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Extensions for Netflix

If you guys are a movie freak, then Netflix will definitely be an undeniable OTT platform for you as well. Netflix is one of the most famous platforms, In the report of 2020, Netflix’s first time cross the 200 million user mark actually. No doubt it features quality content, however, sometimes you may get disappointed with its old-fashioned user interface. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Netflix. Let’s begin!

Chrome extensions can also be of great use in such times. Extensions are tools that will also add extra functionalities to your Netflix account. Developers also have designed a really wide range of dedicated extensions that will take your Netflix experience to the next level.

From using handy shortcuts to watching shows along with your native subtitles, chrome extensions can do it all. But you guys might be wondering about how to get a suitable one for yourself. So to make your work convenient, we also have noted down some of the best and helpful chrome extensions to use with Netflix.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Netflix

Netflix Party (Teleparty)

It is one of the most widely used chrome extensions that are available for Netflix. Teleparty permits you to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows along with your friends and families. It also has a watch party-like functionality that helps you share your screen with others without even being physically present with them. You can also chat with your participant along with the chatbox option available.

The extension synchronizes your movies and shows playback as well. Netflix party also supports Netflix and other OTTs such as Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and much more. So from now if you were away from your house and can not spend quality time along with your friends and families. A Netflix Party will be a perfect tool in order to reunite with them.

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Netflix Extended

By default, Netflix gives you with few keyboard shortcuts. Such as M to mute the audio, Up/Down arrow keys to increase and decrease the volume of the movies as well as TV shows you are watching. However, if you guys would like to extend this functionality, then try Netflix Tweaker. This Chrome extension adds 4 new keyboard shortcuts to your Netflix experience.

  • N – jump to the next episode of the show that you are watching
  • B – jump to the previous episode as well
  • Esc – returns to Netflix home screen along with your current show or movie selected
  • R – plays any random show or movie as well

You not only do that, however, also change the shortcut keys from the available options in the settings menu. Yes, there is also more feature such as setting an auto-reload whenever the webpage is stuck, also video time-out, and much more. Since you’ll be busy munching on your pop-corns as well, this automation can also come in handy.

Get Netflix Extended

Super Netflix

Netflix basically controls the video resolution whenever you are watching an episode or movie. Now, it might dial down the situation and show you a 480p resolution even if you guys have a strong internet connection. Well, that is where Super Netflix actually comes into play. This Netflix Chrome extension lets you tweak video quality via altering bitrate.

Extensions for Netflix

You guys can skip intros, control video speed via decreasing or increasing it. You can also upload custom subtitles whilst watching any content on Netflix as well. Super Netflix literally provides you the standard Netflix watching experience an adrenaline shot as well. It also hides descriptions and spoilers of the next episode before you watch it. This Netflix extension simply blurs it so you guys don’t have to swallow any spoilers and ruin the fun.

Key Features: Blurs spoilers/descriptions | Control video speed | Control video resolution | Automatically skip intros

Download: Super Netflix

Netflix Subtitle Option | Extensions for Netflix

There are a lot of Netflix Chrome extensions that allow you to tweak your subtitles easily. Such as, we talked about Super Netflix previously which permits a user to add third-party subtitles. This way, you guys aren’t restricted via Netflix’s subtitles, furthermore, you can also add subtitles in your native language as well. Another handy Chrome extension is actually the Netflix Subtitle Options. It provides access to the native subtitle that is tucked deep down in Netflix’s account settings. With this extension, you guys get the option to quickly tweak your subtitles without even the need to exit the movie.

A user can also change font color, size, opacity, etc. All the other options you get in the native subtitle settings like window opacity and color are also available. Now there is no need to open settings, you can just simply tweak your subtitles instantly with the extension. There are other useful Chrome extensions for Netflix subtitles you guys should surely check out.

Get Netflix Subtitle Options

Netflix Profanity Filter

Just like the name suggests, Netflix’s profanity filter will filter all the profanity language from your movies and shows as well. We all love to watch Netflix content for its quality and quantity, however, sometimes the language used in some shows may be inappropriate for kids. The extension will provide you relief as it automatically beats out all the slurs from the audio track.

Plus, you can also trim out filthy words from the subtitles as well. Just install the extension from Chrome and add profanity words in its dictionary as well. The extension will now start doing its job. You guys can also add any custom words that you don’t want on your video in its dictionary as well.

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Netflix Hidden Categories | Extensions for Netflix

Generally, you will find 7500 categories on Netflix actually. You can choose any show from your favorite category and enjoy it along with friends and families. However, sometimes, you may not find your preferred category present in it. Netflix Hidden Categories extension will be of great help in this situation as well.

Actually, besides general categories, Netflix actually owns 20000 secret embedded categories. The extension digs deep into the platform and also finds those categories for you guys to have enough choices to make.

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NflxMultiSubs (Netflix Multi. Subtitles)

This is also another extension for using subtitles in Netflix. You will find lots of famous shows on Netflix from different countries. The shows generally have different languages, so you obviously have to rely on subtitles if you are not a polyglot. Netflix NflxMultiSubs also offers you subtitles in a variety of languages.

You guys will get subtitles in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and all other major languages, along with different native languages also. Install it from Chrome, and you will get access to all subtitles that are available for your preferred show on their popup settings.

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