’t work well with online services. Head over to Watch2Gether, a web app that allows you to stream online videos apparently. You don’t want to register for a new account. Though, this means, you can’t support streaming services that are hidden behind login like Hulu, Netflix, Prime videos, etc.

If you want to get begin, just create a temporary room. Then load the video and share the URL link with your loved ones. The URL link will be taken to your temporary room where the video is being played.

While watching movies, you can also chat with your loved ones through the inbuilt chatterbox. You can also stream videos simply by entering the video link in the search bar. If you happen to install the Watch2Gether Chrome extension, you can then stream any video from the Internet.

The issue comes when your friend is using a mobile. It only works with desktop browsers. Also, the playback control remains with the room owner. There is no choice for video or audio chat with your loved ones.

  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android on the Web app.
  • Services: Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, and also audio from SoundCloud

Visit Watch2Gether

Plex Media Server

Okay, so Plex doesn’t need any help to stream movies simultaneously but this app is quite interesting. During searching for an app to watch movies on devices like PS4, Xbox, Android TV, Firestick, etc. Unfortunately, there is no such service as these apps are based on WebRTC.

WebRTC is an open project or free that provides browsers and mobile apps with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities through simple APIs. It only presents a few browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox. Since you don’t have such browsers for Xbox or PS4, it does not just sync videos. The closest option is to be able to watch the same video on all your devices or share the same video with all your loved ones. The alternative is the Plex Media Server.

You need to set up a media server on anyone of your systems that has to be powered on all the time. Here, you can stack your photos, music, and videos that can be viewed from any device through the Plex media app. Plex app is also available for Xbox, PS4, Mac, Windows, Android, etc. This is the closest you can reach to watch videos simultaneously on all of your devices.

  • Platform: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, PS4, Xbox.
  • Services: Offline videos.

Check PlexTv

@chillTv Alternatives

Besides Watch2Gether, you don’t want to register yourself on @chillTv to use the service, but at the same time, you don’t want Hulu or Netflix, etc. What makes @chillTv amazing, is that it provides you a virtual theater experience. You can also select your seat in the theater room. After the selection of your seat, the website simulates the audio or view of a theater for you with respect to that seat. All it needs you to add your temporary name, that’s it!

If you want to share the video with your loved ones, you just want to share the URL in the browser. It’s pretty simple and easy but the VR experience is something for which you must try this website. You have audio chat with everyone in the theater. After you sign up on the website you can then get to reserve the whole theater for you. I don’t know why would someone like to do that but you know certainly you want virtual time for yourself.

The playback loses sync whenever you quit the browser and return again. You can’t video chat with your loved ones. Just the owner of the room can control the video player.

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android on the Web app.
  • Services: YouTube and Twitch.

Visit @chillTv Alternatives – Netflix party

Netflix Alternatives

Officially Netflix doesn’t provide any feature that provides real-time syncing of the videos with your loved ones. This is amazing as it is a popular request among Netflix users. Rather than Rabbit, Netflix Party is an extension for Chrome which allows you to sync your Netflix videos with your friends. The only condition is that everyone streaming with your requirements to download or install the Netflix Party extension. It’s an easy extension that doesn’t need registration or entering temporary names.

If you want to stream the video simultaneously, just play the required video on Netflix. You will then view the NP extension turn red located at the top right corner, tap on it and it will generate a link for you to share. All you need to do is to share the link with your loved ones and they can join you for the movie. Remember, your friends must have a Netflix account as well.

You can’t only chat with your loved ones but, Netflix Party also allows both parties to control the playback.

Unfortunately, this chrome extension is unavailable for other browsers like Opera, Firefox which makes it browser dependent. Keep in mind it only works for Netflix so all of the users must have a Netflix ID.

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Services: Netflix.

Download Netflix Party


Amongst all the other options, only this app provides the choice to video chat with the streamers and that too without registration. While the comparison to Rabbit, this can be run from any number of web browsers like Brave, Edge, Safari, etc.

It’s easy to use or set up your own stream by just adding the YouTube video URL and then tap on Create Session. The other window will open your personal stream and all you need to do is to share the URL with your loved ones. However, this is a public stream and anyone in BlaTube can join you. If you want to watch the session privately, you want to register yourself and make your own profile.

The video sync control is lost once the owner exits the sessions. There is no choice to provide player control to other users. If you want to watch videos from other websites like Torrent, VK, Roku then each participant wants to download the chrome extension.

  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • Services: NetFlix, YouTube, Vevo, Twitch, etc.

Watch BlaTube

Rave Alternatives

The biggest difficulty with is a laggy mobile app. Amongst all, Rave is the true option to Like does not just support all big streaming services but also has a mobile app for iOS or Android (no web client though). You have a voice or an audio chat with your loved ones while watching the movie.

In general, after successful registration, you can just host your own room and stream video content from many popular video sites. The best thing about the app is it opens the YouTube or NetFlix playlist within the app and you don’t need to visit the apps individually to get the link. The app Rave also supports Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift so you can just watch VR content with your friends together.

Although it’s best that Rave sets up or uses the video playlist within the app. Also, it ends up displaying videos mostly which are unavailable in your region.

  • Platform: Android and iOS, No web client or extension
  • Services: Vimeo, NetFlix, YouTube, Google Drive, Rave DJ, Viki, Liked, Reddit, etc.

Download Link: Android | iOS

TUTTURU is another amazing alternatives that are highly innovative shared browser service and offer its user to invite friends to their room and take proper control over the shared virtual browser turn wise. 

It provides features like private rooms with text chat or voice chat systems, also the whole team is working for video chat which should be available soon. Also, it synchronizes any website, letting its users access any website they want to watch2gether.


Here’s all about “ Alternatives”. You can’t go wrong with &ChillTv or Watch2Gether. Whenever you stream content on Netflix then you should move ahead and Install the NetFlix Party extension and also ask all your loved ones to do that. Rave is the best mobile app that you can try but watching movies on android is not the same experience as on the big screen.

If you have any issues, shoot me with your suggestions or question and I will be glad to help you.

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