Essential Tools To Stress Test Your CPU


What do you know about the tools to stress test your CPU? After you stress test your CPU, you can easily size up your reliability or hardware’s intelligence. You might want to overclock your processor for an additional boost? Also, the performance of your computer depends on how fast your processor is so that it can fulfill the most demanding tasks.

The following tools are essential in stress testing your CPU. Before you start, you must know that these tests can cause overheating of your PC.

Tools To Stress Test Your CPU



HeavyLoad after Jam Software can subject your PC to extremely high stress. When it is executing at full capacity, you have a good grip on your PC’s other fading resources like RAM.

Try to work with various apps, programs, and browsers at the same time. You will instantly know the ones you can’t use when there are several windows open.

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 is a sturdy tool that supports all Microsoft systems ranging from 95/98 to Windows Server 2016. It can also perform a powerful analysis that takes into account multi-threaded memory and cache benchmarks.

The software has extra tests for fan speeds, voltage, temperature, and much more. It’s a full diagnostic tool.



Linux users can rely on this reliable tool to perform the load tests on their distribution. CPU-specific stress tests include integer, bit manipulation, floating-point, and control flow.

For Debian, a Stress-ng installation command goes like:

Using Stress-ng, you can also specify the CPU method, timeout, and lots of operations to be compatible.

Geekbench 4 (Mac)

Geekbench 4 (Mac)

Just like the Windows Task Bar, Mac also offers an Activity Monitor that gives a full table of all the existing CPU processes. But for a stress test, you have to download an external app known as Geekbench 4. It performs a lot of load tests for you.



Don’t want to download any software? CPUX will provide you a powerful stress test and show where your PC ranks among others. If you input the maximum number of threads (“64”) and execute this thing at its biggest power (“100%”). Your computer probably faces a few “issues” that take more than various reboots to resolve.

Overclock Checking Tool

Overclock Checking Tool-Stress Test Your CPU

This Windows software is very famous for CPU and a lot of tests since 2003. As its name suggests, it tests overclocking among various tests. Rather than merging all results into one, each test separately is done.


Prime95-Stress Test Your CPU

Prime95 covers the whole range of operating systems. It includes Linux, Windows, Mac, and FreeBSD. The workload is clear and the results are amazing.


Novabench-Stress Test Your CPU

Novabench is another standardized tool in large companies often use to perform different heavy load CPU tests. It provides the results within minutes.


Lots of online diagnostic tools perform a stress test not only for CPU but also for graphics cards, RAM, and GPU. Such merged results fail to provide an accurate picture. The only question you want to answer is how much “load” your computer can take without overheating.

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