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Android TV does not really come along with the built-in browser. Partly because most of the folks won’t use a web browser on a tv, and also even if they do, then the remote is not actually built for that kind of browsing experience. That said, there are times when you guys want to browse the web on your TV. In this articld, we are going to talk about Best Web Browser for Android TV – You Can Use. Let’s begin!

Now, if you have a smart TV, chances are there might already be a web browser that is installed in it. Our LG smart TV running web OS has also a web browser however, the browser is half baked and the controls are really far from convenient. So, I rather prefer to use a third-party web browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox or Puffin TV as well.

Which one should you choose fro you? Well, I tested some of the famous web browsers on MiBox, NVIDIA Shield TV, and also Fire TV Stick and let’s take a look at the best of them. Let’s see.

The browsers listed in the list below work really well however, you guys may not be able to install all of them via the conventional methods.

Best Web Browser for Android TV


It’s really odd that Chrome does not come pre-installed on the Android TV operating system. Well, it is perhaps even more strange that there’s no dedicated Android TV version of the app. And also it is not available in the Android TV Play Store as well.

But, those oddities do not preclude you from installing Chrome on your Android TV actually. You guys can install the app on your Android TV box via the web version of the Play Store. Some of the devices will even let you install the app through a voice command.

Best Web Browser for Android TV

Through the Google Chrome on Android TV has both advantages and disadvantages. On the pro side, if you are an existing Chrome user, then you will have access to all your bookmarks, browsing history, and many other synced content. Well, one of the cons is that Chrome probably won’t work with your existing Android TV remote actually. That actually makes it a little more awkward to use than some other options.

Because there is no dedicated version of Chrome for TV,  the interface looks just like to mobile. You should keep in mind that you can either use the bookmarks or type in the URL via the remote or the controller. The good thing about Chrome is that you guys can sign in and sync your browsing history, bookmarks, and saved passwords as well. But, during my testing, it does not look well optimized in order to work with the tv remote. The interface is most of the time erratic and Jarry.


Well, Firefox is another well-known desktop and mobile browser that you guys can sideload onto your Android TV device. Such as Chrome, there is no dedicated Android TV version of Firefox. The lack of its presence on the Android TV Play Store is because of Google’s restrictive needs on what qualifies as an Android TV app as well.

Folks who use Firefox on Android TV mostly point to its extensions as one of the app’s core advantages. Unlike Google Chrome, almost all of your extensions will work on the Android TV platform as well.

Best Web Browser for Android TV

Furthermore, lots of users also say that browsing YouTube is faster whenever through Firefox than when you use the official YouTube app. Well, you guys may not experience the same results. Remember, you guys can easily manage Firefox or any other sideloaded apps on your Android TV as well. So do not let the sideloading aspect put you off actually.

Overall, the browser works really fine and there is not much to complain about it. However, using the browser with just a remote would be a little problematic. As these browsers are not optimized for the TV, the controls are based on touch screen devices and thus navigating becomes a little tedious as well. You can, however, use a gaming controller just like the one on NVIDIA Shield TV. You can achieve the same result along with a physical mouse or a keyboard as well.

Puffin TV

Many Android TV browsers do not actually work with your device’s remote. You will need to use a gaming controller or a smartphone app in order to operate and navigate around the app. We start, therefore, along with Puffin TV Browser as well. This one does work with your Android TV’s basic remote, that makes it an excellent choice for all users as well.

puffin tv

Well, the Puffin TV Browser has actually a version that’s been specifically designed for Android TV boxes. It is not just a repurposed mobile Android app actually. The specially-designed interface means Puffin is actually a lightweight, fast, and also easy-on-the-eye. Other features also include QR codes to add your favorite sites to the app and support for Adobe Flash as and whenever you need it.

The browser’s servers are based in the US, that means you will see the American version of sites.


Opera is basically one of the better mobile web browsers out there. Even though you guys have to sideload the app, you can still use and slightly customize the browser for your Android TV as well. You can also navigate the websites with just the remote. However, you will still need a keyboard or a mouse in order to load the page that means if you do not have the keyboard. Then the app will continue to show you the home page actually.


Opera basically comes with a night mode that optimizes the webpage your late night browsing as well. It did not actually work on NVIDIA Shield TV for some reason. And I could only change the theme of the browser which made little difference in browsing during the night as well. The adblock works just fine though, you guys can simply turn on using the toggle in the hamburger menu. The offline pages feature is decent because it lets you access webpages such as blogs and articles even without the internet. Well, overall Opera is a decent browser for offline browsing without ads actually.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser is popular for it’s reading mode and that’s why I’ve included it on this list. Edge browser is actually a Chromium-based browser so that you guys can expect the same performance with added features. You can also sign in with your Microsoft account and sync all of the data from your other browsers to this. The popular reading mode works on Android TV however, you would need a mouse in order to scroll through the page.

Best Web Browser for Android TV

You get the Edge’s hub feature where it saves all the bookmarks, reading lists, books purchased from the Microsoft Store, browsing history and also downloads as well. You can access each and everything from one place. Edge is basically a recommended browser if you want to read on the web browser from your Android TV.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet browser is loved via both of Samsung and non-Samsung users alike. It is really fast, supports adblockers and also lets you adjust the text size on the screen, etc. You can even select from a list of content blockers that is available for Samsung Internet browser which in my opinion is incredible. Because there are only a handful of browsers that basically offer this service as well.

Best Web Browser for Android TV

Well, the best part of using Samsung Internet browser on your Android TV is the high contrast mode actually. It is an absolute treat in order to see this browser wide feature. That applies to each and  every single website you open. This feature would also let you browse the internet during night time without burning your retinas.

Samsung Internet is a really great because of the high-contrast mode and content blockers as well.

The Best Web Browser for Android TV in other Methods

Well, if none of the browsers we have looked at are sufficient enough to meet your needs. Then there are a couple of alternatives available to you too.


If you guys own an Nvidia Shield (and you should, because the Nvidia Shield is one of the best boxes for cord cutters). You can use the device’s GameStream feature in order to access your Windows desktop. Hence use any desktop browser you select.

The process is possible as GameStream lets you manually add any game via the GeForce Experience app on your PC. If you guys add C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe (the Remote Desktop Connection app) then you can lookat your computer’s desktop in just seconds.

Of course, you guys will have to use your Android TV remote as the mouse, which could be tedious actually. If your Android TV box supports it, you guys could use a Bluetooth-enabled mouse rather.

Cast Your Screen

Android TV boxes basically come with built-in Chromecast technology. As such, you guys can use Chromecast in order to cast your computer screen to your TV. Again allowing you to use any desktop browser that you have installed.

The downside of using Chromecast in order to access a browser on Android TV is the lag. It will not be a suitable solution for some of the tasks. However, it’s more than adequate to stream video and listening to audio as well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Best Web Browser for Android TV” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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