Best Tracker Invite Forums You should Know

Torrents are a really popular way of sharing media like movies, games, web series, and other media as well. They are actually a fast and easy way to get access to the latest content. There are multiple public torrent sites, however, are filled with malware like adware and trojans as well. They are not safe to use and are even block in most of the geographical locations. However, public torrents are not safe, there are alternatives in the form of private torrent sites as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Tracker Invite Forums You should Know. Let’s begin!

Private torrent sites are basically invite-only service, which means it is restricted only to the members exclusively and unlike regular torrenting websites as well. Not everyone is allowed to download content actually. You can also join these torrent sites only via an invitation from an existing member of the website.

If you guys can join a private torrent, that maintains a ratio, called the ratio requirement, between your downloads and also uploads is necessary. Because it makes sure your membership on the torrent site remains secure and protect. If you are interested in joining a private torrent website, then here is a list of the best private torrent websites, have a look.

Tracker Invite Forums – Use a VPN

A virtual private network will basically encrypt your traffic and also assign you a different IP address. That will completely mask your activity from third parties and keep you safe. However, which VPN service is best for you? We made our selections based on the following criteria, making sure that you’ll be able to download anything that you want using a fast, private connection:



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  •  No logging policy well-enforced
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  •  Power-users configuration options.

ExpressVPN basically works in order to keep your torrents anonymous through wrapping each and everything in strong 256-bit AES encryption. DNS leak protection and also an automatic kill switch will make sure that your personal data is totally secure, even in the case of an accidental disconnect.

express vpn

If privacy is your top concern, then ExpressVPN offers one of the most comprehensive zero-logging policies on the market actually. That covers everything from traffic to DNS requests and IP addresses as well. ExpressVPN’s network of more than 3,000 servers in 160 locations in almost 94 countries means that you will always be able to find a speedy connection in any part of the globe as well.

And if your downloads feel a little sluggish, then just fire up the built-in speed test in order to locate a better server in a matter of seconds.

Best Tracker Invite Forums You should Know

Well, most of the torrent sites fall into a handful of categories, each centered around the type of content they offer. Some have a lot of music or movies, however, others keep tabs on e-book releases or classic TV shows as well. We pulled together some of the most popular and famous private torrenting sites that give the best quality and largest selection in their particular niche. We also let you know how easy it is to get access to the site, as this is mostly one of the key stumbling blocks to using private torrenting sites actually.

IP Torrents

  • Site: IPTorrents
  • Content: A little bit of everything
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Easy

With up to 700,000 torrents, IPTorrents is one of the most prominent invites only torrent sites as well. Because of the massive content library, the private torrent tracker is mostly referred to as Private The Pirate Bay. Unlike public & free torrenting websites, you have to remain active in IPTorrents as well.

Plus, in order to be an active member, you have to maintain a good download and also upload the ratio well.

tracker invite forums

In comparison to the other websites mentioned in the list, then it’s really easy to be a part of IPTorrents.


  • Site: BitMe
  • Content: General learning content
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

Besides movies, music, and series, Torrents are also used by many in order to gather e-learning content. If you are one among the bunch then start looking out for BitMe torrents invite actually.

It is established in 2004, BitMe also offers video-based educational courses, PDF textbooks, e-books, and all sorts of e-learning content as well. Similar to IPTorrents becoming a part of BitMe is quieter easy actually. Presently, the platform offers up to 32,000 torrents and it has around 14,000 active members as well.

Redacted | tracker invite forums

  • Site: Redacted
  • Content: Music
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Easy

Then most popular among the music torrent community, Redacted is another feature-packed private torrent website. On this website, you guys can find and download high-quality individual songs, albums, live recordings, and also full discographies as well.

tracker invite forums

Before that Redacted was known by the name PassTheHeadphones. As far as the content library and also user base is concerned, Redacted has up to 1,00,000 private torrents and around 27,000 active users as well.

You can effortlessly join the private torrent website however, to be a part of the community it’s necessary to maintain a good download and uploads ratio as well.


