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Best To-Do List Apps: Did you forget to finish your tasks on time? Why not try out an amazing Apple Watch reminder app to keep track of all of your to-dos and provide real-time alerts about when they want to be completed.

After reviewing multiple choices and checking their function, I’ve taken down some of the amazing reminder apps for watchOS. Whether you like to track your spending, handle your to-dos smartly or manage the latest event. These apps can help you get your job done without the need to worry.

Also, you can sync your data across various devices to access the info from any of your devices. Just go and find out more about these apps and how they can help you take control of your tasks!

Best To-Do List Apps for Apple Watch 

Following are the best to-do list apps for Apple:


Mint got all amazing features to enable you to have perfect control over spending and save more. Once you begin, it puts all of your investments, credit cards, bank accounts and bills in one place to make sure you are able to keep a tab on them more conveniently.

Simply, check out what you are spending and find out the areas where you can store more money. It also enables you to keep track of your credit score to give you a better perspective. However, It shares you to bill pay reminders so that you never get late.

Productive – Habit Tracker

Another best way to become more productive is to get rid of all the bad habits and welcome the good ones. However, this app allows you to do exactly just that.

You can use it to create a long list of to-dos and try your best to fulfill them perfectly on time. Using the custom reminders, you’ll get the timely alerts so that nothing is left out. Also, it offers handy tips and tricks to keep you on track or refine your performance.

To-do list & Tasks by

It’s time to get more energetic and carry out all of your tasks efficiently and on time. However, this app from “Any. Do” offers a complete solution. It enables you to set as many reminders as you like and keep track of them with ease.

Whether you like to take control of your to-dos or the latest events. This app allows you to manage perfectly.  Make sure this app is that you can sync your reminders with multiple apps like the stock Calendar app, Facebook events, Google calendar, Outlook calendar and more. Thus, you’ll access your useful info from any of your devices.


“Todoqist” can wipe all of your stress from managing and organizing tasks. However, using this app, you can also add the task and comfortably organize it.

Keep a tab on all of your tasks to make sure that they are being carried out perfectly and in time. Simply check out your to-dos and prioritize them for the month or week as per your need. Also, remember to assign due dates to your task to get it complete before the deadline.

Birthday Reminder App

Birthday is a very special day for everyone. What happens when the birthday of your loved ones comes near and you forgot it? Well, we want to plan in advance and make a big surprise to them.

Using this birthday reminder app, you will get a timely alert about the birthdays of your friends. Also, you can play the huge day perfectly and shower the world of love before anyone else.

Not just this but also you will sync this app using your Facebook account, Contacts and even Calendar to take the full benefit.


“Evernote” is one of the best note-taking apps. Using high-quality features, you can easily make checklists, to-do lists, and notebooks. It enables you to take notes in several formats like text, images, videos, audio, web clipping, PDFs, and sketches.

On your Apple Watch, just dictate notes, and they will be quickly transcribed. You can also view all of your latest created and updated notes on the watch. You can also dictate searches. Also, set reminders to make sure you don’t forget to carry out an important task.

24me Smart Personal Assistant

Find it a bit awkward to handle all of your tasks? Provide this app a chance to help you get your work done on the perfect amount of time.

Whether you like to plan for the upcoming events, take down thoughts or manage your tasks. However, it can also deliver the goods. One amazing feature is that it works apparently with multiple calendar apps including Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, and Apple Calendar so that tracking the forthcoming events is more convenient for you.

Today Habit tracker

It’s time to take control of all of your to-dos. Today Habit tracker can be very helpful in keeping in sync with everything that’s quite useful for you.

However, with real-time reminders, the app remembers each one of your tasks is finish in mind. Special thanks to the customization tool, you can also keep your whole tasks in the right order for instant access.

You will also get good insight that plays a vital role in improving the overall performance. Besides, the app offers badged to inspire you to put your 100%.

Fantastical 2

“Fantastical 2” might be the most loved calendar and reminder app for iOS. You can quickly view all of your events and reminders on the main list. Not just this but you can also add reminders from Reminders list or event screen. Easily set times, dates, and geofences.

Simply click an event or reminder to display, edit, show, duplicate, move or also share it. You can also use dictation to instantly set reminders. The app enables you to view your Facebook events as well.

2Do – Reminders & Personal Planner

“2Do” makes it ultra-convenient to create to-do lists and manage necessary tasks. You can also integrate your email address using it to email any task which you have to carry out before the specified time.

It also allows you to automation like IFTTT to add reminders to the list. You can also add notes, attachments and multiple alarms with your tasks. It enables you to assign several alerts to any tasks. Use a password to secure any list or the whole app.


Here’s all about “Best To-Do List Apps”. Take the benefit of these amazing helpful apps to carry out your tasks before the deadline ends. Also, don’t forget to do the necessary thing. For good results, add comments and notes to make sure the useful things. Is any of your favorite app missing from this list? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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