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How can You Add a Caption On Snapchat – Tutorial

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Snapchat is a famous image messaging mobile application that has also been here for a while. Its functionality has been copied via Instagram in its own way, however, Snapchat is still the king actually. Following the recent update, you guys can now add multiple captions and change their style too. Here’s how you can add multiple captions on Snapchat. In this article, we are going to talk about How can You Add a Caption On Snapchat – Tutorial.

Snapchat has a famous and unique image format as well. It’s been copied via Instagram however, it’s still a Snapchat trademark. Snapchat is now also changing things up; you can add multiple captions in order to snaps in the latest update. There are also the recently added caption styles that you can also select from and they’re available for each and caption you add to an image as well.

Open Snapchat and snap pictures just like you normally do. Next, click on the T button at the top right in order to insert a caption.

Go ahead and add your first caption just like you normally do. Choose a style if you want and tap Done. When you’ve added the first caption, press the T button again. Previously this opened the caption to edit, however, with the new update, it will open a new caption to add as well. Again, the same controls, color, and styles, will also be available.

This makes it a little tricky in order to manage multiple captions. You can also move them around easily enough via tapping, holding, and dragging them. To edit a caption, you guys have to double-tap it. Clicking the T icon after this update will also insert a new caption.

When you’re done adding captions, then click on the Send button just like you normally do. In order to add the snap to your story or send it to one of your friends as well.

If Snapchat didn’t have multiple caption styles, then this feature would have been a bad idea. It might be a bad idea right now, however, it’s too soon to say. The classic caption style suited all the types of images and you guys never had to worry about the text being legible or not as well. The newly introduced styles aren’t all easy to read on all actual types of images and they’re likely to create clutter as well.

That said, making the new styles work and also using multiple captions on a snap is something Snapchat users are going to have to figure out as well. Snapchat doesn’t really come along with instructions and in spite of that users make captions, stickers, and also doodles all work on a single image.

Add GIFs

This new update also brings GIFs from Giphy that have become the go-to service for any app. That also wants to add support for GIFs. Instagram recently added support for GIFs through Giphy as well. The GIFs can also access from the Stickers button as well. You don’t even need the Giphy app installed on your phone for it to work. Giphy’s whole library of GIFs is available inside Snapchat too.


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