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Different Ways To Fix Kyocera Overheating Issue

Kyocera Overheating Issue

Do you want to fix Kyocera overheating issue? You are watching a favorite movie or a video holding the phone in your hand for hours and suddenly, the phone heats up. Well, that is not an issue because an excessive amount of heat can trigger overheating issue on your Kyocera mobiles which is definitely an issue and needs to be fixed right away. Like any other potential issues on your mobile device, there are various reasons why your mobile would overheat. It could be something gradual, organic, or something triggered by the absence of resources or infection by a virus or malware causing the phone to turn into a popcorn popping out of the popcorn maker. Here are some troubleshooting methods that you can employ to fix the issue.

Overheating Problem:

For starters, systems infected with viruses and malware can raise the core temperature of your device. It means users can scan the device to quarantine the viruses to resolve them. When various apps and tasks are working together, it is possible for the device to get too hot to handle since the processor can throttle energy consumption and other variables but it often gives up when it couldn’t handle it more. Another factor that dials into the overheating issue on Kyocera devices is when apps are getting outdated and introduce bugs that cause the internal temperature to surge or when the cooling mechanism fails.

Different Ways To Fix Kyocera Overheating Issue


Stop using your Mobile

The very first thing that comes to your mind if you examine that your mobile is heating too much then it is due to that you should stop using the phone right away. Just keep the mobile aside in a cold and dry place and not someplace where it can get overheated.

If you still face Kyocera overheating issue then head over to the other method below!

Reboot your Mobile

Use this method combined with the earlier one. Or use either of one to bring down the device core temperature before critical temperature as overheating can harm physical components as well. You want to reboot the mobile, delete everything from the phone case, SIM cards, memory card, and a back panel, or finally, battery (if removable). But can’t attempt to force the battery or the back panel if it is non-removable.

Close All Application

Let’s just suppose that you can’t reboot the mobile just yet because of any XYZ reasons, you can use this method as well. Click on the ‘recent’ apps section and close from all the apps in the foreground and background as well. Head over to Settings >> Apps >> Running and now, exit all the applications that you don’t want as well as those you want after saving any unsaved work if any.

If you still face Kyocera overheating issue then head over to the other method below!

The problem for battery-hungry apps

The application consumes a lot of battery such as heavy apps or intensive games like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office, etc. These apps consume a faster battery than other apps. But these apps can’t overheat the mobile. The reason why your phone overheats are if you are using these applications for a long time period. Or else if there are various battery-hungry apps working in the background. Another major reason is if an application is infected with any sort of malware or bugs that can draw too much power than usual. As a result, the battery is draining fast and since lots of work is done, more heat is generated.

Purge Various Types of Cache Files

Cache files are the major reason for a string of problems which makes it one of the targets to remove if you face any difficulty while using your phone. Your phone stores lots of cache files in three locations and we can find it out in this guide.

At first, you want to visit the Settings app on your mobile and head over to ‘Apps >> All’. Now, choose a third-party application and click on ‘Clear Cache’ and repeat the same method for all other third-party applications. Then, you want to back up a bit to the Settings app and head over to Storage. Here, you’ll easily find ‘Cache Memory’ so tap on it and choose ‘Delete’ to do the same. At last, we want to boot into the recovery mode which is explained in the latter part of this article under ‘Perform a hard reset. When you are there, just click on ”wipe cache partition” and it’s done too.

If you still face Kyocera overheating issue then head over to the other method below!

Upgrade to the new firmware (Android OS)

Another thing that can be bugged is outdated firmware. Well, Android can’t compatible with all the OSes with updates on a daily basis. It becomes quite difficult for mobile to stay secure against any bugs, intruders, vulnerabilities, etc. Then check if you have any updates or not and if the issue occurs choose between downgrading unless you can stop overusing the mobile or installing a custom ROM.

Update to the new apps

Another aspect that you must take care of about the apps including both third-party apps and built-in (pre-installed). So app developers provide an update every month. Also, it is not chance with outdated apps unless you select not to update apps for any reason.

Check whether the charging brick is the major cause

Many people might not know that using a damaged or incompetent or even third-party charging brick is risky. As it will cause harm to the phone battery at some point in time. That is why experts and manufacturers recommend not to use third-party chargers. Or at least avoid their use as much as you can. Alternatively, if you are trying to use the original charger but it is faulty or damaged. Then it paints the same story so ignore that too as well.

If you still face Kyocera overheating issue then head over to the other method below!

What happened if the battery was damaged all along?

Another stop is to check if the battery is damaged in any sense, form, etc. This is because the battery supplies power to all the physical components on your phone that in turn get things done. However, the issue is that when the battery is not working properly either because of damage or any fault or if it has blocked to work properly. However, it introduces various problems like overheating issues, faster battery draining, etc. That is why you should examine if the battery is damaged. Or you can do it simply by erasing it and checking it if removable or you can visit a nearby service center to get it examined.

Doing these can reduce the overheating Issue

We understand that it is very annoying when your mobile overheats whilst playing your favorite game, watching a movie, or just like that. If you want to minimize the effects of the overheating issue. You should keep it away from direct sunlight as the display acts as a magnifying glass and boosts heat generation. Also, you just keep the screen brightness at an optimum level. As it becomes low during night time and high to moderate during the daytime, etc. Other major aspects towards curbing the overheating issue are to enable Always-On display, limit the duration under the ‘Keep Awake’ feature, and exit apps once work is done.

If you still face Kyocera overheating issue then head over to the other method below!

Perform a hard reset

If nothing helps, this method will probably help, and here’s how you are gonna do it.

  • At first, take a backup of all your data that you want to secure since this method is irreversible.
  • Then, disable the phone and give it a rest for some time.
  • Now, hit the power plus volume down buttons simultaneously and allow the phone to boot up.
  • You can also release the buttons whenever you spot an Android logo flashing on the screen.
  • Then simply use volume rockers to move through the menu and use the power button to select an option.
  • Now, pick ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and it is done.

Consult an expert

If indeed you can’t fix the Kyocera overheating issue even though you practically tried all the workarounds.  Then take professional help. You can also check if your mobile is in warranty period or not.


So, here’s all about Kyocera overheating issues and the ways to fix them. Try these troubleshoot workarounds and then let us know in the comments which method fixed the login problem.

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