Best Videocon D2h Plans and Price you should know


Videocon was actually the leading company in India for at least a decade. Although, one of Tata Sky, Airtel TV, and many other DTH providers, Videocon rises and shines along with excellent affordable packages and alternatives to regional entertainment as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Videocon D2h Plans and Price you should know. Let’s begin!

You have the choice of Videocon D2H 99 Bundle that is flexible. And you have three weeks and also annually program that can give you the simplicity of not obtaining a recharge each and every month.

In reality, it is straightforward to change Videocon d2h recharge programs online only in case you did not enjoy the present one actually. Accordingly, in order to know All of the best Videocon D2H Package Channel List along with Cost then read the article down below.

Videocon D2H plans Channel List With Price

Videocon D2H Plan Price
Super Gold Rs. 300
Gold Max Rs. 331
New Diamond Rs. 476
Gold Kids Rs. 360
New Diamond HD Rs. 651
Super Gold HD Rs. 425
Gold Maxi HD Rs. 456
New Gold Sports Rs. 401
Platinum Rs. 550
Platinum HD Rs. 725
Gold Kids HD Rs. 485
New Gold Sports HD Rs. 550
Gold Sports Kids Rs. 611

Videocon D2H has a list of packages because it caters to a wide range of the population. Videocon even has great D2H Packages for the South as well. These packages basically start from affordable prices that actually start from as low as Rs.99.

You also have many different packages which can help you to get the very best price for those channels which you need that unite in one. Accordingly, to know those amazing Videocon D2H bundle details then read the post below.

Videocon D2H Bengali plans Channel List with Price

videocon d2h plans

You can watch non-stop Bengali entertainment, Bangla news, and a lot more only with Videocon D2H Bengali packs. So, with these D2H Bengali Combos, you guys can pick the best channels from every category. That includes Sports, Music, entertainment, news, Kids’ special channels, also at very affordable prices. You can also avail of the best online offers if you pay through PayPal for the recharge and also new plans.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Bengali Combo 264 ₹ 345.76
Diamond Bengali HD Combo 263 ₹ 512.71
Diamond Kids Bengali Combo 235 ₹ 315.25
Diamond Kids Bengali HD Combo 261 ₹ 479.66
Diamond Sports Bengali Combo 248 ₹ 387.29
Diamond Sports Bengali HD Combo 269 ₹ 548.31
Gold Bengali Combo 221 ₹ 254.24
Gold Bengali HD Combo 222 ₹ 346.61
Platinum Bengali Combo 308 ₹ 473.73
Platinum Bengali HD Combo 309 ₹ 663.56
Silver Bengali Combo 194 ₹ 198.31
Silver Bengali HD Combo 194 ₹ 217.80
Aamar Bangla Combo 226 ₹ 190.68
Popular Bangla Combo 192 ₹ 168.64

Videocon D2H Gujrati plans with Price

If you guys do not want to miss on the best Gujrati shows, then subscribe to the D2H Gujrati Combo and binge-watch all that you want at the comfort of your home. Have a look at the best Videocon D2H plans for family and also enjoy unlimited entertainment at pocket-friendly prices. Videocon has an array of Combos for you to select from without spending a fortune actually.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Gujrati Combo 265 ₹ 341.53
Diamond Gujrati HD Combo 266 ₹ 483.05
Diamond Kids Gujrati Combo 260 ₹ 309.32
Diamond Kids Gujrati HD Combo 267 ₹ 422.88
Diamond Sports Gujrati Combo 272 ₹ 376.27
Diamond Sports Gujrati HD Combo 274 ₹ 500
Gold Gujrati Combo 247 ₹ 262.71
Gold Gujrati HD Combo 249 ₹ 335.59
Gold Gujrati PLUS Combo 256 ₹ 290.68
Gold Gujrati PLUS HD Combo 258 ₹ 430.51
Hamara Gujrati Combo 240 ₹ 245.76
Platinum Gujrati Combo 308 ₹ 455.08
Platinum Gujrati HD Combo 306 ₹ 623.73
Silver Gujrati Combo 215 ₹ 188.98
Silver Gujrati HD Combo 216 ₹ 206.78

Videocon D2H Malayalam plans with Price

Now have a look at the best and most pocket-friendly Malayalam D2H packages for you and your family. Pick the Combo plan in order to play the best Malayalam Movies, songs, news, entertainment, and also everything else. You can also check the best Malayalam D2H HD Plans for uninterrupted and best quality streaming experience at home. If you pay through Paytm, then you can avail of the best online offers on D2H payments.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Kids Malayalam Combo 230 ₹ 285.59
Diamond Kids Malayalam HD Combo 246 ₹ 430.51
Diamond Malayalam Combo 243 ₹ 335.59
Diamond Malayalam HD Combo 252 ₹ 527.12
Diamond Sports Malayalam Combo 248 ₹ 383.05
Diamond Sports Malayalam HD Combo 257 ₹ 580.51
Gold Malayalam Combo 216 ₹ 220.34
Gold Malayalam Combo 6M 216 ₹ 219.49
Gold Malayalam HD Combo 216 ₹ 297.46
Gold Malayalam HD Combo 6M 216 ₹ 315.25
Platinum Malayalam HD Combo 287 ₹ 671.19
Platinum MALAYALAM Combo 277 ₹ 479.66
Popular Malayalam Combo 200 ₹ 168.64
Popular Malayalam Combo 6M 200 ₹ 154.24
Silver Malayalam HD Combo 196 ₹ 199.15

