Best Torrent Search Engine to Download Torrents

If you are a frequent torrent user then you might have come across many torrent websites that use P2P file sharing tech. But what if you want to access results from all these torrent websites at a single place or website? In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Torrent Search Engine to Download Torrents. Let’s begin!

What is a torrent search engine

As their name says, torrent search engines allow you to search for a specific P2P file. These typically index dozens of individual torrent websites, presenting search results in different ways. This is how you can, such as filter search results per their age, size, or health. In other words, torrent search engines allow you to cast a really wide net and check as many torrent files at once as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have individual torrent repositories, where some of the most popular ones are ThePirateBay, 1337X, and also RARBG. We also have specialized torrent websites for music, anime, and comics as well. However, don’t make a mistake thinking that these are search engines, even though they allow you to search for torrents. When you are doing a search on any of those websites, you get results sourced from files hosted on those websites only. This is the main difference between torrent search engines and individual torrent repositories.

Is The Torrent Search Engine blocked?

Some of these torrent search engines may be down for you or may not be accessible from your location or countries may be facing an ISP level ban. In these kinds of cases, users are also suggested to use a VPN (a virtual private network).

First of all, we all must be familiar with the fact that because of anti-piracy groups, torrents websites disappear over time and you might need to keep looking for new torrent sites and search engines again and again.

You can even use proxy sites to unblock torrent websites.

So this is the reason why we are providing you with the list of Best Torrent Search Engine To Download Free Torrents.

Best torrent search engine

As you have seen so far, even the best torrent search engines bring a very simple design. In case you want something more advanced, you will be happy to hear about This highly polished website allows you to search millions of torrent files that are scattered across the entire Web. And if you scroll down on the home page, you will get to see plenty of useful information. That includes which torrents files are trending.

The most helpful part of this site is found at the bottom of the homepage – this is where you can see a whole range of different categories and subcategories. As such, they allow you to search for something very precisely. Go ahead and try out

For instance, if you scroll down on the homepage, then you will find a lot of useful information there. Like there is a whole range of categories and subcategories. That lets you search for a particular term more precisely. For a better experience, we advise you to try it by yourself.


Not every torrent website is the same. They all bring a list of results based on what you are searching for. However, subtle details are what sets different search engines apart. When it comes to Veoble, you will see a fairly standard interface, with a prominent search bar on the home screen. However, dive one step deeper, and you will be surprised.

The biggest strength of Veoble is that it offers helpful ways to filter the search results. You can also include or exclude individual torrent sites, and even sort the search results by different languages. And finally, you can check if you’d like to see the most relevant files first, or the newest ones instead.

The biggest strength of this torrent search engine is that it provides you with very helpful ways to filter the search results. Yes, it’s true. You can include or exclude different torrent websites or even filter it on the basis of languages. At last, you can also look over the most relevant sites or the newest ones.

Maybe this is the reason why this site is gaining so much popularity. Worth considering it though.


When it comes to nicely designed search engines, TorrentSeeker stands out. The home page brings only a prominent logo, and there’s a search bar as well. Type in the name of the torrent you want to download, and you will see the results.

What you need to know about TorrentSeeker is that it depends on numerous popular torrent repositories. It also goes a few steps further than that and includes niche websites as well. This should give you more than plenty of relevant search results. Sadly, there’s no way to filter the results aside from their relevance and dates.

The best part despite being simple is that it depends on all popular torrent repositories. Moving a few steps ahead. TorrentSeeker also shows the niche-based websites in it. Which is a great feature in itself

So we recommend you to give it a try. Maybe, this is what you are in search of.


  • Year established: 2013
  • Popular content formats: TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Books.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,
  • Number of torrents: 4,750,000+
  • Monthly Users: 7,700,000+

When you open Zooqle, you will think that you are looking at a media streaming website. There is a search bar in the top-left corner, but the rest of the screen real estate is reserved for images and artwork. Zooqle showcases the most popular categories on the front page, where you can see popular movies, TV shows, music, and also similar. Clicking on any of these images will bring a detailed overview of the title.

