ChatCrypt: A Private Online Chat Service With Military-Grade Encryption

What do you know about ChatCrypt? Have you ever think how secure your online chats are from spying? Well, no one wants their online chat to be analyzed by some private surveillance programs such as PRISM besides they are quite indifferent to their own security. What we daily communicate with one another on the internet? We never think that someone might be spying on us without our knowledge. But don’t fret. ChatCrypt is an online chat service that may modify a few rules around. The web app enables you to make encrypted chatrooms. These chat rooms are fully secured with military-grade AES 256-bit CTR encryption. Also, it enables members to join them using a secret password.

Let’s begin with ChatCrypt is quite simple. Move to its website using the link given at the end of the post. Once there, you are having an easy user-friendly interface with a Chat Room login section in the middle. The webpage also provides you a detailed explanation about ChatCrypt’s inner workings just to get you familiar with it. Also, it offers webmasters to embed ChatCrypt on their own websites using an HTML embed code.

Create a Chat Session:

If you want to create a chat session, just look at (ENTER A CHAT ROOM) section on the home page. Then assign the name of your chat room, and select a password or username that will be used to share the same chat room using the other members. If you want to enable anyone join in, you want to provide them using the exact chat room name, also the password you select for it. The username – which acts as the identity of each member– will be quite different for each chat room member. After assigning the required details, tap the Secure Chat button to input the main chat area.

What’s More?

ChatCrypt also opens the user-created chat room in a separate window. As it looks totally plain and simple. It also contains an input field under it to input your chat messages. The UI right side carries the participant’s list in the chatroom. But the sent messages appear in the main section. Sadly, ChatCrypt lacks voice chat features or file-sharing feature but it considers the nature of the application. Well, there isn’t too much to complain about, as it works exactly as advertised.

To wrap it up, ChatCrypt provides users the safest way for having a private online conversation that no one can snoop on. Also, you start using the service for free after visiting the link given below.

Visit: ChatCrypt


Here’s all about “ChatCrypt”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever visit the site or try to chat with your loved ones? let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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