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Connecting to Peers uTorrent Issue – How to Fix

connecting to peers utorrent

Torrent clients are really simple apps that allow P2P transfers. The transfers depend on the file being present in part or in entire on other systems. Those are willing to ‘share’ or transfer the file to others who really want to download it. In this article, we are going to talk about Connecting to Peers uTorrent Issue – How to Fix. Let’s begin!

You guys can use one of many torrent clients that are available, most of which are free of cost. uTorrent is one of the most famous torrent clients that you guys can use. It is, just like most clients, simple to use. All you have to do is just find a torrent to download, tap on it, and add it to uTorrent.

Connecting to Peers uTorrent Issue – How to Fix

A torrent also follows a small, simple process before it begins to download. This process involves connecting to ‘peer’s i.e., the other computers that also have the file or parts of the file, and then the download begins.

The whole process takes only a few seconds so if uTorrent is stuck on the connecting to peers step, it’s really not normal. You can wait a while to see if the download starts since some torrents download slow. If it doesn’t start, just try the following fixes.

Try a different torrent

Some torrents may also be offline i.e., the peers are not online and hence the torrent cannot connect to them. Mostly, this will be apparent from the torrent link if it reports the active seeds/peers actually.

Try to download a different torrent and see if it starts to download. If it does, the problem is along with the torrent. You will either have to find an alternative torrent or wait for your peers for the original one in order to come online.

Try a VPN (or disconnect it) | connecting to peers utorrent

Torrents may also be blocked in your country or on your network. If so, a VPN can help you to get around it. If you’re already using a VPN, then disconnect it and then try to download the torrent. It’s possible that torrents are blocked in your country, however, also that the VPN is having connectivity issues.

Run uTorrent as admin

Although generally not required, however, uTorrent may be blocked via your OS and may need admin rights before it can download a file(s).

  • Right-ta on the uTorrent app.
  • Choose Run as administrator.
  • Try to download the torrent.

Turn on port forwarding

This may again rely on the type of file you’re trying to download and its origins. However, turning on port forwarding may force the torrent to start.

  • First, just open uTorrent.
  • Head to Options>Preferences.
  • Choose the Connections tab.
  • Turn on the following three options.
    • Enable UPnP port mapping actually
    • Turn on NAT-PMP port mapping
    • Add Windows firewall exception actually
  • Tap on Apply and restart uTorrent.
  • Try to download the torrent again.

Remove resume.dat | connecting to peers Utorrent

uTorrent also saves uTorrent download sessions to a file called resume.dat. If this file is corrupted, it may also interfere along with the download.

  • Just quit uTorrent.
  • And open File Explorer. 
  • Head to the View tab.
  • Turn on the Hidden files box.
  • Now navigate to the following location. Replace Username along with your username.
  • Just delete files named resume.dat and resume.old.dat.
  • Now run uTorrent and try to download a file again.

Check Windows firewall settings

Windows firewall may also have blocked uTorrent. If it has, the app will not be able to download anything over a network too.

  • First of all, open File Explorer.
  • Then paste the following in the location bar and click Enter.
Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall
  • Tap on Allow an app or feature through Windows defender firewall.
  • Tap on  ‘Change settings’ and authorize the change along with the admin account.
  • Permit uTorrent through a public and private network.
  • Try the download in uTorrent again as well.

Set protocol encryption to forced

Try to force turn on the transfer protocol.

  • Just open uTorrent.
  • Head to Options>Preferences.
  • Then go to the Connections tab.
  • Now open the Protocol Encryption dropdown.
  • Choose Forced.
  • Tap on Apply.
  • Restart uTorrent and just try the download again.


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