Different Ways To Speed Up Kodi


Do you want to speed up Kodi? If yes, then you are in the right place. Kodi is an amazing thing that’s happened to movies since the VCR. The software enables you to stream HD content on a massive range of devices, accessing videos or shows from all over the world. After discovering new films and catching up old favorites is entertaining. Also, the party can grind a halt if you face frequent Kodi slowdown.

It doesn’t matter which device you’re using there are lots of tricks or tips that you can use to speed up or streamline Kodi. From the latest skins to configuration toggles and advance add-ons, read on to check some of the most efficient methods to speed up Kodi.

Why Kodi Users Prefer VPN:

Staying safe online is a big concern nowadays, also for casual internet users. Kodi lovers have some additional worries to add to the list, special thanks to the piracy-oriented Kodi add-ons. You can now keep yourself safe or secure from throttling ISP’s or government agencies simply by using a VPN while streaming with Kodi.

Staying safe on the Wi-Fi is like many people are getting concerned about. While ISPs tracking and selling user information, governments notice citizens and hackers searching for any weakness they can exploit. This is also an issue when it comes to streaming videos using Kodi. The software set off red flags on all industry thanks to its many third-party add-ons that source pirated content. ISPs react by monitoring Kodi user traffic and also strangling download speeds.


A virtual private network (or VPN) translates your data. It can then passes it to a private proxy server, where it is decoded and then sent back to its original destination labeled with a new IP address. Using a private connection and masked IP, no one tells about your identity.

The best VPN can helps to keep you safe on all the above threats. VPNs also encrypt chunks of data before they leave your device. However, making it impossible for anyone to take your identity or view what you’re installing. This base level of security is amazingly powerful for a lot of tasks. It includes breaking through censorship firewalls, accessing geo-restricted content, and making your portable devices safe on public Wi-Fi.

IPVanish VPN For Kodi

IPVanish knows very well what features Kodi users want most. Speed is the first priority. Also, the service delivers fast downloads to a wide network of more than 850 servers in various countries. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to log into a low-latency server for amazing speeds. Security is also key, that IPVanish addresses by locking down all data with 256-bit AES encryption. Also, it keeps your identity secure using DNS leak security and an automatic kill switch. IPVanish can make you safe and secure!

Common Slowdown Problems – Speed Up Kodi

There are different methods for a piece of software to slow to a crawl as there is a software to install. Kodi is very efficient or reliable. But it’s not enough to speed problems, especially on nook pieces of hardware. Here is the list below to check if your issue is a quick fix:

  • Freezing or Crashing – Some crashes are handy and can easily fix but some are both downright irritating or inconvenient. Problems like this are generally related to your OS and Kodi itself, not something that you installed. All you need is to update Kodi to the latest version or rebooting your device.
  • Stuttering video – Some users confuse this for an internet problem, but when a video starts or stops rapidly, almost like someone’s hitting the pause/unpause button at full speed. Then it means you’re facing serious framerate problems. As it can be caused by low-powered hardware struggling to keep up with the demands of 4K or HD video. All you need is to move to a lower-quality stream or try it on a powerful system.
  • Video buffering – If a video continuously buffers, your problem is likely related to your Wifi connection, not rarely on Kodi itself.
  • Slow menu – If Kodi moves through icons you can then try to load lots of items for your hardware to keep up with. Switch to thin skin or wipe your cache to speed up things.

Steps To Speed Up Kodi

Common Slowdown Problems

Streamline Kodi by Modifying Settings

Kodi does everything very smoothly or efficiently. The major majority of users can’t touch the settings menu to get a quick experience possible. Follow the instructions below to turn off them and squeeze more speed out of your installation.

Step 1:

Head over to Kodi’s main menu and tap on the gear icon.

Step 2:

Then select the “Interface Settings”

Step 3:

Then tap the gear text until it says “expert”

Step 4:

From the top of the left menu, tap on “Skin”

Step 5:

If you aren’t using Kodi’s default skin (Estuary), you might want to move to it now. The given configuration settings are designed to take benefit of Estuary’s already zippy interface.

Step 6:

Tap “Configure skin…”

Step 7:

From the skin settings at the bottom of “General”, make sure the following options are disabled:

Use slide animations

Show weather info in top bar

Show media flags
Step 8:

Head over to the “Artwork” tab.

Step 9:

Disable the “Show media fanart as background”.

Use Instant Skin To Streamlined Kodi Experience

Skin To Streamlined Kodi

Kodi is very easy to customize, that is why lots of people have developed new skins or themes for the software. Some skins rearrange Kodi’s basic interface to provide instant access to the content you want. Others move a bit crazy and throw all types of animations and pictures in your face. It probably looks attractive, but it can change Kodi into a slow, unusable software piece.

In this article, you’ll learn some best Kodi builds and also provides a rundown of our top best most recent Kodi build favorites. Most of these are built for specific purposes, such as checking out HD movies or watching live sports streams. But on the other hand, some are perfect for thin devices or anyone searching for a snappy interface without all clutter.

It doesn’t matter which skin you want to install, you can always follow the configuration instructions in the section mentioned above to get a little more speed. Switching off animations and background art are the best two things that you must do to streamline your Kodi experience. And if you face any issues, you can then uninstall your builds and restore Kodi to return back to the basics.

