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Different Ways To Change The Volume On Your AirPods Pro

Are you ready to change the volume of Airpods pro? Many people think when they’re able to modify the volume on their AirPods Pro by just hitting a button on the earbuds themselves. However, it makes more sense as it would turn on our AirPods Pro to be independent of other devices.

But now Apple makes it quite possible. The best and convenient procedure is using your iPhone. In this guide, we’ll discuss three methods to change the volume of AirPods Pro. Not just this but also plus some amazing features that were only recently launched.


We all know it’s possible to change the volume on your AirPods Pro via Siri. And now might think why we still rely on old-fashioned ways. Well, Siri can be very essential in some situations, when we don’t have your phone nearby and don’t specifically want to move. You can also modify the volume without touching your iPhone or your AirPods.

But what about the case when you can’t talk? Let’s say you’re in an over-crowded area or listening to music. You don’t like to disturb those around you. Also, it’d look quite silly to initiate talking to Siri all of a sudden.

In those cases like that, the good old alternatives can still be very essential. Simply hit the Volume Marker on your iPhone to enable your volume up or down.


Another alternative way is quite similar to the first. It means that you’ll have to reach for your iPhone to change the volume on your AirPods Pro. This procedure can help you if you have some problems with the volume marker or if it isn’t working perfectly.

There are two alternatives ways to open the control center on Apple phones. Well, it depends on the model you have. Those who buy the latest models can also open it by swiping the top right corner of the screen. If you have a model from the earlier generation, then simply open the control center by moving from the bottom up.

You’ll also view a sign for volume. At the next to the box, you can also adjust brightness. If you like to enhance increase your volume, swipe it up. Also, if you like to reduce it, just move it down. That’s all! Now you know two ways to modify the volume on your AirPods Pro.


At last, to Siri. If you want Siri to enhance or decrease volume. Then remember your AirPods Pro paired with your iPhone. If you don’t view them among the paired devices, you can simply connect them using Bluetooth.

Just say something like: “Hey, Siri, enhance or increase the volume!” Just remember you speak clearly and loud enough and she’ll understand your instructions.


Siri’s today can do much more than just enabling your volume up or down. If you like to check your current volume levels, just ask Siri. Ask something like: “Hey, Siri, what’s the current volume?”

One of the amazing features of AirPods Pro is that you can adjust the volume levels just by using your voice.

This feature helps you to adjust your optimal volume, which can be changed from situation to situation. For example, you have one optimal volume while listening to your podcast. However, this will be a bit different when you hear outdoors noises and countless pedestrians.


After pairing to Mac and you’re using them for listening to an online tutorial or watching a TV show, here’s how to change the volume.

The instant way to do it is by using Mac keyboard volume keys. Also, you could open the Menu and tap on the volume control icon. Si9mply swipe the slider up or down to adjust the volume.


Well, I don’t know that AirPods Pro is amazing. But the important thing is you don’t know what is happening all around the world. As they can make you forget about the world around you. They also provide you a unique musical experience. Just go and give it a try it for few days and enables us to know whether you view any difference.


Here’s all about “Change The Volume On Your AirPods Pro”. Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts below!

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