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Do You Want To Send Your Teacher A Message On ClassDojo?

Have you ever tried to send your teacher a message on ClassDojo? ClassDojo is wrapped with amazing features that set it apart from its competitors. It’s the best feature is Messaging between teachers and parents.

ClassDojo knows very well how critical parent-teacher communication is in schooling a child. That’s the reason it has such a vigorous messaging widget. Come let’s check more about it:

Accessing Messages

Make sure you can’t send a message to a teacher until they haven’t contacted you. It’s the teacher who wants to make the first step. However, keep that in mind it’s the teacher sends you the invitation to join a specific classroom on the platform, they’re more likely to contact you.

While using the browser to access the platform, simply open the messenger by tapping the Messages tab. On Android and tablet versions, simply navigate to the Messages screen.

On the screen, you’ll view the list of teacher contacts that have contacted you. Simply choose the teacher that you want to contact, and you’ll then view the whole conversation between you. Enter a message and click the Send button.

Photos, Stickers, and Voice Notes

However, ClassDojo can’t support images, stickers, or voice notes. It up to the teachers that send them to parents. It may seem like a drawback, but it reduces chatting on ClassDojo to the professional sphere.

If the feature is available for both parents and teachers. Then ClassDojo could instantly convert into a messenger app, which it isn’t.

So, that you can initiate a conversation with a teacher on ClassDojo. However, you can’t share the pictures, stickers, or voice notes.


Everyone wants to do everything in our power to secure our children, and internet submission is a compromise. So, you think that ClassDojo is a privacy compromise.

Hopefully, ClassDojo is very protective. Initially, all the messages go through the ClassDojo service. No interruption happens through third-party services or servers. Also, all messages are fully encrypted. The messages sent over HTTPS and use 128-bit TLS encryption. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security.

Message History

ClassDojo keeps a log of all sent messages to secure all included parties i.e teachers, parents, and kids.

A teacher can install their message histories with parents. They can also access these using the ClassDojo website. It’s essential that you always keep the conversations professional. Also, you ignore compromising yourself. However, all messages between you and a teacher are confidential. The teacher can install and print a message history as proof. Also, make sure that ClassDojo can’t review, check, or read the messages between the users.

Deleting Messages

ClassDojo enables its users to delete the messages from a chat. Although, only teachers can do that. It’s ideal for cases where you’ve made a typo, or mistakenly sent an embarrassing image or a sticker. Also, the features restrict teachers to maintain a level of professionalism.

To remove a message on ClassDojo, simply access the chat as you would on a regular basis. On your desktop device, simply hover over a message using your pointer, and an X icon will appear. Just tap on it and confirm the deletion. On Android and tablet apps, just click and hold the message, and the delete choice will appear. Now, confirm the deletion.

Parent-Teacher Communication On ClassDojo

Communication is an essential part of ClassDojo. Parent-teacher messaging can easily accessible and easy to use. However, remember that you understand, as a parent, that it’s only the teacher that is queen within a ClassDojo classroom.


Here’s all about “Send Your Teacher A Message On ClassDojo”. Have you ever tried to contact a teacher on ClassDojo? Did you find it easy and simple? Have you experienced any other problems? Also, for further questions and queries let us know in the comment section below!

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