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Export Installed Chrome Extension On Windows 10 – How To

export installed Chrome extension

If you want to export installed Chrome extension on Windows 10 then dive down below! Chrome Web Store Extensions disappear but they are updated oftenly and there have been instances when a developer just erased them. If you want to stick to a particular variant of a Chrome extension or you would like to back up them in case an important one is no longer available. However, you can also do so from Chrome without needing any third-party extensions or tools. Come let’s check how to:

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Export Installed Chrome Extension On Windows 10 – How To

Follow the steps to export the installed Chrome extension on Windows 10:

  • Head over to the Chrome browser that you want to export the extension from. If you have the extension installed for a different profile than the one that opens by default, move to it.
  • Head over to chrome://extensions/ and allow Developer Mode.
  • On the same page, view the extension that you like to export and find its ID. Head over to the user folder for your profile and from the extensions folder, search for a folder that has the same name just like the extension ID you like to export. Extensions are not present in your profile folder using their official names. However, they can be identified using their ID. Simply copy the location of the folder for the extension.
  • Move back to chrome://extensions/ and tap the ‘Pack Extension’ button located at the top. When the popup appears, simply paste the folder location in the ‘Extension root directory’ field and then tap ‘Pack Extension’.
  • In case, if the extension has been packed successfully, you will then view the message.
  • You will then get a CRX file that you use to install or downlaod the extension on many other Chrome installations. Keep in mind that you backup the CRX file and the key file to some place besides the user profile folder where they are stored by default.


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