Fire Stick vs Chromecast – Review


Are you looking for a comparison between Fire Stick vs Chromecast? If you’re looking for a reliable way to stream video to your TV. Then Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire Stick devices might be at the top of your list. Both hardware devices make it quite easy to watch TV shows or HD movies on your TV. You don’t need to subscribe to costly cable services or install lots of crazy apps.

Choosing the best option of the two can be a big challenge, however. If we compare the Fire Stick with Chromecast, then outlining all the amazing features you can expect from each device. Which one should you want to buy?

Fire Stick vs Chromecast – Using a VPN

Besides of which streaming device you want, executing a VPN is the best idea. VPNs play an important role in our lives. However, VPN has no effect on casting, screen mirroring, or media streaming in general. It looks like they would as they create a robe of anonymity that masks your devices from the outside world. However, but if you’re streaming from PC to Fire TV on your home network, a VPN can’t interfere at all.

After using a VPN with the Fire Stick vs Chromecast is very straightforward and simple. Some VPNs work much better than others, however. Below we’ve chosen some of the best VPN services in the market and arrange them according to their usefulness. Select one that suits your requirements, install it, and don’t fret about your online privacy again.

How to Run a VPN on Fire Stick

Youn want a hand installing a VPN on your Fire TV or Fire Stick? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Some VPNs are very easy to use with a Fire device. Others need sideloading, but they are very time-consuming. Either way, our articles can help you get began with minimal fuss.

Using a VPN with Chromecast

Chromecast can’t compatible native VPN installations. To take benefit of encryption and to bypass geo-restrictions, simply run the VPN on the device you’re casting from, or just install the software to your router. We’ve listed all steps for selecting the best VPN for Chromecast with an easy guide on how to get the VPN up and running.

IPVanish VPN:

IPVanish provides 256-bit AES encryption on all data and a 0 traffic logging privacy policy to initiate things off. But an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection are what really seal the deal. Using all of these features enables you’ll stay fully invisible online. No more fretting about revealing your identity or slipping into mass surveillance traps. Also, with the company’s 950 servers in 60 various countries, you’ll need a fast connection, no matter what!

IPVanish is very easy to use on any device. But it’s well-suited for Fire Stick or Fire TV. Simply install the app from the Amazon Appstore and you’re set. Also, you configure your router to use IPVanish’s servers across all your home devices.


ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPNs on the market. Its concentrates on privacy make it ideal for Fire TV. Also, it is lightweight. And easy to install an app that works well on a multitude of devices. It includes Firesticks. ExpressVPN installs a big network of over 3,000 servers in 60 countries. Also, it offers a massive selection of IP addresses for a solid foundation of anonymity. Your connection is secured using DNS leak protection and an automatic kill switch, also, a zero-logging policy on traffic and 256-bit AES encryption ensures data security no matters what.

ExpressVPN is also available to install or download directly to Fire TV and Fire Stick devices from the Amazon app store. You can also catch it from there, or tap the installation link in your ExpressVPN account after sign up. Either way, it’s the best VPN fix to keep you safe online.


  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
  •  3,000+ very-fast servers
  •  Quite simple and easy to use
  •  Strict no-logs policy for personal information
  •  24/7 Customer Service available.


  •  Power-users configuration choices.


Cyberghost managed to reinvent themselves under new ownership. They have also improved operations greatly by adding a deluge of new servers and location Improved speeds by a long shot and upped the security for all their infrastructure.

The good thing about advertising some 3,600 servers all around the globe is that some of these are actually meant for Netflix streaming. You just have to open up the application and select your preferred server from the streaming menu.

That means you will not have to contact customer support for working servers. Above all, there is a review feature that allows you to thumb up or down on a server’s IP address. That pings the support team if a server has been blocked or not.

From a privacy standpoint, Cyberghost is based in Romania. The country that has no data retention laws, that means you can stream totally private. No logs and no data usage will be leaked.

CyberGhost fully supports router VPN installs. This lets you protect your entire home network without having to run apps on every device.


  •  Unblocks US Netflix in web browser
  •  3,600+ servers in 55+ countries
  •  7 connections simultaneous
  •  Zero logs and best privacy features
  •  24/7 Live Chat Support available.


