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Best Sudoku Games: Sudoku is a very amazing game as well as an intellectual puzzle that develops your logical power. Once you start playing it, you will never feel like giving it up. Does it appeal to your interest as well? Great! Have a deep look at these best Sudoku games for iOS.

So, whether you are a rookie or a pro, you will really appreciate these Sudoku games. The game offers several difficulty levels. Just in case you need help to resolve any terrific puzzle. Without making much ado, let’s move to catch ’em all!

Best Sudoku Games for the iPhone and iPad


Sudoku-Classic-Best Sudoku Games:

Sudoku-Classic another top-notch Sudoku game that has a huge library of amazing puzzle games. It has multiple thrilling levels to challenge you. Difficult levels smartly balanced, you will have an amazing time having a go at the games.

The best thing I like about this game is the auto-check functionality. It allows you to quickly find out bugs. You can make notes to keep a tab on your progress.

Also, It highlights duplicates to allow you to don’t repeat numbers. That’s not all, you’ll challenge your loved ones to lock horns with you in the best game of wit.


Sudoku-Best Sudoku Games

Sudoku is where you will discover lots of amazing puzzles games. With promising graphics and animations, it has got everything to keep you bend for hours.

You can solve a puzzle with three bugs or less. There are multiple hints to help you solve the puzzle. Also, It has an amazing point system in which your score depends on the value of each row, block, column multiplied by the reducing multiplier or the value of each number multiplied by a multiplier that reduces in time.

You can also rank and compare Sudoku scores. You can also accomplishments against friends or other players. Also, It counts the runs and adds them to the online leaderboards.

Sudoku By Brainium Studios LLC

Brainium-Best Sudoku Games

This one is one of the most appreciable and popular Sudoku games for iOS. What stands it in good stead are multiple terrific puzzles. The tough levels ideally balanced so that users or players can play the game with the needed fun.

With infinite undo and redo options, you will be able to correct your mistake without any issue. It features a hint button to help you to break the puzzle. You can also use statistics to keep a tab on your progress. There are 5 appealing themes to allow you to bring more joy into the play.

Sudoku Free


The amazing graphics and incredibly impressive puzzles are what make this game a real deal. It features color customization up to 90 different combinations. Also, it has an easy, medium, tough and expert levels of difficulties. However, you’ll also enjoy playing it if you are not fond of puzzles.

Also, If you like to challenge your skill, there is the best mode to get the best out of you. If you want to solve any puzzle in real-time, allow timer. However, you can also track your stats to enhance your performance.

Sudoku – Prime Sudoku

New game

Whether you are a champion or a master, you will fall in with this Sudoku game. However, It has customizable input and display settings that spice up the gaming experience big time. There are so many 10 concurrent grids that never allow any dull moment to creep into the gaming.

The bug indicates the system assists you in making a smart move. Made a wrong move? No issue, you can instantly undo/redo to allow you are always on track to win the battle.

Sudoku Puzzle World by Zelnut


Boasting promising backgrounds and amazing graphics. Sudoku Puzzle World makes a quick impact. However, it has a big library of puzzles, you will never run out of choices.

With 4 levels of difficulty like medium, easy, hard and expert, you will have the best time playing this game also if you are a beginner.

It has more than 70 amazing background images to allow you to enliven the experience.

Sudoku +


This is one of the easiest Sudoku games on the App store having 17 difficulty levels. However, It brings you some impressive features, hints, and tips on solving the puzzles. Using these tips that lessons you with good solving techniques. It also enables you to scan puzzles from magazines, newspapers using the camera.

However, the app creates puzzles, you will always move into something worthwhile. And yes, there is also the guide that teaches you how you can master all these puzzles.

 Sudoku Quest


What sets this game rather than from the rest is the big collection of more than 1,000 puzzles. However, It has over 600 amazing levels with 11 impressive variations. To ensure you are always in with a chance of breaking the puzzle, it also gives you a clue.

There is a magic eye that allows you to focus on one number. Using auto-pencil, you can also get all the possible solutions. However, you have 8 fantasy worlds to explore. It also offers more tips and tricks so that you will be able to win games with élan.

Sudoku Killer


This is a killer Sudoku puzzle for Sudoku users. The numbers within each outlined region must sum to the highlighted value. Also, numbers can’t repeat within these regions. However, the dual keypad enables you to toggle between note and answer mode instantly.

The auto-save feature also offers you just the convenience you like to play the game with more freedom. However, there is also a small calculator to allow you to get your math right fast.

Sudoku Magic


Sudoku Magic enables you to take the Sudoku puzzle from a newspaper. The guide or any other device using your iPhone’s camera. However, the puzzle is then saved in the library, and its difficulty is defined by its rating algorithm internally.

The advantage here is you don’t want an internet connection. If you get stuck, use the hint button to fix the puzzle. Also, the app generating new riddles, you will always have something very good to look for.


Here’s the list of “best sudoku games”. Which Sudoku game did you prefer? Let us know your thoughts below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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