Videocon D2H Tamil plans with Prices

Pick the most valuable Tamil D2H plans and also watch non-stop Tamil entertainment at home without even paying a bomb. You can select from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and also Diamond D2H Packages. And subscribe to add-on channels for complete entertainment as well.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Kids Tamil Combo 254 ₹ 294.07
Diamond Kids Tamil HD Combo 255 ₹ 477.97
Diamond Sports Tamil Combo 267 ₹ 418.64
Diamond Sports Tamil HD Combo 259 ₹ 596.61
Diamond Tamil Combo 260 ₹ 357.63
Diamond Tamil HD Combo 252 ₹ 516.95
Gold Tamil Combo 227 ₹ 230.51
Gold Tamil HD Combo 228 ₹ 318.64
Platinum Tamil Combo 303 ₹ 521.19
Platinum Tamil HD Combo 287 ₹ 661.86
Popular Tamil Combo 214 ₹ 168.64
Silver Tamil Combo 209 ₹ 193.22
Silver Tamil HD Combo 210 ₹ 242.37

videocon d2h plans

Videocon D2H Telugu plans with Prices

New episodes of Karthika Deepam are out however, your current DTH plan does not have Telugu channels. Do not worry, we have got you covered! Have a Look at these best Videocon D2H Telugu Plans to never miss out on any of your favorite TV shows. You can also subscribe to the packages as per your need and then explore the best online payment offers on D2H to save more on your packages. From the most famous TV channels to the best Telugu Music channels, these packages actually have got everything covered.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Kids Telugu Combo 256 ₹ 320.34
Diamond Kids Telugu HD Combo 257 ₹ 482.20
Diamond Sports Telugu Combo 269 ₹ 433.05
Diamond Telugu Combo 263 ₹ 385.59
Diamond Telugu HD Combo 254 ₹ 522.03
Gold Telugu Combo 220 ₹ 249.15
Gold Telugu HD Combo 220 ₹ 319.49
NEW Telugu NON SUN 110 ₹ 155.08
Platinum Telugu Combo 298 ₹ 509.32
Platinum Telugu HD Combo 289 ₹ 666.95
Popular Telugu Combo 202 ₹ 168.64
Silver Telugu Combo 199 ₹ 180.51
Silver Telugu HD Combo 199 ₹ 199.15

Videocon D2H Marathi plans with Prices

Most Popular and famous Marathi channels are just a click away! Subscribe to Videocon D2H Marathi Combo at extremely affordable prices and then enjoy entertainment from as many as 225 channels every day. Videocon brings to you the best regional entertainment packages along with add-ons to choose from. You can also pick from the HD Combos and non-HD Combos as per your needs. You can choose channels for best Marathi entertainment, local news, Sports, Music, also. The prices start from as low as Rs 185 per month.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Amcha Marathi Combo 250 ₹ 291.53
Amcha Marathi HD Combo 251 ₹ 452.54
Diamond Kids Marathi Combo 235 ₹ 299.15
Diamond Kids Marathi HD Combo 251 ₹ 440.68
Diamond Marathi Combo 261 ₹ 317.80
Diamond Marathi HD Combo 254 ₹ 473.73
Diamond Sports Marathi Combo 248 ₹ 385.59
Diamond Sports Marathi HD Combo 263 ₹ 527.12
Gold Marathi Combo 225 ₹ 239.83
Gold Marathi HD Combo 226 ₹ 323.73
Platinum Marathi Combo 308 ₹ 470.34
Platinum Marathi HD Combo 308 ₹ 658.47
Silver Marathi Combo 193 ₹ 185.59
Silver Marathi HD Combo 193 ₹ 216.10

Videocon D2H Odiya plans with Prices

Videocon actually brings to you an amazing collection of regional D2H packages for unlimited entertainment at the comfort of your home. If the desire is to watch the best TV shows in Odiya then you can choose one of the below-mentioned Odiya D2H packages. And watch your favorite reality shows, Movies as well. We know it’s liberating to have access to all your favorite TV channels and so, Videocon brings to you the most dynamic Combos from all of the regions in India.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Kids Odiya Combo 242 ₹ 311.02
Diamond Kids Odiya HD Combo 253 ₹ 409.32
Diamond Odiya Combo 264 ₹ 340.68
Diamond Odiya HD Combo 260 ₹ 505.08
Diamond Sports Odiya Combo 250 ₹ 389.83
Diamond Sports Odiya HD Combo 268 ₹ 520.34
Gold Odiya Combo 221 ₹ 243.22
Gold Odiya HD Combo 222 ₹ 306.78
Platinum Odiya Combo 307 ₹ 476.27
Platinum Odiya HD Combo 306 ₹ 644.07
Silver Odiya Combo 193 ₹ 181.36