NordVPN is a stable, fast, and best VPN service that operates one of the biggest networks. This service is perfect for the folks who are privacy-minded users. Thanks to its strong encryption and no-logging policy. It specializes in getting around region locks. So it has one of the biggest networks of servers along with more than 5,100 servers in 60 different countries.

NordVPN’s security and speed make it a more reliable VPN to use on any device. You can also sideload it to your Fire Stick without any issue, or simply configure your router to share traffic using NordVPN’s servers.

These are particular numbered servers that have been set up to use for watching Netflix. You can see the exact instructions for watching Netflix on the NordVPN site here.

According to NordVPN’s info, the servers are right now working with Netflix in the United States as well as France, India, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and also Australia.


  •  Highly affordable plans
  •  Very fast and best connections
  •  DNS leak protection or kill switch
  •  Based in Panama
  •  Support Live Chat.


  •  Some servers have average d/l speeds
  •  Apps can oftenly be slow to connect.

Fire Stick vs Chromecast – Basics

It’s easy to view at the Chromecast or Fire Stick and think of them as two models of the same thing. Every device streams video to your TV, each one is lightweight, compact, and budget-friendly. When we talk about the details, though, Chromecast and Fire Stick takes a fully different space in the market. Come let’s take a look at their core functionalities.

Hardware Differences

Chromecast devices first arise in 2013 and have had a number of refreshes since then. Some powerful device is the Chromecast Ultra, which is built to stream 4K Ultra HD content without stumbling. Chromecast needs a separate device to navigate. It means you want an app and an Android to use as a remote or mirror content from.

Fire TV devices first displayed up in 2014. Amazon instantly divides the hardware into two categories. Like Fire Stick for a more portable solution or Fire TV for dedicated streaming. They both offer a dedicated Android-based interface that enables you to browse content, load channels, and stream movies and TV right from the device. The added remote is all you want to get started, as there are many apps you can install for added options.

Chromecast is for Screen Mirroring

Chromecast is made for one purpose. The only purpose is to push content from other devices to your TV. Simply doing this after installing Google’s Chromecast app on your computer, Android, or tablet, then “casting” it to your plugged-in Chromecast. It’s specifically a very efficient model of screen mirroring. However, Google made it quite easy to queue up content so you can just sit back and enjoy it.

The main advantage of using Chromecast is you don’t need to fuss with a separate OS. Install any apps or channels you want on one device, then just share that content on your TV. This provides you access to all the video services you needs to. However, no sideloading or hacking required. The drawback is the quality can vary depending on the other hardware you have. Chromecast isn’t the best solution to movie streams.

Fire Stick is for Streams

Amazon introduces the Fire Stick to compete with Android TV, Roku, and Apple TV. You want Fire TV device is plugged it in, then log in to your Amazon account, then initiate streaming. Movies and TV shows are also available from different downloadable channels, using a huge enough selection that you’ll rarely run out of good things to stream.

The drawback of Fire Stick is that you’re mostly locked into Amazon’s ecosystem. You can’t install any app you want to. As there is a booming community of side loaders who beg to differ. The restriction of this becomes seems when events such as YouTube disappearing from Fire TV come with.

Movie and TV Show Availability

What can you like to watch on Fire Stick and Chromecast? The answer is very simple: almost anything you like! Here is a complete look at the biggest differences b/w the two platforms, most of which come down to simple usability.

Chromecast’s Video Offerings

Remember while streaming it from your phone, simply watch it on your TV. Just install the streaming app on your Android or tablet. You can then cast it to your Chromecast. It’s quite straightforward, and it works perfectly as well as you probably expect, even with 4K Ultra quality videos.

The main subscription services in the video streaming market work smoothly via Chromecast: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO GO, Google Play Movies, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Twitch, even Amazon Instant Video. Also, it all comes down to how perfect these apps work on the device you’re casting from. When they squared away, Chromecast will take care of the rest.

Fire Stick’s Video Apps

Fire TV devices work quite differently than Chromecast. Rather than just analyzing content they provide a dedicated environment where you can install or download apps to stream your favorite videos. You don’t need a separate device that is needed, just a remote, a Fire Stick, and a TV.

