Different Ways To Hack WhatsApp


Have you ever tried to hack WhatsApp? No doubt, WhatsApp is an amazing and marvelous creation. It is the holy grail of quick messaging apps. But sometimes it irritates you. When your loved ones hide something from you on WhatsApp or whatever reason behind this. After watching this you decide to monitor them secretly.

Well, monitoring someone on WhatsApp is not that easy as you thin. You’re going to do it secretly for the best outcomes. Do you want to monitor the activity of your husband or your friend? There are so many ways to do it even without having their mobile phone.

What you want is a way to check their WhatsApp remotely, so they don’t get doubtful. In this article, we’ll come to know how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their mobile in 10 minutes.

Tips & Tricks to Hack WhatsApp Text Messages:

As we all know that WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app for mobile users that authorize you to swap text messages without using money. You can access WhatsApp Messenger for almost all phones like iPhone, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone.

Those mobile phones can easily message or call each other as the WhatsApp Messenger customs the same net data plan that you use for browsing and email so you can use it without any cost. You can also send videos, images, and audio texts and can make groups too.

Steps To Access Someone’s WhatsApp Account:

Access Whatsapp

Hack WhatsApp account and surfing loss files and messages are now accessible for everyone around the globe. Now you can easily hack someone’s WhatsApp account without getting trapped. There are lots of online tools that are available for hacking the WhatsApp account. Also, it can be done online as you don’t want any requirement to install or download anything. So, it takes only a few minutes to do this method. It is quite simple we can imagine.

There are different techniques to hack WhatsApp account number and read all the text messages. You only want to know their mobile numbers and can hack it within few minutes.

Step 1:

Initially, you want to download the Spy & Sniffer tool from your mobile app store.

Step 2:

Then once you open the app, just type the number of the person whose account you want to hack.

Step 3:

After that, wait a while for the processing hacking and then tap the option ‘Verify’.

Step 4:

At last, you can also access your friend’s WhatsApp account i.e. video, messages, images, and any other data that he has been saving from the last few days promptly.

Different Ways to Hack WhatsApp Text Messages/Chat history

Ways To Hack WhatsApp

There are various methods to hack the account WhatsApp messages or chat history. We can also do it online as there will not be any issue while downloading anything.

Copy9 — Best Method to Hack WhatsApp

It is the first and best way to hack WhatsApp. Well, it is a standard app that allows you to get broad access to a directed device. Also, WhatsApp usage has been increased. The major aim was to provide security besides hacking.

You can secretly hack the specific WhatsApp messages and read them at whatever time you like. This looks to be so hard and complex but in reality, you will have to follow these instructions:

Step 1:

Initially, Download the Copy9 app.

Step 2:

Then install directly on the device.

Step 3:

At last, Login to your control panel on your computer.

This method is finally done.

It allows Hackers to interrupt and Read Your Translated Text Messages. In this, the exposure relies on the behavior of WhatsApp users when the user’s encrypted key modifications. Also, you just consider a situation between the two users i.e X and Y.

Whenever the person X sends a message to the person Y, then the WhatsApp included on the specific machine can encode the text and enables the client to check it. But, when a user Y switches the device, then he can also read that communication.

It is also the point when WhatsApp brings to update and modify the keys that are secretly provided for any decryption at the time without alerting the end-user. This time, suppose that the hacker would be user Z.

You will also modify the key that is private of the user B and can easily enter your personal. After undertaking this, you can easily read the specific conversation of user X.

However, any person who acts like a “hacker” can deed this way in the nearby future. After using the online technique “ WhatsApp online tracker “ and using this amazing system will provide amazing results.

If you want to hack the account of WhatsApp, one to the simplest way is copy9. Come let’s check the features of copy9:

Features Copy9:

  • Copy9 is super easy to utilize as you don’t want any valuable information or something besides.
  • However, if there you are an ordinary user, you can’t feel any issues having it. Then, we add the truth you do get supplementary features, that creates you the ‘owner’ of a directed device.
  • For app installation, you want a few minutes. Also, you can mount it and then initiate it with the Whatsapp messages.
  • At last, in the end, we should again repeat that the simplest and at ease method is to use Copy9 to hack WhatsApp. However, it offers a good result.

Minspy— Best Alternative to Hack WhatsApp


Minspy is another app that provides a convenient way to monitor someone’s activity on WhatsApp chat. The app is discreet and needs no technical skills from you.

Minspy is used by over a million people from 190+ countries all over the world. Also, it reviewed online on major media outlets like BBC, The New York Times, and TheGuardian.

The app lets you a message on target iOS or on Android devices. Its installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Using Minspy, you can read someone WhatsApp messages from an online dashboard:

  • Read Secret messages: You can also read all outgoing or incoming messages on the person’s WhatsApp. A timestamp with every message, so you know when a conversation happened.
  • Monitor group WhatsApp messages: When the target is a part of any WhatsApp groups? You can then read their group chat activity.
  • View contact information: You can also check their names, profile pictures, addresses, email addresses, job descriptions, and other exciting things after accessing the contact book.
  • Download media files: Are they sharing out any images or videos on WhatsApp? You can also download these media files for later viewing.
  • Access removed messages: What happens if the target phone user removes a message they don’t want anyone to ever read? No, issue! Minspy recovers all texts automatically in real-time, so you can easily access to it.

Steps to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages via Minspy 

Step 1:

Head over to the official Minspy website. Then sign up for a free Minspy account. Then use your email ID as the username.

Step 2:

Purchase a monthly Minspy plan. You also want the Minspy premium subscription to read WhatsApp texts on a single target device. If you like to access WhatsApp activity on various devices, you want the Family or Corporate plans.

Step 3: 

You can then check your email for the setup steps. You want to select iOS or Android as the target platform. Then, follow the on-screen steps.

If you want to install Minspy on an iPhone or iPad, just enter the username and password of the iCloud account connected to the target device. Then wait a while until Minspy syncs with it.

If you want to install Minspy on a mobile or tablet, then download the 2MB spy app on it. Once you install it, simply hide the app. Wait a while until Minspy syncs with the device.

Step 4: 

Congratulations! Now you can read their WhatsApp messages without their mobile using your web browser. Just log in to the Minspy control panel.

The Minspy control panel or dashboard offers a device activity. If you like to initiate reading WhatsApp messages, simply tap or click on the “Social Apps > WhatsApp” option in the selection panel on the left.


  • You can easily check WhatsApp messages without jailbreak or root
  • It has a web-based interface
  • The app has the best reputation
  • It offers a slew of mobile monitoring features
  • Minspy is available at a pocket-friendly price

Spyic— Best App to Read WhatsApp Messages


Spyic is another WhatsApp message reader. It is an amazing parental control app. The app is used by parents worldwide to keep a proper eye on their children. However, the app offers lots of essential features. It includes a nice WhatsApp monitor.

  • Setting up Spyic is an easy task
  • The app offers amazing features
  • Spyic is a risk-free proposition

Spyic Allows You To Read WhatsApp Messages Remotely 

You can easily use Spyic from your web browser:

  • Read WhatsApp secure data and group chats.
  • View exchanged media files.
  • View contact info and profile pictures.


Here’ all about how to read someone’s WhatsApp texts without their mobile easy to implement. You can also begin reading someone’s WhatsApp messages – and monitor their mobile within a few minutes. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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