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Fix Cannot Contact A Domain Controller in Windows

Cannot Contact A Domain Controller

Let’s now consider a scenario that you have got a Windows 10 machine that is connected to a domain. Whenever you log in to this machine and try to connect the already mapped drive, you can’t really connect. In this article, we are going to talk about Fix Cannot Contact A Domain Controller in Windows. Let’s begin!

Rather, you guys got the following error message while doing so:

The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request. Please try again later.

At first sight, this just looks like that you guys have lost the connectivity to your domain controller (DC). Then you just try to ping the domain name, its IP address, or through FQDN in the Command Prompt. Then you found that you guys can still ping the domain, however, the issue is still present when you access mapped drives actually. So how you can resolve this issue now? Well, here are some suggestions that must be helpful for you in order to fix this hiccup.

Fix Cannot Contact A Domain Controller in Windows

  • Temporarily you can also remove the security program such as antivirus on your system as well.
  • In case if you guys have some third-party firewall or VPN program, then just see if removing them helps you in this case or not.
  • Try to ping the server through a computer name and see if it comes along with IPv6, the IPv4 might be getting suppressed and that could actually cause the issue. So try to disable the IPv6 and continue along with IPv4 and see if that helps.
  • If the above-mentioned points did not help, then let us isolate the workstation in question. Head to Computer Name or Domain Changes window, and then set the Member of to Workgroup. You guys can also try these steps in order to leave a domain. Now reboot the machine, so that it leaves the domain completely.
  • Also, ask your IT admin in order to remove the machine from the AD structure.

Cannot Contact A Domain Controller

  • Then just re-enroll back your machine in the AD structure and join the workstation to the domain as well. This should eventually fix up all the issues as well.


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