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Everything is design, few things are really well. There is nothing as devastating as losing your documents, photos, video clips, and also even audio. Cloud storage is the new talk of the town. This is an off-site model where data is stored on remote servers online virtually in the internet space dubbed “Cloud”. In this article, we are going to talk about Compare Degoo Premium to Microsoft Cloud. Let’s begin!

Cloud Service Managers maintain and manage information. Examples of leading Cloud storage providers are; Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Degoo, Google Drive, iCloud, Next cloud, also among many others. When selecting a cloud storage platform, Storage space and Cost are two main factors you need not overlook. Degoo Premium and Microsoft Cloud are the two platforms that we’ll dissect.

Degoo Premium Versus Microsoft Cloud

The Degoo cloud platform was ideated and also engineered in Sweden back in the year 2012. Microsoft, too, boasts of its cloud storage platform, the OneDrive.  Microsoft OneDrive comes default in Windows 10. Will these two storage services succeed where others failed? Or will the fangs and claws prove too deadly to endure? Follow along:

Storage Space

Degoo offers a simple backup majorly on photos. For upload of other files such as audio, documents, you will have to make a subscription. Microsoft OneDrive, on the other hand, allows storage of all file types such as; videos, documents, photos, and many more.

Degoo cloud has three tiers; Degoo Free, Degoo Pro, and Degoo Premium. With Degoo Free, you get 100 GB worth of storage space for one device. Degoo Pro offers you 500GB (Gigabyte) Cloud Space for three methods. Degoo Premium offers you a magnificent 10 TB (Terabyte) of Cloud space. To add to that sweetness, the Premium option allows access to unlimited devices as well as 10GB per each friend referred to. Isn’t that outstanding?

Microsoft OneDrive, notwithstanding, has four plans. The OneDrive Basic is offering 5GB free storage, OneDrive 100GB, Microsoft 365 Personal at 1TB, and Microsoft 365 Family furnishing you with 6TB worth of storage.

Cloud Storage Pricing

The Degoo Pro Cloud Space offering 500GB retails at $2.99 per month. Degoo Premium plan worth 10TB retails $ 9.99 per Month. The Degoo Premium rates are quite affordable to large scale users.

Microsoft OneDrive 100GB is up at $1.99 monthly. For the Microsoft 1TB plan, you will be obliged to pay $6.99 Monthly or $69.99 per annum. Then for the 6TB Microsoft 365 Family plan, you will cough out $9.99 Monthly or $99.99 annually.

Backup Speeds

You probably get snappy, waiting for a computer to execute its tasks slowly. Degoo Premium gives you 40Mbps Download and 12Mbps Upload speeds. That is no more with the Degoo Premium Cloud space. With the “Turbo” mode turned off, it then takes 1.5 hours to upload a 250MB (Megabyte) file at 280Kbits/s. With the “Turbo” mode activated, it only takes four minutes to upload the same file size.

However, Microsoft OneDrive Cloud default sync speed is 50Kbits/s. This is quite low if you are synchronizing extensive data.


You may have ignored security when selecting your Cloud storage service. Degoo Premium boasts of 256-bit AES data encryption when the data is received at their servers. While in transit, your information is secured with SSL/TSL Layer.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud takes pride too in 256-bit AES encryption and also the SSL or TSL Layer. An outstanding security feature in OneDrive is the two-factor Authentication, where you use a text message to sign in.

Upgrade to Degoo Premium Cloud for Hassle-free Cloud Storage

If you have followed along, it adds up to say Degoo Premium outsmarts OneDrive. The benefits vary from vast storage spaces, affordable plans, and also amazing sync speeds. It is fair enough to crown Degoo Premium as your one-stop Cloud Storage Service.


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