Make Kodi Quicker Via Ares Wizard Add-on

Ares Wizard is the most powerful utility add-on for Kodi that performs many installation and uninstallation functions. Also, there is a tab or two oriented towards keeping Kodi streamlined or clean. Before you start the steps given, move to our Ares Wizard installation article to get the add-on set up and ready to roll.

Ares Wizard Add-on

The best thing to begin is by adjusting cache settings. As it helps you to improve your video streams and cut down on Kodi buffering problems.

Step 1:

Head over to the Kodi main menu.

Step 2:

Then tap on “Add-ons”

Step 3:

Move to “Program add-ons”

Step 4:

Then open the Ares Wizard.

Step 5:

Tap on “Tweaks”

Step 6:

Then select the “Advanced Settings Wizard”

Step 7:

Tap on “Next” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 8:

Then tap “Generate Settings”

Step 9:

As it will set the sliders to optimal positions for your device. Also, you can manually adjust them.

Step 10:

Tap on “Apply Settings”

Step 11:

Restart Kodi for the modification to take effect.

Ares Wizard also provides a general maintenance section that’s good for erasing unwanted clutter from your PC. It’s largely geared towards clearing storage space, but regular cleaning can produce an instant Kodi experience overall.

Step 1:

Head over to the Ares Wizard from the Program Add-ons menu.

Step 2:

Then tap on “Maintenance”

Step 3:

On the right, choose the “delete cache/temp” button.

Step 4:

Ares Wizard will immediately clear out your cache.

Speed Up Kodi With The Latest OS

When Kodi comes down to it, all the tricks or tweaks in the world can’t add much speed to Kodi. Sure, you’ll check a difference, but it fades in comparison while upgrading your hardware or lowering the load on your current device. That’s the reason home theater computers and OS such as LibreELEC and OpenELEC come into play.

OpenELEC stands for Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center. It is one of the earlier OS built to execute Kodi and do nothing else. It was launched in 2009 and will instantly turn basic hardware into a dedicated home theater system with Kodi and some unofficial add-ons pre-installed.

The differences between OpenELEC and LibreELEC are minimal. However, LibreELEC gets updates more frequently also it is dedicated to being a not-for-profit piece of software.

It doesn’t matter which operating system you select, you’ll get just enough OS to execute Kodi, release hardware resources for faster menus and good streams. You can also install LibreELEC or OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi, custom-built media center hardware, or set-top TV device you want to make a dedicated streaming box. Also, you’ll notice a significant performance boost while executing Kodi.

  • Download or install LibreELEC to speed up Kodi.
  • Use OpenELEC for faster Kodi streams.

Speed Up Kodi Simply By Upgrading Hardware

Kodi runs on every device on the market. Just because you can install or download it on your old Android TV box doesn’t mean you’ll receive better performance out of it, though. Many Raspberry Pi users report Kodi is inactive on their system, largely because of the platform’s underpowered hardware.

After using a thin skin or moving to a lower quality video can streamline Kodi very little, you’re actually much better off just by downloading the app on powerful hardware. Nothing takes the place of a strong processor and best RAM. Other devices like the ones mentioned above can often get the job done, but for the fast or high powered Kodi performance, head over to a laptop, PC, or top tier TV box such as NVidia Shield TV.

Other Instant Fixes To Speed Up Kodi

Speed up

Some slowdown issues can be persistent. Before you initiate uninstalling things, try the tricks below. They only take a few seconds to complete, and they might just speed things up!

  • Reboot everything – Cache problems can be a severe issue, both for Kodi and the device you’re executing it on. All you need is to turn off the software first. If it can’t speed anything up, then reboot your device or simply launch Kodi, and try again.
  • Update Kodi – Older Kodi versions can also run poorly on the latest hardware. Don’t forget that you’re using the latest variant, as the latest releases are generally quicker and better optimized than legacy apps.
  • Remove Unwanted add-ons – Some add-ons execute in the background, also if you’re streaming. However, erasing add-ons you don’t want will likely provide you a quick speed boost.
  • Factory reset – Certainly, your Kodi installation is too far gone to make configurations or tweaks worth the effort. When this is the situation, it becomes best to do a full factory reset. The best thing to do this is to install Ares Wizard, recover your sources, then use it to do a smart factory reset.

Common Crashing Problems With Kodi

Crashing Problems With Kodi

No software is good and other apps like Kodi. After streamlining Kodi, you’re bound to encounter a crash or two. Certainly, force shutdowns are not a big issue, but if you daily face soft locks or freezing, something deeper might be at fault. If you encounter any of the crashes given below:

  • Closing Kodi – Turning off Kodi PC is often an inactive affair. Whether you manually shut the window or use Kodi’s built-in exit command, it’s quite uncommon to have to wait for a few seconds or have Kodi crash entirely.
  • Installing builds – After you add the latest skin or build to your stock Kodi installation, the program restarts to put the modification into effect. One common issue people encounter is Kodi crashing or freezing as the installation process completes. The best method to ignore this is manually shutting Kodi down before the build prompts for a reboot.
  • Installation freeze – You might find Kodi locks up after installing some add-ons, usually ones with uncertain sources or damaged links. The best thing is to stick with better-built add-ons.


That’s all about it! If you want to share anything else then let us know below. Don’t forget to sound off in the comment section below!

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