Fire TV’s OS is also based on a smartphone and can run just about any app supported by that platform. After using Fire TV you can simply install all the largest streaming apps. It includes Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, Twitch, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and naturally, Amazon Instant Video. Make sure missing from this lineup is the YouTube app, which was erased by Google in early 2018.

Sideloading and Third-Party Apps

It provides the ability to add software that suits your streaming requirements is important. It secures you from being locked into a device’s ecosystem. Also, it opens the door to entertainment choice you can’t dream were possible.

Running Kodi on Chromecast and Fire Stick

Kodi is no doubt a popular media center app that’s available for some modern devices of hardware. Also, it enables you to install add-ons and do everything from all around the world. Just check out binge watch TV shows or anime, blockbuster Hollywood movies and so much more.

Using Kodi with Chromecast is quite easy and simple. Also, it installs it on your secondary device, initiates streaming something, then shares it to Chromecast with just a few clicks. No rooting or sideloading is required. However, Kodi is available to install for free on the Google Play Store.

Kodi on Fire Sticks is a little more difficult. Technically the device technically runs Android, but you can’t install Kodi from Amazon’s AppStore. Rather than, you want to sideload Kodi on your Fire TV. It’s a process that’s simpler than you probably think but can take some time. If you like a no-bother approach to Kodi streams. However, Chromecast is a better choice.

Sideloading Content

Remember Chromecast doesn’t want any sideloading capabilities. Also, you’re streaming content from a totally separate device. Simply load the app, and then again cast it over. Chromecast doesn’t bother if it’s a third party, sideloaded or official.

Fire TV is a brilliant sideloading platform. After moving to a single configuration option, you can use various apps and PC programs to install any Android app you need to. It includes utilities, tools, and games. Sideloaded content can also be used like any other app. However, you can uninstall all these programs with ease, making it a safe method.

Hardware and Price

Software is very necessary, but when you talk about your movie-watching experience is reduced by how powerful the hardware itself is. Purchasing, installing, and potentially upgrading your device are all essential categories you should check into before branching over any cash.

Added Features

The amazing thing about both Fire Stick and Chromecast is that they come with essential added features. Streaming videos are the best and all. But why is can’t we throw in some bonuses like voice controls and games? Here are some more stand-out additionals on both pieces of hardware.

  • Fire Stick doesn’t compatible Google Play Movies. But Chromecast can also stream content from Amazon Instant Video.
  • Screen mirroring is also available on both devices. Chromecast is very better at this than Fire TV, however.
  • Both Fire Stick and Chromecast compatible games, but Fire TV has a larger supported selection.
  • You can also control both devices with first and third-party smartphone apps.
  • Voice control is also available on both devices.


The latest Chromecast versions have acquired the pendant design. An HDMI or USB port enables you to plug the device at the back of your TV unchecked. The round hardware itself just hangs from this cord. It’s a smoothly sufficient solution. As some people don’t like pendants as they can view unsightly on your entertainment center.

One best thing about the Chromecast is that it doesn’t need a wall outlet to function. Fire Sticks requires to be plugged in for the finest power balance. But using Google’s device, just slide it into your TV, and then you’re ready to stream.


The ranges of Chromecast devices are from $29-$69. Also, it’s most models falling on the lower end of the spectrum. The retail of Fire Sticks simply around $39-$49.

Let’s consider other points, however. Make sure that Chromecast needs a separate device to stream from. If you’ve already got a good tablet, PC, or phone, you’re set. Fire Stick can’t provide the same requirement, but you want either a smartphone with a remote app or a Fire TV remote accessory. As it can be an added expense when you lose the original.

Fire Stick vs Chromecast – How to Decide

If you sill have any confusion while deciding then don’t fret. Selecting between Chromecast or Fire Stick isn’t an easy decision!

Get a Fire Stick If…

You need a dedicated streaming device that works well when it comes out of the box. No separate hardware needed, just plug it in and go.

Get a Chromecast If…

You want a budget-friendly price, software flexibility, and you don’t mind firing up a mobile to cast content from.


Here’s all about “Fire Stick vs Chromecast”. Are you ready to take the plunge? Streaming devices such as Fire Stick vs Chromecast makes everything easier than ever before. You can get access to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, and many other things.

Is this article helpful? Have you ever face issues using it? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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