Best Cinebloom Alternatives to Watch HD Movies

Cinebloom Alternatives

Most of us prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our own homes instead of going to the cinemas. Many websites that permit users to watch movies are accessible for this purpose. Cinebloom is one such service that was just created to allow fans to watch their favorite films for free f cost. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Cinebloom Alternatives to Watch HD Movies. Let’s begin!

But, owing to copyright or other difficulties, the website is mostly banned or the movie becomes inaccessible. You’ll need alternate websites in order to view movies during times like this. This list will give you with the best options, so keep on reading to learn more.

Cinebloom is an online Website that basically leaks movies and TV shows. It uploads the content without copyrights so, it is illegal to use the website as well. Also, it has a great collection of Hollywood movies and TV Series too.

It has an amazing user interface, that is really easy to use. On the homepage itself, it basically shows the latest release of the movies or shows, so you don’t have to search for it. If we talk about other movie streaming sites then Cinebloom is really new in the market.

Best Cinebloom Alternatives to Watch HD Movies

If you guys don’t want to use the Cinebloom site as it is illegal, or might takedown, gets crashed, or also for any other reason. Then here are the best Cinebloom alternatives to watch movies as well.

Here is the list of sites from which some of them are so famous that you might have used them, and some of them are average, however, have good content.


Putlocker also has been on the movie streaming scene for a long time. It was one of the first websites in order to stream free movies. It was also a placeholder in the Top 250 Most famous sites on the Internet via the ranking of Alexa.

The website has survived many shutdowns because of copyright issues, however, by changing its domain extension, it has resurfaced every time. What makes Putlocker a great alternative to Cinebloom is that it has a large directory of films. Any film you name, you guys will surely find it on this website.



WatchFree is a fantastic alternative to Cinebloom that permits users to watch movies for free. The website is updated on a regular basis along with new film and television series releases, so you’ll always find it current as well. The website’s user interface is also really straightforward, making navigation and searching much easier.

The top bar has a menu where you guys may search for the movie or TV show you want to watch. The movies that we can watch in HD resolution are display beneath the navigation bar as well.

The website offers a diverse selection of films from many genres to view. Another fantastic feature is that you do not have to register to view movies on this website, ensuring that your privacy is protected.


Soap2day | Cinebloom Alternatives

You should check out Soap2day as an alternative to CineBloom if you wish to watch movies. There is a huge selection of movies in order to pick from on the internet. It also keeps its directory up to date along with the latest movie releases. So you can always discover the new movies you guys want to watch on this website.

The website is really user-friendly, featuring a distinct search box for doing a straight search. If you’re looking for suggestions, then look in the sidebar for a list of all the famous and recommended films. This option is useful if you don’t have a certain film in mind and wish to experiment with other genres.

In addition, the list is separated via release year, IMDb ratings, and many other variables. The website does not need readers in order to register in order to protect their privacy and security.



123Movies is also a famous free movie streaming site, that has faced a lot of copyright issues. However, it keeps changing the domain extension, so no need to worry since you just have to use the latest domain of 123Movies to watch movies.

Cinebloom Alternatives

It not only gives movies and Tv shows but is also has anime, cartoons, and Asian Dramas. Plus, it also allows the user to request a movie that is not available on the site. If you guys don’t mind getting ads in between, then this site is the right choice.



Just like the name suggests AZ, it says the site gives all the content from A to Z. AZMovies actually has approximately 4.4 million daily active users. With this many active users, we can also imagine how famous this website is to watch movies for free.

Apart from this, there is one downside of this site since s it contains ads in between, and it’s obvious as it is giving the content for free then there will be some way to earn as well. So, we also recommend you use Ad-blocker. You don’t have to register to watch movies, just tap on the movie and start watching.


YesMovies | Cinebloom Alternatives

The chances are that you guys have already heard of YesMovies. For those of you who haven’t, so, let me tell you in brief. If you guys like high-quality movies then this is the place for you. The layout is cool and also makes navigation look like a piece of cake. You also get to search for your favorite movie on the home page itself.

The movies all show IMDb ratings actually. In case you guys want to find something interesting to watch, then you can filter search for movies and tv shows based on country, year of release, also IMDb rating, and so on. If you can not find your movie then you can also put in a request. This can also take some time to get approved. But, the chances of this happening, in reality, are low. Registration or sign up is not a necessity for using this site actually.



Popcorntime is legal software, however, it relies on how you use it. You are not breaking a law until you just stream the content for your personal use and then do not share it. It is said that the site will never be taken down actually. This site also has an inbuilt VPN that hides your IP address.

The Popcorn time site is just different from the other listed sites, because it is like a desktop app. As you have to download it for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux32, and Linux64, relying on your device. When you download the app, then you can start streaming movies and shows.



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