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Different Ways To Resolve Hulu Error DRMCDM78

Hulu error DRMCDM78

Do you want to fix the Hulu error DRMCDM78? Hulu is another online media streaming service that provides on-demand content such as movies, TV Shows, almost every famous TV channel, and much more. However, some of the Hulu streamers face an error code DRMCDM78 while trying to play content on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Are you one of them and encountering the same error code while trying to stream Hulu content? If yes, then try to check this troubleshooting article to resolve it.

According to the affected Hulu streamers, they’re facing the ‘Error playing video’ message while trying to stream Hulu content. The error says something like “We’re having trouble playing this video right now. If this problem persists, try restarting your device.” Then the given Hulu Error Code appears with the unique error ID and the local time of error as well.

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Whenever it occurs there are various other reasons that might cause this issue depending on the platform where you’re seeing the DRMCDM78 error code:

  • Issue In Hulu Server – Initially, you should check and view whether the problem is not somehow caused by a server issue that is not in your control. If that’s the case, there is no solution for the issue but to wait for the developers to resolve the issue on their side.
  • Outdated Browser Repo – Whenever, the issue can also occur in instances where your default browser has just modified their repo and the old variant can’t support streaming protocols. In this situation, simply update your browser to the new version available.
  • Corrupted Cached Data – In some situations, you might view this error because of some type of corrupted temporary files that your browser cache is holding currently. In this situation, you can easily fix the issues by removing the cached data.
  • TCP / IP Issue – The issue can also occur from an inconsistency of TCP or IP. If that’s the case, you can then easily resolve the issue either by rebooting your router or performing a reset method.

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Different Ways To Resolve Hulu Error DRMCDM78

Fix Hulu error

As we said earlier the particular error code occurs because of the given reasons like the Hulu server down, the browser variant is outdated, TCP/IP related problem, browser cache issues, etc. So, come let’s check how to fix it.

Fix 1: Check Hulu Servers

Checking the status of Hulu servers is one of the most important things to do first. Certainly, the down server can affect the streaming and it should be. But it can’t take a long time to resolve any server issues by the company. Also, users can easily stream content again within a couple of hours in some cases.

  • Initially, navigate to the official Hulu Support Twitter handle to examine all the latest information or reports related to server status and much more.
  • Then, you want to look for the ‘Down Detector’ website or ‘Is It Down Right Now’ website to examine whether the Hulu servers are down or not.
  • If downtime is happening with the Hulu servers, then check out all the real-time details such as causes of the issue, live map outage, number of reports by timing, users, and much more.
  • So, in this case, you should wait for a couple of hours before checking for the server status again. Or you can simply move to the Hulu platform and try to stream videos to check whether everything is working properly or not.

If you still face Hulu error DRMCDM78 then head over to the other method!

Fix 2: Update Your Browser To The Latest Version

We always recommend you to check the browser updates on your PC just like how we check for mobile app updates or set automatic app updates as well. While updating your browser can resolve lots of errors and bugs which are being used through browsers.

Windows & Mac: (Google Chrome)
  • Simply launch the browser whenever you use it to stream Hulu content. (Suppose you’re using Google Chrome, the process quite similar for other browsers too)
  • Tap on the three-dot icon > Head over to Help.
  • Choose About Google Chrome as it’ll automatically search for the available update.
  • If available, it will automatically install and download the new update. (You can then view the update process, new build version, etc.
  • Once updated, you want to quit the browser and then relaunch it to change the effects.
  • At last, try to run Hulu again and then stream videos to check for the issue.
For Linux: (Google Chrome)
  • Initially launch Terminal > Input sudo apt update and press Enter.
  • When a prompt appears, hit Y to confirm.
  • Then, input or copy & paste the given command and hit Enter.
 sudo apt-get --only-upgrade install google-chrome-stable
  • After this, simply launch Google Chrome and try to run Hulu content.
Windows & Mac: (Mozilla Firefox)
  • Simply launch the Mozilla Firefox browser. Then tap on the hamburger icon or action button located on the upper right side.
  • Tap on About Firefox. As it’ll automatically look for the available update.
  • When the new update is available, it will display up and you just want to tap on the “Restart to update Firefox” option.
  • When a prompt appears, tap on Yes to confirm and grant the update permission.
  • After this, relaunch the Firefox browser and then check for the Hulu error again.

If you still face Hulu error DRMCDM78 then head over to the other method!

For Linux: (Mozilla Firefox)
  • Initially, launch Terminal (For Ubuntu / Debian Linux) > input $ sudo apt-get update and hit Enter.
  • Then, input $ sudo apt-get install firefox and hit Enter.
  • When a prompt appears, hit Y to confirm.
  • Once done, simply launch Firefox and try to run Hulu.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to use Redhat, Fedora, or CentOS then use the GUI tool or yum tool to run the following commands.

  • Initially, launch Terminal > Input # yum update and press Enter.
  • Then, input # yum update firefox and hit Enter.

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Fix 3: Wipe Browser Cache

  • For both the Mozilla Firefox or Chrome users, hit Ctrl + H to open up the History page.
  • Tap on Clear Browsing Data located on the left pane.
  • From the Basic tab, select Time range > Tap on Browsing History & Cookies and many other site data to checkmark it. (Wiping cookies and other websites can sign you out from various sites)
  • Then, tap on Clear Data.
  • Additionally, Chrome users can also turn on the checkbox of Cached images and files if they want it to clear.
  • At last, try to run Hulu and stream content to check the problem.

Fix 4: Reset or Restart Your Router

If none of the solutions have worked for you and you have just confirmed that there is not a server issue. Then there might be a chance that you are facing a TCP / IP inconsistency.

The issue is quite frequent with low-level routers that can only handle limited bandwidth. However, the issue occurs in instances where various devices are connected to the same network while you are attempting to stream content from Hulu.

In this situation, you have different options available:

  • Restarting your router
  • Resetting your router

Restarting is a non-intrusive method but will only fix superficial instances where the issue is related to temporarily saved data. If the issue occurred after a setting or limiting imposed at a router level, then try to reset it.

Restart Your Router

A quick reboot will let you wipe some connectivity problems that you might be dealing with. This is enough if the issue is related to a TCP/ IP.

If you want to perform a router restart, check the back of your router and hit the On-Off button to cut off power. After this, try to unplug the power supply from the power outlet and wait for a while in order to drain the power capacitors and release any temporary data that your router might be holding.

When the period is passed, simply restore power to your router and hit the power button again to again start it. Then wait for Internet access to be restored.

If you still face Hulu error DRMCDM78 then head over for a router reset below.

Reboot Your Router

Whenever your restart didn’t work, then go forward with the other reset method. But make sure that this operation will reset every setting that you have set in your router settings. As it includes whitelisted devices, forwarded ports, and block connections among other things.

If you know the consequences and still want to reset every router settings to their factory state. Then move ahead and locate the reset button on your router back. In some situations, it’ll be built inside the case to protect accidental presses, so you want a small screwdriver or the same object to reach it.

If you want to start a router reset, hit and hold on to the reset button. Then wait for a few seconds or until you view every LED flashing at the same time.

If your ISP is using PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over the Internet), you want to reinsert the credentials given by your ISP to restore Internet access.

When you successfully restore the Internet access, re-try the streaming attempt and check if the issue is now fixed.


Here’s all about ‘Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78’. We have shared different solutions, any one of which can resolve your error. Is this article helpful? Do you know any other alternative method to fix it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment down the section below.

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