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Do You Want To Join Zoom Meeting For The First Time?

Join Zoom Meeting For The First Time: Zoom is no doubt the most popular collaborative tool. It is also used by enterprises all around the world. It enables you to hold meetings using your team and can support 100 different members in a video meeting call.

You can also video call with all your colleagues and team members together. Also, share important instructions and requirements for any ongoing or upcoming projects. You can also host the audio call conferences depending on your requirements.

If you are Zoom newbie. Also, if you are searching for an article to help you get started with your first meeting, then don’t fret. Here is a simple and quick article that will help you to get started using your first project meeting in no time.

Joining a meeting using an invite link

Follow the steps to join a meeting using an invite link:

Step 1:

Initially, Open your browser then log into your email account.

Step 2:

Open and find the email from your meeting host having the invite link.

Step 3:

Tap on the invite link and Zoom will redirect you to a webpage. A popup appears to ask you to install the Zoom app on your Android device whether you are using a desktop or a mobile device.

Step 4:

Once the application is installed on your desktop, launch and open it. Zoom should automatically open the meeting in concern. If it can’t open, move back to your email ID and tap on the invite link. You will now view a prompt to open the link in the Zoom app.

Similarly, If you are an Android user, the meeting also opens inside the Zoom app whenever it is installed. If it can’t happen, you can tap on the invite link again and you will be directly taken to the Zoom app.

Step 5:

Allow the necessary permissions to the Zoom app to use your camera and microphone to get started and join the meeting.

Things to note: In some situations, after having a set up the Zoom app on your Andriod or the software on your PC. Also, you have logged in through the website, you can just join a meeting by tapping on the Invite link. Easy, right?

Joining a meeting using the Zoom web/desktop client/mobile app

Step 1:

Initially, open the mobile app or  Zoom desktop client.

Step 2:

But if you are not signed in, tap on ‘Join a Meeting’ at the bottom of your screen.

Once you signed in to your account, you will find the invite to your particular meeting under the ‘Meetings’ tab at the top of your screen.

Step 3:

But if you are not signed in, you will then view a dialogue box asking you to input the required meeting ID and your desired username. Just input the required details to join a meeting on Zoom.

If you are already signed in, simply tap on the ‘Join’ option once you open the required meeting under the meetings tab.

Note: You can also request for the meeting ID from your administrator in case you can’t find it. Also, if you like to modify your username for the specific meeting if you are already signed in. Simply move to the profile tab and modify your default username.

Step 4:

Android mobile users can also choose whether they like to continue using only audio or video under the ‘Join Meeting’ option. Desktop users can allow and turn off the video feed, once you have attached it to your host.

You should also be connected to the meeting in question and also communicate with all other team members.

Also, here’s a video by Russell Hembel YouTuber to help you join a Zoom meeting easily.

Why do I view ‘Waiting for the host to start this meeting’?

If you view a window/dialogue box showing ‘Waiting for the host to start this meeting’. Also, it means once you have joined the meeting in question than it was assumed to commence. You will then view the begin time for the meeting in concern below this alert. Once your host initiates the meeting, this dialogue box disappears and you can now join the Zoom meeting in real-time.


Here’s all about Join Zoom Meeting For The First Time. I hope this article easily helps you to connect with your first meeting on Zoom. How was your experience using Zoom? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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