  • Site: GazelleGames
  • Content: Video Games
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

It’s now time for gamers to get excited, because GazelleGames is a private torrent site that is dedicated to gamers. Currently, GazelleGames has more than 15,000 members. Similar to other torrenting sites that are private, you guys also have to register in order to use this website.

tracker invite forums

GazelleGames basically hosts both classic games and modern AAA titles. The game library of GazelleGames updates on a regular basis actually.

PassThePopcorn | tracker invite forums

  • Site: PassThePopcorn
  • Content: Movies
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Hard

Just like the Torrentbits, PassThePopcorn is an ideal private torrents websites for downloading entertainment-focused content actually. Movies on PassThePopcorn are available in HD quality and you can also find both old and new titles on this platform as well.

Same as other private torrenting sites, you also have to register in order to use this website. Lastly, pass the popcorn invites are also available with ease as well.


  • Site: Bibliotik
  • Content: E-books
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

It was started in 2009, Bibliotik is a prominent e-book private torrenting tracker that simply do the job for you. Along with an outrageous content library of more than 300,000 torrents and a user base of approximately 7,000 or so, Biblitok even outperforms many public torrent websites as well.

The categories and order by search filters on Bibliotik actually come in handy while searching for any particular ebook as well. Apart from ebooks, private torrents tracker can also be used to download audiobooks, comics, journals, and magazines as well.

AnimeBytes | tracker invite forums

  • Site: AnimeBytes
  • Content: Anime and manga
  • Ratio Requirements: Yes
  • Joining Difficulty: Average

Another we have AnimeBytes. This is basically dedicated to anime and manga lovers, the popular anime private torrents tracker has around 1,41,000+ torrents from different genres actually.

Using the private tracker you can even access Japanese exclusive content that is really difficult to find on public torrenting websites. The private torrenting site has a huge user base of around 16,000 users actually.


  • Site: BroadcastTheNet
  • Content: TV shows and TV series
  • Ratio Requirements: No
  • Joining Difficulty: Hard

BroadcastTheNet is actually one of the largest private torrent websites because it has more than 34,000 members. Do note that, joining BroadcastTheNet is really difficult but when you are in you will be greeted along with high-quality movies.

BroadcastTheNet hosts both modern and classical content as well. Thankfully, the website does not upload or download the ratio as well.

How can you Join A Private Torrenting Site? | tracker invite forums

Well, the three primary reasons that why anyone would prefer downloading torrent files from a private torrent tracker are online safety, download speed, and also content availability as well. In order to access content on private trackers, it is really important to go through the registration process actually.

Well, majority of private trackers have either the signup button or also a link to the joining form. If you guys are lucky then you can get access to the website via these two options.

Many websites also conduct open registration days, during these days anyone can register and also start downloading torrents actually. These days can basically last for some hours or a few days also. If you want to keep a track of registration days and other important announcements you may also join the r/trackers subreddit.

The last best method to join a private torrenting website is through invites. If an existing member gives you access then you will be able to join the website actually. You may also join the subreddit r/Invites in order to offer and request invites for private web services.

Usenet vs private torrenting sites | tracker invite forums

A really popular and famous yet notably niche alternative to torrent sites and torrent downloads is Usenet actually. That is sort of like a precursor to the internet actually. It was basically developed in the 1980s as a method of sharing messages across a distributed network. Because evidenced by the old newsgroup and also bulletin board systems early internet users will remember. In recent years Usenet has become a heaven for file sharing. It is not actually really difficult to use. However, it does need a few separate programs and a subscription in order to access the service, that keeps it from hitting the mainstream.

Torrents work through distributing pieces of a file from each and every user who downloaded it. Usenet, on the other hand, basically delivers content directly from a server to a client actually. Whenever you upload a file to a Usenet group, every website that indexes that group will have access to the content as well. Generally at very high speeds, as well. You can also think of USENET as a sort of inverted torrent network actually. Rather than connecting downloaders and having them share files, Usenet servers connect to each other in order to form the distribution network as well.

Usenet basically carries roughly the same risks just like downloading torrents. If you guys are not paying attention then you could download pirated content or even viruses as well. VPNs and virus scanners are really important tools for Usenet access because is a subscription with a reliable Usenet provider.


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