If you click on any TV show title, such as you will see why Zooqle is so special. You will get to pick a season and episode and therefore narrow down your search in a very specific way. Then, you can browse different torrents and download files using your favorite torrent client.


It does have an odd name for its category, this is a very simple torrent search engine. There are no distractions here, aside from occasional ads. The home page brings a prominent search field at the top and the list of results across the rest of its interface.

Snowfl is actually using a custom Google search. This allows the site to focus on torrent websites and their content. Once you input something into the search bar, the site will display a long list of results. As you will see, The Pirate Bay is often listed as the first option. We completely agree with this decision since TPB is one of the best P2P websites out there.

Solid Torrents

Next, we have a relatively new torrent search engine. It’s called ‘Solid Torrents,’ and it has already managed to attract a huge number of users. That’s because Solid Torrents comes with on-point results, allows you to check vital info before downloading any torrent, and it gets the job done in no time.

We’d also like to highlight that Solid Torrents comes with an effective tagging system, helping you discover related content quickly. There’s also a way for P2P users to mark torrents as problematic, helping this website serve only fully-working options.

The home page of Solid Torrents consists of a prominent search bar at the top coupled with different categories of torrents like music, ebooks, videos, and much more. There are occasional advertisements on this website but they aren’t intruding. In comparison to other torrent search engines on the list, Solid Torrents is very fast and it is available all over the globe.

Overall, Solid Torrents is a simple yet feature-rich torrent search engine using that you can search many public torrent indexes in real-time.


  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Applications, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,, Torrentzwealmisr.onion
  • Number of torrents: 61,100,000+
  • Monthly Users: 21,300,000+

Well, this is the second version of the original search engine called Torrentz. Despite changing the name and the Web address, the new version quickly managed to surpass its predecessor. Right now, it is indexing more than 61 million torrent files, so it’s one of the most comprehensive search engines out there. And with more than 21 million individuals visiting Torrentz2 on a monthly basis, this is currently the most popular website of its kind.

Aside from searching for specific names and titles, there is another handy feature – the homepage of the website offers a glimpse into the most popular and verified torrents. It includes categories such as movies, software, TV shows, music, and much more.


  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 18,500,000+ torrents
  • Monthly Users: 1,500,000+

One thing is sure – our list of the best torrent search engines would not be complete without iDope. This website has been online since 2016, and it has managed to attract a large number of daily active users. At the moment, over 18 million of P2P files can be found here, so you can see the reason for this popularity.

Despite its reputation, iDope should be accessible in many countries around the world (except in a few countries where individual ISPs have blocked iDope). It comes with a really simple UI that’s also accessible via mobile devices. So, in case you like to download movies on your smartphone, you’re going to love this website!

Torrent Paradise

Torrent Paradise is another simple torrent search engine. This advertisement free torrent aggregator allows first-time torrent users to download torrent files with ease.

Torrent Paradise boasts a search index size of over 1,047,000+ torrents and similar to Solid Torrents it is available worldwide.

Search filters on Torrent Paradise like name, health, and also size makes the process of searching and downloading verified torrents a breeze.

AIO Search

AIO Search does not have a direct competitor. Once you open this website for the first time, you will get to see a short tutorial on how it is used. Aside from using a prominent search bar, you get to select which torrent sites you’d like to include or exclude. The process of searching files takes less than one second, even if you include all of the supported websites.

It is also worth noting that AIO Search is not only useful when searching for torrents. You can search for images, videos, subtitles, and also even streaming websites. We are sure that you won’t go back to Google after using this one.

Difference between Torrent Websites and Torrent Search Engines

Both the torrent search engines and torrent websites are BitTorrent sites. However, some sites specialize as search engines of other BitTorrent sites and are called a torrent search engine.

The above list only mentions torrent search engines, no torrent sites have been mentioned, You can find some of the good torrenting sites. That includes The pirate bay, kickass torrents, RARBG, 1337X, YTS, and many others from our list of best torrent sites.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you like this article and find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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