Videocon D2H Kannada plans with Prices

Videocon brings to you the affordable Kannada D2H packages that are starting from as low as Rs 168 per month. If you are a fan of Kannada TV shows and all other entertainment. Then you must check these amazing regional packages that Videocon D2H has brought together for you. If it is the grandma who wants to watch her favorite TV shows or also the kid who loves to binge-watch cartoons, Videocon D2H packages have something for everyone as well. Browse via the best plans and pick one for your family. get access to more than 200 channels along with the most pocket-friendly D2H recharge plans ever.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Kannada Combo 247 ₹ 348.31
Diamond Kannada HD Combo 247 ₹ 528.81
Diamond Kids Kannada Combo 232 ₹ 294.07
Diamond Kids Kannada HD Combo 239 ₹ 399.15
Diamond Sports Kannada Combo 253 ₹ 425.42
Diamond Sports Kannada HD Combo 253 ₹ 559.32
Gold Kannada Combo 209 ₹ 238.14
Gold Kannada HD Combo 221 ₹ 344.92
Platinum Kannada HD Combo 281 ₹ 663.56
Platinum Kannada SD Combo 282 ₹ 501.69
Popular Kannada Combo 212 ₹ 168.64
Silver Kannada Combo 194 ₹ 171.19
Silver Kannada HD Combo 194 ₹ 171.19

videocon d2h plans

Videocon D2H General plans with Prices

Do you guys want to spend the lazy weekend binge-watching your favorite shows on the TV? Let’s have a look at all that you need to have to let weekend entertainment spree kick in! From Sports Combo to Kids’ Combo and much more, Videocon D2H has covered all of the entertainment verticals you need of your television. Put on your most comfortable pajamas, the order in an extra-large Pizza, and then let the entertainment marathon begin.

You have to recharge your TV with the best Videocon D2H Sports Combo. Before the IPL and never miss a chance to watch Kohli perform like a beast as well. Not just this, you can also subscribe to the Gold HD Combo and then pick your favorite channels to watch movies and tv shows with the best quality streaming.

Combo Name Channel count Price/Month
Diamond Combo 241 ₹ 339.83
Diamond HD Combo 262 ₹ 475.42
Diamond Kids Combo 262 ₹ 322.03
Diamond Kids HD Combo 262 ₹ 415.25
Diamond Sports Combo 249 ₹ 374.58
Diamond Sports HD Combo 268 ₹ 491.53
Gold Combo 225 ₹ 261.02
Gold HD Combo 244 ₹ 328.81
Hamara Hindi Combo 238 ₹ 239.83
Hamara Punjabi Combo 259 ₹ 293.22
Hamara UP Combo 246 ₹ 278.81
Platinum Combo 302 ₹ 460.17
Platinum HD Combo 301 ₹ 616.10
Silver Combo 209 ₹ 181.36
Silver HD Combo 210 ₹ 199.15
Silver PLUS Combo 234 ₹ 227.12
Silver PLUS HD Combo 236 ₹ 277.97

Videocon D2h Active Service Prices and Channel List

The DTH provider offers a lot of interactive channels that are related to cooking, kids, games, also. These are listed under active services where a user needs to pay extra to subscribe to them. Below is a list of active channels along with their channel number and also prices.

Name Channel No. Price
Kids Active Toons & Rhymes 500 & 502 Rs. 40
Games Active Rs. 45
Bhakti Active 481 Rs. 40
Music Active Hits & Masala 270 & 271 Rs. 40
Movies 222 Rs. 59
Movies HD 913 Rs. 64
Cine 213 Rs. 20
Dance 272 Rs. 40
Cooking 146 Rs. 40
Ibadat 786 Rs. 40
Jyotish Duniya 204 Rs. 40
Evergreen Classic 215 Rs. 40
Aaplam Manoranjan 756 Rs. 38
Topper 160 Rs. 59
Comedy 131 Rs. 35
Songdew TV 278 Rs. 30
Bhojpuri 861 Rs. 40
Fitness 132 Rs. 40
Thriller 134 Rs. 40
Rangmanch 214 Rs. 64
Ayushman 130 Rs. 40
Bengali 710 Rs. 40
Punjabi 776 Rs. 40
ShortsTV 135 Rs. 59
All Vas Pack Rs. 169
Kids Unlimited Rs. 59
Entertainment Dhamaka Rs. 85


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